Top performance by Newmarket & Sudbury in 2nd fixture of Suffolk Winter XC League

Suffolk Winter XC League, 2nd Fixture, Sunday 14th January, Haughley Park, Stowmarket:

In this league, Newmarket Joggers (NJ) join forces with Sudbury Joggers (SJ), to form team Newmarket & Sudbury (N&S). We had 21 male runners and 12 female runners altogether. Official results are not yet out but we can report preliminary results for our team members’ performances. In the senior race over ~8km (~5 miles), N&S did very well to have six finishers in the first 15, in a total field of nearly 400 male and female runners.

The men’s first team of 7 runners finished in the following order, with age groups shown: Robert Dobson NJ M40 3rd; Joey Bendall NJ SM 5th; Neil Pollard NJ M45 8th; Jimmy Smith NJ M40 9th; Mark Hayward NJ M40 10th; Sam Sadler NJ SM 15th and Dan Hutchison NJ SM 37th. After the first fixture, organised by Woodbridge Shufflers in December, N&S senior men’s team stood 2nd of 20 club teams, on 2,629 points; just 19 points behind the leaders Saxmundham & Woodbridge (S&W). This Stowmarket result seems likely to keep N&S well in contention and possibly even take the lead in the men’s competition, considering that S&W were virtually on home soil in the first fixture at Sutton Heath. We await the official results with some excitement.


Above: Sudbury Joggers representing N&S in Stowmarket XC. From left: Sarah Pennock, Mark Salisbury and Ruth Cowlin. Many thanks for photo.

In the women’s senior competition, our first team of 4 runners finished as follows, with age groups shown: Hannah Pollard NJ F40 170th overall; Rachele Cooper NJ SF 252nd; Belinda Schofield NJ F65 296th and Nicole Smith NJ F50 297th. [In the official results, the positions will be given for female runners only, rather than overall positions]. N&S women’s team did an excellent job, considering that two of their fastest runners, Sarah Osborne and Elke Hausler, have been out with injuries for some months.  Furthermore, 11 of the 12 women representing N&S were veterans from F40-44 through to F65-69. After the first fixture, N&S women’s first team stood 13th of 20 teams and will likely hold their own in a similar position.


Above: Newmarket Joggers in Stowmarket XC. From left, Rachele Cooper, Jan Holmes and Pearl Fay. Many thanks for photos.


Other N&S positions for the men were as follows, with age groups shown; 2nd team: Greg Davis NJ M60 72nd; Daniel Tee NJ M40 74th; Chris Underwood NJ SM 76th; Mark Salisbury SJ M40 90th; Steve Edwards NJ M55 115th; Andy Fryatt NJ M55 148th; Marc Drury NJ M50 149th. 3rd team: Tom Elton NJ M55 205th; Liam Elvidge NJ SM 248th; Rob Hawkins NJ M55 254th; Stephen Cousins NJ M65 285th; Alan Thornhill NJ M70+ 321st; Jim Withers NJ M65 352nd; Chris Aylmer NJ M70+ 375th.

The women’s  N&S 2nd team were as follows: Helen Wass NJ F55 315th; Ruth Cowlin SJ F55 318th; Sarah Pennock SJ F40 319th; Sianie Painter NJ F55 341st. 3rd team: Suzanne Bailey NJ F55 353rd; Jan Holmes NJ F60 364th; Pearl Fay NJ F60 379th; Jo Bouttell NJ F60 380th.

We were pleased to have one Junior Newmarket Jogger, Cerys Bithell, representing N&S in the U17 ~3.5km race. She came 21st overall, but it is not yet known where she finished among female runners.


Above: More of the N&S team in action. Top left: Sarah Pennock, Alan Thornhill & Ruth Cowlin; top right: Chris Aylmer; bottom: Rachele Cooper and Liam Elvidge (nearest camera). Many thanks for photos.