Race Results 2009

Here are race results from 2009

New Years Eve 10k – Ely

Jim Withers 43:36 (3rd male v55)
Neil Williamson 43:45
Susannah Rush 45:44
Helen Bardwell 47:39
Claudine Froggitt 48:01
Cathryn Starling 48:39
Miranda Paul 49:16
Carolynn Anderson 51:20
Mike Sales 51:48
Mary Marsh 56:45 (2nd Lady v55)
Ellie Walton 63:08 (1st 10k)

Luton Marathon
Ben Blowes 3:00:41

Castle Coombe 10k
Paul Holley 34:28

Jersey Half Marathon
Paul Holley 1:17

St Neots Half Marathon
Ben Blowes 1:22
Ursula White 1:39
Neil Williamson 1:40
Susannah Rush 1:43
Steve Symonds 1:50
Miranda Paul 1:53
Lynda McCormack 1:58.

Porto Marathon
Keith Williams 3:39

Fenland 10m
Brian Munns 1:06:43
Ursula White 1:13:33
Neil Williamson 1:14:10
Jim Withers in 1:14:10.
Susannah Rush 1:17:59
Anna Eaton 1:18:25.

Great South Run – Portsmouth

Harriet Tice 1:18:56
Dave Price 1:35:38

North Norfolk 7

Anna Eaton 53:02
Jim Copland 53:02
Alan Goodenough 56:21
Lynda McCormack 1:03:14
Mary Marsh 1:04:47
Maxine Copland 1:16:47

11th Great Eastern Half Marathon

Ben Blowes 1:22:01
Vincent Cooghan 1:23:02
Nick Conway 1:25:51
Greg Davies 1:28:53
Richard Fridd 1:44:04
Helen Bardwell 1:46:46
Sarah Mampuys 1:51:44
Miranda Paul 1:52:44
Rob Thurkettle 2:01:27
Lisa Harvey 2:05:20

11th Oct Riverwalk 10k

Vince Colby 41:14
Anna Eaton 46:09

4th Oct Felixstowe Half Marathon

Brian Munns 1:28
Vince Colby 1:34
Jim Withers 1:40

4th Oct London Run to the Beat Half Marathon

Mike Sales 2:02
Debbie Read 2:27

4th Oct Abington 10k

Ben Blowes 38:45
Ursula White 42:19
Anna Eaton 48:36
Sue Stoten 53:12

4th Oct
Shepton Mallet 10k

Paul Holley 34:50

4th Oct
Coltishall Joggers 10k

Julia Midleton 47:52

27th September
Diss 15 miles

Sandie Jardine 2:23

26th September JW
30 mile Ultra marathon

Miranda Paul 5:18

2oth Sept
Chariots of Fire 2009

Newmarket Stallions (Nick Conway; Jim Withers; Terry Braverman; Laurence Calver; John Vale) 1:05:39

Newmarket Fillies (Jenny O`Callaghan; Miranda Paul; Ursula White; Cathryn Starling; Carolynn Anderson; Kirsty Newton) 1:12:01

13th September
Guntyfen Half Marathon

Brian Munns 1:27:55
Ursula White 1:39:38
Alan Shand 1:40:43
Jim Withers 1:43:20
John Vale 1:56:03
Sandie Jardine 2:00:32

6th September
Littleport 10k

Vince Cooghan 35:05
Greg Davies 36:29
Jim Copland 40:46
Ursula White 43:34
Jim Withers 43:54
Alan Goodenough 48:47
Louise Hutt 49:10
Dave Price 56:33
Maxine Copland 1:00:48
James Brewer 1:10:01

6th September
Margate Marathon

Miranda Paul 4:16

6th September
Swaffham Half Marathon

Sandie Jardine 1:58:32

Great North Run

Mary Marsh 2:07:38

Great Bradfield 10k

Vince Cooghan 35:45 (2nd Overall)

London Duathalon

Richard Jones 1:54:29

Bourn to Run 10k

Helen Bardwell 49:12

30th August
Larkin Gowin Ipswich Half Marathon

Sandie Jardine 2:00:09

9th August
GYYR Half Marathon

Sandie Jardine 2:15:44 (Too hot!!!!!!)

19th July
Cambridge Race for Life

Jenny O`Callaghan 27:0

19th July
Thetford Bike/Run

Jenny o`callaghan & Carolynn Anderson 1:39

19th July
Ekiden Marathon Relay
(13th place 2:55;52)
Jim Copeland
Neville Clarke
Michael Ball
Brians Munns
Steve Edwards
Kieth Williams

19th July
St Ives 10k

Miranda Paul 49:37 (PB the girl just keeps getting faster!!)
Rob Thurkettle 50:35
Dave Price 55:29 (PB by over 3 MINS well done Dave)

11th July
Bushy 10k

Sandie Jardine 53:20

8th July
Race for Life

Sandie Jardine 24:50

5th July
Newmarket 10k

28th June
Humpty Dumpty 10k

Sandie Jardine 52:03 (PB)

28th June
Race for Life

Miranda Paul 28:00

Bury Friday 5 Series
Vince Coogan (7) 28:14
Greg Davis (27) 30:48
Jo Gapp (41) 31:56
Neville Clarke (57) 32:57
Jim Beeton (58) 33:50
Brian Munns (80) 33:49
Jim Withers (126) 35:50
Stuart James (167) 37:34
Dave Price (407) 48:07

14th June
Hethal Engineering 10 miler.

Sandie Jardine 1:31 (PB)

14th June
St Albans half marathon.

Miranda Paul 1:55

25th May Brandon Half Marathon
Brian Munns 1:29 (15th overall)
Neville Clarke 1:33 (1st male vet 55)
Ursula White 1;36 ( PB & 2nd lady senior)
Jim Withers 1:40
Jackie Goodridge 2:05
Carolynn Anderson 2:07

17th May Jersy Half Marathon

Paul Holley 1:16:52 (finished 2nd out of 480! awesome running Paul!)

17th May Ross Peers East Cambs Half Marathon
Ben Blowes 1:21:18
James Beeton 1:29:11
Neville Clarke 1:30:24
Nick Conway 1:35:59
Jim Withers 1:37:22
Stuart Jones 1:46:19
Anna Eaton 1:46:44
Sarah Mampuys 1:52: 51 (Brilliant return run after injury)
Miranda Paul 1:54:42
Kerry Finniear 1:54:42
Alan Goodenough 1:56:38 (would have been faster but stayed with Mrs Slowcoach below!!!!! )
Sandie Jardine 1:56:38 (PB)

17th May
Dereham 10 Mile

Julia Middleton 1 :17 (1st lady vet 55)
Carolynn Anderson 1:29
Jackie Delf 1:30

16th May
London Moonwalk

Cathryn Starling

10th May
Frinton and Walton Half Marathon

Sandie Jardine 2:03:1

Newmarket heath run 2009 results follow the link below.


3rd May Bespak
GEAR 10k Kings Lynn

Ben Blowes 37:11
Sandie Jardine 53:29
David Price 01:00: 21

3rd May

The Great Edinburgh 10k

Cathryn Starling 47:49

Cambridgeshire Bartlow XC 8.5 miles
Ursula White 63:26 (1st lady)
Jim Copeland 63:26
Anna Eaton 71:54
Alan Goodenough 71:54
Anita Buxton 75:25
Maxine Copeland 90:29


Thirteen Joggers made the start line of Sunday’s London Marathon, some for the first time and some recording PB’s, all however were ecstatic to actually start and finish the race and will no doubt be regaling the tales of the 26.2 miles for weeks to come.

First home for the club was elite runner Ben Blowes who recorded another PB of 2:50 an incredible achievement for the Jogger who just keeps getting better and better, Keith Williams was next home in 3:13 which is a PB for him on the London course, Neville Clarke completed in an excellent time of 3:34 another strong and consistently good run with Vince Colby also recording a fast time of 3:41 next male home and just tipping the four hour mark was Alan Shand who completed in 4:07. First females for the club were Miranda Paul and Virginia Rushmere who crossed the line together in 4:16, well done to both on their first London experience, next home was Paul Clarke who suffered cramp in the last 2 miles but still managed to complete in 4:21 with fellow male Jogger Paul Baxter completing the course in 4:40 closely followed by Maggie Taylor who finished her first marathon in 4:52 a wonderful run and 54th in her age group even though she, like a lot of the team were affected by cramp. Next lady was Jackie Delf, another first timer completing in 5:09 and Carolynn Anderson in 5:11, completing the team line up was John Vale who didn’t let an pre-race injury deter him and crossed the line in 6:01. Well done to all Joggers – yet again another fantastic team effort.