Round Norfolk Relay 2017

Round Norfolk Relay 2017


Newmarket Joggers have decided to try to enter a team in the Round Norfolk Relay 2017 which takes place annually on the 3rd weekend in September. This year’s race is on the weekend 16th – 17th September. Newmarket Joggers last had a team in the 2011 race.

We will find out if we have succeeded in getting a place at the end of April 2017.

The race has 17 stages ranging from 5.5 to 20 miles covering 196 miles round the county boundary in a 24-hour period. The race starts and finishes at Kings Lynn Sports Centre.

It’s a great team event to get involved with and is open to all abilities. Teams start times are staggered and are based on the team members estimated completion for their assigned leg. Everyone has a chance of winning.

There will also be support team of 4 or 5 people needed to follow the runners. The runners must be accompanied on the highways by a cyclist during daylight and a vehicle with a beacon during hours of darkness.

Please visit the website before showing an interest in taking part.

This race demands good teamwork and full commitment from the runners and the organisers. Have a look at the race website and see what you think. This is one race you won’t forget.


If you are interested in running the race please email me at

Please put roughly what distance you would like to run and if you would prefer to run in the night or during daylight.