Training Sessions

It is only safe and good practice to NOT run on a training night if you are returning from injury or sickness. Building fitness and condition should be taken at a steady pace, and the training nights may not always offer the best format/environment by which to do so. Please contact either of the Club Captains for advice on how best to do this.

Meet at Newmarket Leisure Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.20pm.

The following training plans show all options available on any given training night. You are free to choose whatever option suits your training plan or quite simply, how you may feel on a given night! We try and offer something for everyone- however if you feel there is something missing, please let us know.

For road running there are threshold blocks that you may choose to take part in to add another dimension to your run. This will be explained by the person leading your group, and is purely voluntary.



Summer Routes for 2018/19


September 2019 training

October 2019 training

November 2019 training

December 2019 training

January 2020

February 2020

March 2020

Winter Routes

The following is a list of the various summer routes (SR) to correspond with the training schedule above.

SR1-Boys grave

SR1- Boys grave- Short

SR-2 Three Churches

SR3- Golf Course-Devils Dyke

SR4 and SR 5Wooditton-Duchess drive (1)

SR6-10K course

SR7- KH 5K course from Leisure centre

SR8-Golden Gates

SR 9- Stetchworth map to follow


SR11 – Dalham Dash


SR12 Lug Fen run

SR12 Lug Fen short

SR 13- 5k Handicap

SR14-Heath Race course from Leisure centre

New members

We welcome people to come along to a training session before joining the Club. We have several ability groups on a training night but they are not suitable for complete beginners. We run a great beginners’ course every January to help people start on their running journey, or we can offer advice on how to get started, so hopefully in time you may be able to join us.
If you consider you are not a beginner, please complete the online form on the home page of this website, indicating  how best sums up your running ability before attending a session. We will then be in touch to advise which session and what group might be the best one to try. We kindly ask that you do not turn up without completing this and having a conversation with us first.

Each meet point to be decided on the evening depending on the training groups/weather conditions.

During the winter runs and darker evenings ALL runners must wear Hi-Vis vests or jackets.