Monthly Schedule

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Our training calendar in a typical week looks like this:


Track session at Bury St Edmunds

Seniors only


Grass track in Newmarket


Distance run / Efforts session


Track session at Bury St Edmunds

Seniors only


Grass track in Newmarket


Distance run


No training

We offer training for approximately 51 weeks of the year with a short break around Christmas.

Junior members are welcome to join the grass track sessions on Tuesday or Thursday, and also the Tuesday effort sessions during the summer. Older juniors (ages 15+) who wish to join the distance runs should discuss their plans with a member of the club coaching staff in advance.

Grass track sessions in Newmarket run all year round. Winter training is focussed on endurance intervals, and summer training is slanted more towards speed repetitions. Technical coaching for jumps, throws and hurdles is available in the summer.  Race-walk coaching is available all year.

Senior members are welcome to join the track sessions organised by St. Edmund’s Pacers on Mondays and Wednesdays. The schedule for these is published on the Pacers website.

Distance runs are typically about 10k (some summer routes are longer).  Shorter options are always available. Runners at all performance levels are welcome and will be organised into pace groups by the session leader on the day.

The club 5k handicap competition usually takes place on the first Tuesday of each month. These competitions are open to all members including juniors and there is no other training offered on these days.

Training Locations

Distance runs, unless otherwise stated, start from the Racing Centre in Newmarket. Our training meet point is at the rear of the building and can be accessed from the car park or through the cafe. Meet at 6:20pm for a 6:30pm start.

In the summer season please check the training schedule for individual sessions because some of our routes have out-of-town start points.

Juniors wishing to join the summer efforts sessions should go directly to the location shown on the training schedule, not the Racing Centre.

Distance sessions are generally suitable for road shoes, though trail shoes may be preferable in a few cases if you have them.

Grass track sessions (Tuesday, Thursday) take place on the field behind Newmarket Academy, which is accessed from the lane adjacent to Houldsworth Valley Primary School on Rowley Drive.

Unless otherwise stated, arrive at 6:20pm to warm up for a 6:30pm start.

Trail shoes are recommended for grass track, particularly in the winter season, but road shoes are generally adequate.

Pacers track sessions (Monday, Wednesday) take place on the synthetic track at Bury St Edmunds leisure centre.  Times vary, please see the Pacers schedule for details.

Road shoes are recommended, or track (not XC!) spikes may be appropriate in a few cases.


Coaching is provided both by our own members and outside staff.

Sessions on the grass track will always be supervised by at least one licensed coach holding a UKA Athletics Coach or higher qualification. Elements of the session may be delivered by others.

Thursday evening track sessions are typically led by Mick Graham, UKA Level 4 High-Performance Coach with support from Stuart Janes (Athletics Coach) and Adam Maltpress (Athletics Coach).

Tuesday evening track sessions are typically led by Stuart Janes (Athletics Coach) with support from Phil Blundell (Coaching Assistant).

Efforts sessions are typically led by Brian Munns (Coach in Running Fitness).

Distance runs are led by a variety of members. We aim to have at least one qualified Leader in Running Fitness at each session and, ideally, one per pace group although this is not always possible.

Bury Pacers use their own coaches for the Monday and Wednesday track sessions.