NJ 5k Handicap 2024


The course, expertly designed by Neil Pollard, is on the Rowley Mile service roads; a 5km route consisting of a double out & back loop over hard path.  Meet point and race finish is in the car park area. Race start is at the top of the entry drive to the Rowley Mile racecourse, just off Hamilton Road.

Reflective hi-viz must be worn and it is highly advisable to wear a head or chest torch when it’s dark.



Please wear hi viz and, if possible, a head or chest torch when it’s dark.

May 7th 5k Handicap Results:

NJ 5k Handicap Finishers on May 7th 2024

NJ 5k Handicap Table 2023-2024 May 9th


There’s a simple rule for Handicap starting times. It means no one will start in a faster group than their average time. If your current average time (for up to your last 3 runs in the Handicap) is e.g. 24 something (24:00 to 24:59), you get a 25 min start. If it is 25 something you get a 26 min start etc. There will be times when one runner is 59 seconds better off than another runner but that is inevitable whatever system we choose, as we start in one minute intervals. Count your lucky stars and have some sympathy for the other runner! Next time it could be you. N.B: From January 2024, your current average time is based on (up to) your last three Handicap runs since January 2023. It was previously based on all your Handicap runs since October 2022. If no Handicap runs since January 2023, your opening handicap time may be based on your performance in other races or runs like parkrun, or the race director Christine Shand may allocate a time slot to you. From winter 2022-2023, for reasons of sustainability, trophies have not been awarded for 1-2-3 places every month, although the kudos still remains! Junior Joggers will be welcome to take part and non-member parents may run with their children for support, though their times and positions will not count in the Handicap. Please let us know if there are any unforced errors in the calculations: chris.aylmer@newmarketjoggers.co.uk

April 2nd 2024 Report: Starting with the speedsters this month, it was great to see Olivia Carter back at the club after a year of very little running and no competition, partly due to niggling injuries. She was clearly not confident about her form and requested to start at a slower handicap time than allocated, but completely surprised herself with a swift turn of foot to finish fastest female runner on the night in a time of 23:12. It’s good to see she is still in excellent form. Next fastest was Rachele Cooper in 23:20, who is improving all the time, followed by the redoubtable Belinda Schofield F65 in 26:24. Esther Eaton (aged 9) did very well to finish 4th fastest female in 26:28. She has been running in the junior and senior parkruns this year. For the men, Dan Hutchison put in a top run of 17:14 but faced a lonely chase from his 17-minute start. He now has an 18 minute handicap time, which will take the pressure off. Then came Sam Sadler on 17:56, who is in very good form this year, followed by ‘new boy in town’ Rory King (18:47, aged 15), who has made a great start. 4th fastest was Barley Woodcock (19:13) in his best time this year.

Looking at the 1-2-3 placings, Alan Shand (26:38) put in a big run to come home first for the second time, his previous Handicap win being in October last year. His form has been improving rapidly after a long period of injury from 2022 to 2023. Then came Ruth Eberhardt (28:01), who surprised herself with her form and looked to be enjoying the race. In 3rd place came Bridget Wallwin (27:09), another big improver this year. Oliver Hilton (27:27, aged 9) did well to pick up 4th place.

Many thanks to all the volunteers: Christine Shand, Stuart Janes, Daniel Tee, Cerys Bithell, Jenny Osbourn, Ellie Bithell, Brian Munns, Sarah Kinston, Sianie Painter, Chris Underwood, Suzanne Bailey. Please let us know if anyone has been left out in error.

March 5th 2024 Report: Many thanks to all the volunteers, including: Christine Shand, Stuart Janes, Jan Holmes, Sophie Adams, Sarah Osborne, Phil Blundell, Steve Cousins, Pearl Fay, Francine Dasseville, Rachele Cooper, Rob Hawkins, Liam Elvidge, Adam Maltpress and Brian Munns. Let us know if any have been left out in error.

A great first time Handicap win for junior Tyler-James Cooper (38:28), who had no known previous form and started at 43 minutes with (sister?) Lily-Anne Cooper. Then came junior Rio Mcandrew (25:24), also a first timer in the Handicap and ably paced by his father Shane. Rio has been taking part in the Run Newmarket on Sundays and is improving rapidly. In third place was junior Sophie Blundell (23:38), who continues to improve steadily and has an incredible knack of beating the handicapper, having won and placed on numerous occasions over the last two years. Junior Lewis Stinger (22:03) was in fourth and is improving by leaps and bounds, thanks to regular runs in the junior parkrun events on Sundays and also participating in cross-country events.

Looking at the speedsters, junior Lilian Corbett (19:37) put in a tremendous run, followed by Sophie Blundell (23:38) and none other than F65 Belinda Schofield (26:05), just two days after finishing first in our women’s team at the Framlingham XC. Belinda is in amazing form. For the men, Chris Balmer (18:13) was fastest, followed by Paul Holley (18:41) and Daniel Tee (19:30). Good to see Paul is recovering from his recent injury.

Well done and thanks to everybody who took part and volunteered.

Feb 6th, 2024 Report: Thanks to all the volunteers, including Christine Shand, Andy Fryatt, Olivia Carter, Francesca Self, Jenny Osbourn, Phil Blundell, , Daniel Tee, Ellie Bithell, Paul Holley, Nicole Smith, Martin Smith (pacer), Stuart Janes (junior & race walker support), Suzanne Bailey (race walker support), Malcolm Osbourn (lights).

Well done to all the runners, including the top three in the Handicap: Stephen Edwards, Noah Poujardieu and James Hilton. Also, congratulations to Lilian Corbett (20:10) and Shane Mcandrew (20:07) on the fastest times this month. Nice to see some new club members trying out the race and doing really well.

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