Rachael Maltpress enjoys success at Brighton in her first big road marathon

Brighton Marathon: The first of the big spring marathons took place in Brighton on Sunday April 7th, with 11,273 participants completing the course in bright sunshine and very breezy conditions. Rachael Maltpress (4:34:04, 6,388th overall, 1,440th F of 3,552, 182nd of 428 in F40-45) enjoyed a great run with very even and, seemingly, relaxed 5km official splits of around 6:30/km (10:30/mi) pace, up to 35km. She was then able to up the pace and felt very strong in the closing stages, which is about as good as anyone could hope for in a marathon; most runners no doubt had an opposite story to tell. Her chip time position was 2,149th female after the first 5km split and ended at 1,440th female overall, showing the steady progress she was making throughout the race, overtaking runners who couldn’t keep up their initial pace.

She also managed to raise around £1,500 for the Stroke Association, inspired by a close friend’s daughter, who suffered a life-changing stroke in her twenties.


Above left: Rachael Maltpress going easy in the Brighton Marathon; above right: Her husband Adam with his Brighton 10k medal. Many thanks for the photos.


Brighton Marathon 10k: Rachael’s husband Adam Maltpress (43:46, 183rd of 2,714 overall, 8th of 99 in M45-49) ran in the 10k event and did very well in his age group. He was a great asset as Rachael’s marathon coach, during her many months of training.


Above: Adam & Rachael after the marathon on Brighton beach. Thanks for photo.


On the same day, the Sheffield Mutual Half Marathon took place in West Yorkshire, with four Newmarket Joggers taking part. It was a very tough course with the first half nearly all uphill. Marc Drury (1:32:26, 239th of 5,085 overall, 9th of 226 in M50-59) did well to finish high up in the order and felt very satisfied with his effort up the hill. Then came hometown specialist Jessica Bird (1:53:51, 224th F of 1,756, 171st of 1,185 in FS), followed by Meera Mahadevan (1:59:42, 483rd F, 85th of 399 in F40-49) and Angela Drury (2:04:17, 687th F, 127th in F40-49). All performed well over the difficult course and in the strong breeze. On April 21st, Angela Drury will take on the London Marathon, thanks to winning the Joggers’ club ballot last December. We all wish her the best of luck.


Above top: From left, Meera Mahadevan, Angela Drury, Jessica Bird & Marc Drury at the Sheffield Half Marathon; bottom left: The course profile showing the big climb in the first half; bottom right: Scenery along the course. Many thanks for the photos.


Also on Sunday, two Joggers couldn’t resist the grand sight-seeing tour of the London Landmarks Half Marathon, where there was a huge field of almost 19,000 participants, many of them raising money for charities. Mark Geddie (1:51:37, 2,886th of 18,960 overall, 129th of 656 in M50-54) had a great run and was followed by Sarah Last (2:33:39, 7,356th F of 11,188, 542nd of 929 in F50-54), who was only seconds away from her best time this year.


Top left: Mark Geddie before the London Landmarks Half Marathon; top right: the scene at the start; bottom left: The scene along the way by Sarah Last; bottom right: Sarah Last’s bib & medal. Many thanks for the photos.


Essex & Suffolk County Relays, Colchester Sports Park, Sunday April 7th: Newmarket Joggers entered four women’s teams and four men’s teams into this event, with the women’s races completed before the men’s races started. All the women’s teams (open + veteran) and the men’s veteran teams had 3 members, who each ran 3 x 1 mile laps, to make a total of 9 miles per team. The senior open men’s races took place last of all and had 4 runners to a team, each running 3 x 1-mile laps to make 12 miles per team.


Above: An official photo of the Men’s Open start of the Essex & Suffolk County Relays, with thanks.


Our fastest women’s team of Olivia Carter (21:56), Rachele Cooper (22:14) & Hannah Pollard (21:47) finished 5th of 13 in the Suffolk Open category and 23rd of 62 female teams overall. Our fastest women’s veteran team of Helen Wass (25:18), Nicole Smith (23:32) & Belinda Schofield (25:11) were 2nd of 2 in Suffolk FV50+ and 41st overall. Belinda Schofield’s 3-mile run earned her 81.73% age grade, putting her into Sapphire club standard with the top age grade of all current female Newmarket Joggers; a great achievement.


Top: Newmarket Joggers women’s team members; middle left: The women’s Open team of  Rachele Cooper, Olivia Carter & Hannah Pollard; middle right: The women’s Suffolk FV50+ team of Belinda Schofield, Nicole Smith and Helen Wass; bottom left: Suzanne Bailey in full flight; bottom right: Bridget Wallwin in speed mode. Many thanks for Strava photos.


The greatest success came for the men’s veteran team of Mark Hayward (16:03), Paul Holley (17:57) & Jimmy Smith (16:29), who finished 1st of 6 in the Suffolk MV40+ category and 3rd of 60 men’s veteran teams overall, each member receiving a Suffolk winner’s trophy. In the men’s 4 x 3-mile Open event, our fastest team was made up of Chris Underwood (18:58), Hugh Tawell (16:25), Sam Sadler (17:57) & Andy Fryatt (19:39), who came 4th of 10 in the Suffolk Open category and 16th of 35 overall.



Top left: Jimmy Smith, Paul Holley & Mark Hayward, winners of the Suffolk MV40+ team and 3rd of 60 teams overall; top right: Brian Munns starting his final lap; bottom left: the Colchester Sports Park main building; bottom right: Olivia Carter in action in her race. Many thanks for the photos.


Other female team members and times for Newmarket Joggers were: Suffolk FV40+: Jackie Henley (31:46), Sophie Adams (28:58) & Bridget Wallwin (26:32); Suffolk FV60+: Pearl Fay (32:25), Jo Bouttell (30:49) & Suzanne Bailey (25:41). Other male team members and times: Suffolk Men’s Open: Daniel Tee (18:45), Stephen Edwards (20:07), Jonathan Ollington (19:35) & Rob Hawkins (24:13); Suffolk MV60+: Neville Clarke (23:45), Brian Munns (27:27) & Chris Aylmer (31:20). All the team members enjoyed the sunshine, team camaraderie and team support.


Lee Valley April Open Track & Field, Saturday April 6th: Junior Jogger Harvey Thomas tested himself over 300m after a training session with Mick Graham at the Lee Valley Athletics Track in Essex. He recorded a time of 47.12 seconds, which works out at an impressive 71.29% age grade.


Above: Harvey Thomas  (right of centre) just finishing his 300m time trial at Lee Valley Athletics Track. Thanks to Cheryl Thomas for the photo.


Enfield Racewalking League, Peter Worth Walks, Donkey Lane, Saturday April 6th: Three Joggers joined in this monthly, racewalking league event. Suzanne Bailey W60 (40:02) finished 1st of 3 in the 5km A event (strict racewalking rules) and was also quicker than any in the B event (less strict), so is improving fast and enjoying the events. Junior Joggers Sophie Blundell (21:18) and Lily-Ann Cooper (23:21) took on the 3km walk and both did well. Lily-Ann was unlucky to take a tumble during the race, which affected her time.