Winter 5K Handicap


NJ Winter Handicap Table 2021-22 Nov 17

November 2nd: Great runs by Sarah Martin, Rob Kingsley and Jo Bouttell to take the top three trophy positions this month.

October: Well done new member Matt Askham on his first finish in the October 5K Handicap and also to new member Clare Riches on her second placed finish. Caroline Mcintosh was generously supporting Clare on her first 5K run for the club but, in the end, had to pull out all the stops to keep up with her, so deserves an honorary third position trophy!

New members and/or first time 5K Handicap runners: If there is a question mark after your name in the handicap column of the table, it means you are probably a new member and we don’t know how fast you can run yet! Please be ready to let us know your expected 5km time when putting in your best effort. Thanks.

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