Social Club

Newmarket Joggers are a sociable bunch, we organise a range of formal and informal events for club members throughout the year including an annual coach trip to the TCS London Marathon and a Christmas Party & Awards Ceremony.

This year- 2024, we will  be celebrating the Club’s 40th Anniversary with a BBQ after the Newmarket 10K race in June and taking a trip to Poland in September.

Whilst most of our members are very competitive athletes, they also like to relax with Club friends for a drink after a run, eat lots of cake at events and support local charity races/ events.

All social events are organised by Social Secretary, Sophie Adams and these are communicated to all  members via email, monthly club newsletter, Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any ideas for a social event that you think would appeal to  members, please email 

If you come along to any of our events and take photos, please do share them with us via our social media channels.

We  hope you will join us at one of the many events.


Friday 9th – Sunday 11th August – Run Sandringham 24 (race starts on Saturday 10th August @12.00pm)

At last year’s event the “Newmarket Plodders“ won a trophy so it would be nice to repeat this victory with more relay teams amongst the 5-mile course spanning the 24 hours, any size including solo and pairs. If interested, please email with your name and contact number so we can add you to our event Whatsapp group. This is a 3-day event, you can decide to come along for the day or whole weekend, whichever suits you. The grounds will be accessible from Friday lunchtime onwards with the 24-hour race starting on Saturday 10th August @ 12.00pm. Overnight camping, camper van or caravan options are available or you could just run throughout the night and not sleep! 

Saturday 31st August – Lowestoft Parkrun with car sharing

Do you fancy a seaside trip with club friends? We will be visiting Lowestoft Parkrun which is the most easterly one in the UK, the event takes place at the Promenade with a 2-lap tarmac and gravel course. For those following the Parkrun 5K App this run would go towards your Compass challenge for a “WEST”. After Parkrun we could go for rewarding breakfast, take a dip in the sea and visit the arcades on the Pier, whichever you prefer because the day is yours. Car sharing amongst club friends is encouraged and if anyone is struggling for a lift, please email so we can buddy you up with someone.

28th September 2024 Zamek w Malborku (Malbork Castle Parkrun) 29th September 2024 – Polmarathon Gdansk running festival (5K & half marathon races)

In celebration of Newmarket Joggers’ 40th anniversary year and Parkruns 20th-we are going abroad!

We will be taking a trip to Gdańsk in Poland for the Zamek w Malborku (Malbork Castle parkrun) on the Saturday and the Polmarathon running festival event on the Sunday. Something for everyone!

You are welcome to run all or some of the events over the weekend, spectate or just take time out sightseeing, whichever you prefer. We are sure this trip will be of interest to many Parkrun fanatics who would want to take the opportunity to tick off a “Z” on their profile alphabet challenge. Not only does it offer a weekend of running opportunities for all abilities, but it’s also good value and an interesting city which we hope will appeal to many of you for a weekend break, an extended break or just an overnight stay. To enter the Polmarathon Gdansk running festival please follow the link Please note flight and accommodation arrangements are to be booked by the individual, not the club. Newmarket Joggers cannot be held responsible for any changes made to any element of the trip, so we encourage individuals to take out their own insurance cover for any unforeseen circumstances.