Some big performances by Newmarket Joggers over New Year weekend

The ever popular Ely New Year’s Eve 10K, held at Little Downham in Cambridgeshire, attracted 19 Newmarket Joggers. Christopher Underwood MU40 (42:34, 94th of 510 overall) was first Jogger home, from Marc Drury (43:07, 103rd, 10th of 52 in M50) and Andy Fryatt (44:04, 112th, 7th of 32 in M55). For the women, club secretary Wendy Ancill (50:34, 41st F of 227, 3rd of 36 in F50) did very well to finish first female Jogger home, in her best 10k time of 2023. Then came Nicole Smith (52:15, 50th F, 5th in F50) and Angela Drury (54:39, 77th F, 15th of 44 in F40). The best age group performance was by trophy winner Alan Thornhill (58:46, 345th , 1st of 3 in M75+), a long way ahead of his nearest rival and capping a fine year of running.



Above: Joggers at Ely New Year’s Eve 10K. From left: Tom Elton with Andy Fryatt behind, Rob Hawkins, Nicole Smith with Brian Munns behind, Wendy Ancill, Mark Geddie, Jeremy Reader with Caroline Mcintosh behind, Angela Drury with Francine Dasseville behind, Chris Aylmer, Phil Blundell, the legendary Scottish Piper (who serenaded runners at the start and at 9km), Marc Drury, Stephen Cousins. Many thanks to Paul Holley & Jimmy Smith for team photos.


Other performances, in finishing order, were: Mark Geddie (48:16, 25th in M50), Phil Blundell (48:31, 19th in M45), Jeremy Reader (49:19, 29th in M50), Tom Elton (49:57, 14th in M55), Rob Hawkins (51:43, 17th in M55), Stephen Cousins (52:22, 6th in M65), Neil Williamson (52:37, 26th in M45), Brian Munns (58:58, 12th in M60), Francine Dasseville (1:01:20, 20th in F50), Jim Withers (1:03:19, 12th in M65), Chris Aylmer (1:04:46, 6th in M70) and Caroline Mcintosh (1:06:40, 3rd in F70).


Meanwhile, further south in Hertfordshire, two Joggers put in big efforts in the St Albans New Year’s Eve 10K. Neil Pollard (35:12, 2nd of 535 overall, 1st of 78 in M40) was in great trophy-winning form, while his wife Hannah Pollard (45:52, 10th F of 257, 5th of 75 in F40) also ran an excellent race.


Above left: Hannah & Neil Pollard after St Albans NYE 10K; Neil on the podium in 2nd place. Many thanks for photos.


Over in Norfolk, it was the annual Marham Flyers New Year’s Eve 10K, held on service roads around the base at RAF Marham. Jogger Lisa Garrand FU40 (59:37, 102nd F of 184) enjoyed her race, as did her husband Jason Beeton MU40 (43:06, 63rd of 406 overall), representing 1st claim Thetford AC.



Above left: Lisa Garrand finishing the Marham NYE 10K; right: her medal. Many thanks for photos.


Also on New Year’s Eve was the Cogwheel Canter Running Festival at Girton near Cambridge. Official results are not yet out, but runners’ own watch times are given where known. First Jogger home in the 10K, and first female runner overall, was the highly talented 15-year-old Junior Jogger Cerys Bithell in a PB time of 41:39. Then came her mother Eleanor Bithell F45 (46:57), Anna Mayhew F50 (57:20), Sianie Painter F55, Jan Holmes F60 (1:01:24), Jo Bouttell F60 (1:08:23) and Pearl Fay F60 (1:10:45). In the 5K race, Sarah Last (32:52) and Gillie Green (37:56) enjoyed their runs, with Gillie achieving her best time of 2023.


Top: Cerys Bithell with 1st F trophy and mother Eleanor Bithell. Above left: Jan Holmes, Jo Bouttell and Pearl Fay after Cogwheel 10K; above right: Gillie Green and Sarah Last after Cogwheel 5K. Many thanks for the photos.


The following day, two Joggers opted for the annual Wymondham New Year’s Day 10K in Norfolk. Robert Dobson (34:00, 3rd of 592 overall, 1st of 39 in M40) and Mark Hayward (34:42, 8th overall, 4th in M40) were both in top class form, with Robert edging the trophy honours.


Above left: Rob Dobson leading at Woodbridge XC 2023; right: Mark Hayward in Woodbridge XC 2022. Thanks for the photos.