parkrun & GRL reports

parkrun organises free, weekly (Saturday 9am), 5km timed runs in the UK and around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in

They are great for all abilities, from those just starting out to families of all ages, for the novice as well as the elite runner. Many Joggers regularly take part and volunteer with local events being hosted in Soham Village College (7.3 miles/16 min by car from Newmarket), Coldham’s Common (Cambridge, 11.7 miles/18 min), Fulbourn Hospital (12.6 miles/19 min), Cambridge (Milton Country Park, 12.9 miles/20 min),  Haverhill (15 miles/26 min), Bury St Edmunds (16.5 miles/23 min), Clare Castle (16.6 miles/31 min), Littleport (18.9 miles/32 min), Brandon Country Park (19.4 miles/24 min), Thetford (19.7 miles/25 min), Wimpole Estate (25.4 miles/36 min) and Great Cornard (25.6 miles, 51 min). Once registered you can enjoy them anywhere around the country, in fact around the world!  You are welcome to walk, jog or run these events according to your preference and level of fitness.

Another free weekly timed 5K that has now appeared on the local scene is Great Run Local (GRL), which starts at the bottom of Newmarket Heath’s Warren Hill on a Sunday at 11:15am; see:  There is also the option of a shorter 2.5K run for children and adults. The nearest alternative GRL courses are at Walsham-Le-Willows and Needham Lake, which start on Sundays at 9:00am and 9:30am respectively.

Newmarket Jogger and keen parkrunner Chris Aylmer has kindly offered to write a weekly report on how the Joggers have got on. Abbreviations:  PB = all-time parkrun personal best, cPB = course PB, YB = best parkrun time so far this year.

Newmarket Joggers in the Newmarket GRL 19th Jan 2020 @11:15am

5K (57): Charles Jones 21:59, 3rd of 57 overall; Rob Kingsley 27:59PB! 18th; Alison McKenzie 28:27, 19th & 5th F of 19; Sophie Adams 30:19PB! 27th and 7th F; Harvey Thomas (Junior Jogger) 35:34PB! 48th.

Well done Charles Jones on his return. Thankfully, he looks in great form again after having to retire with an injury from the Suffolk XC Championships 2 weeks ago. Three PBs, from Rob, Sophie and Harvey and another sound performance by Alison. It was young Harvey’s first ever attempt at the 5K distance, so a very good effort on moving up from the 2.5K distance. Also it was Rob’s first ever GRL and a very encouraging sub 28 time, while Sophie did well to PB in only her second run.

2.5K (52): Lilly Basing 15:05, 10th of 52 overall & 2nd F of 8. Well done Lilly on another good run after her first successful 5K attempt last week. Apologies if any other Junior Joggers were missed…need an update list!

Thanks to the volunteers: David Merchant, James Plowman, Susan Scargill, Giles Macrow, Paul Forshaw and Helen Wass. Regular volunteer stalwarts Gaye Margarson, Caroline McIntosh and Angie Underdown called in sick with a broken toe, broken pelvis and broken head but were present in spirit! We wish them all a speedy recovery. Congratulations to Paul Forshaw on his 400th parkrun at Soham on Saturday.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for 18th January 2020


Crane Park parkrun [West London, near Twickenham] (308)
Numbers to left of name = overall position/gender position.
10           10           Henry HAMILTON 19:44


Littleport parkrun (191)
Christine Windsor Volunteer helper, thanks.
Cambridge parkrun (483)
81           5              Emma NEWMAN 23:29
134         118         Stephen COUSINS 25:37
184         156         Jim WITHERS 27:08
244         46           Kate WARBOYS 29:06
282         220         Baz COLLEY 30:27 (with Sarah, not the one below!)
300         70           Sarah KINSTON 31:06
344         99           Bridget WALLWIN 32:29
377         118          Rebecca HANNAH 33:44
Brandon Country Park parkrun (167)
20           20           Neville CLARKE  23:31
116         34           Alexia SMITHSON 35:07
Clare Castle parkrun (175)
6              6              James TWEED    22:10
Coldham’s Common parkrun (343)
91           77           Adrian WHITTLE 23:42
Soham Village College parkrun (203)
37           31           Paul DOCKERILL 27:26 (with nephew Jack)
49           41           Giles MACROW 28:26
73           55           Chris AYLMER 30:29 cPB!
96           32           Sheena RUNHAM 32:52
97           33           Lisa WINNINGTON 32:53
Fulbourn Hospital parkrun (169)
3           12           James Nicholas THOMSON  21:29
22           3          Cerys BITHELL  22:36
48           10        Eleanor BITHELL 24:41
61           46        Adam MALTPRESS 25:24

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Mark Hayward 1st of 19 & 2nd of 210 overall; James Tweed 1st of 13; Stephen Cousins 1st of 7; Cerys Bithell 1st of 5; Neville Clarke 1st of 3.

NEXT BEST: Emma Newman 3rd of 31; Ruth Eberhardt 2nd of 17; Robert Hawkins 2nd of 16; Kate Warboys 4th of 25; Sarah Kinston 5th of 25; James Thomson 2nd of 9; Lisa Winnington 5th of 19; Ellie Bithell 3rd of 11; Chris Aylmer 2nd of 7; Adrian Whittle 4th of 12; Sheena Runham 7th of 17; Paul Dockerill 6th of 14; Jim Withers 3rd of 6.


Newmarket Joggers in the Newmarket GRL 12th Jan 2020 @11:15am

5K (59 participants):
Name                          Time                Position
Stephen Cousins          25:48                 7th of 59 overall
Baz Colley                     26:49                 12th
Lilly Basing (Jnr)        30:45 PB!          34th & 7th F of 17.
Sarah Last                    34:45 PB!          45th & 11th F.
Well done Lilly Basing in her very first 5K GRL run!
2.5K (39):
Cerys Bithell (Jnr)          11:16 PB!  1st of 39 overall & 1st F of  13.
Harvey Thomas  (Jnr)   13:09 4th
Rebecca Fordham        14:00   5th & 2nd F.
Sianie Painter                15:11   7th & 3rd F.
Milly Sowerby (Jnr)      15:58 PB!  8th & 4th F.
Stuart Sowerby             16:01  9th.
Great run by Cerys for a PB and first overall finisher by over a minute. Also a PB for Milly and an excellent 4th finish by Harvey.

Thanks to all the GRL volunteers: Paul Forshaw, David Merchant, James Plowman, Gaye Margarson, Sue Scargill, Giles Macrow, Anna Mayhew, Chris Aylmer.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for 11th January 2020

A new way to display results, which takes up more space but saves a lot of typing time!


Numbers to left of name = overall pos./gender pos.
Cannock Chase parkrun [Staffordshire] (591 participants)
136         19           Danielle JONES 25:35
Kesgrave parkrun [near Ipswich] (373)
334         111         Rachel ALLEN 36:04
Osterley parkrun [West London] (398)
20           18           Henry HAMILTON  20:55

Osterley parkrun in an affluent suburb of West London, described by Henry Hamilton as “stunning”. Thanks to Henry for photo.


Cambridge parkrun (578)
107         9             Emma NEWMAN 24:18
155         133         James Nicholas THOMSON 26:06 (with Norah in buggy)
188         159         Jim WITHERS  27:07
311         237         Baz COLLEY  30:41 (with Sarah)
319         77           Sarah KINSTON  30:50
Bury St Edmunds parkrun (311)
2              2             Mark HAYWARD  18:39
77           6              Ruth EBERHARDT  26:15
Clare Castle parkrun (158)
15           15           James TWEED  22:57
 Haverhill parkrun (63)
24           21           Joseph CORMACK  29:48 (with friend)
28           23           Chris AYLMER   31:20
47           34           Alan THORNHILL  38:20 (arrived late)
Coldham’s Common parkrun (311)
4              4             Sam Allen SADLER   19:02
44           36           Richard JONES   22:57
55           45           Adrian WHITTLE   23:26
Soham Village College parkrun (207)
24           24           Alan SHAND 25:07 cPB!
36           32           Iain PERRY   26:42 Well done on your 100th parkrun!
107         35           Sarah BONEHAM 34:08 1st ever parkrun!
108         36           Lisa WINNINGTON 34:09
132         53           Gillian GREEN  36:37
Fulbourn Hospital parkrun (208)
51           8              Eleanor BITHELL 25:28
80           58           Giles MACROW 27:18
108         73           Aaron SELF 29:51
147         58           Christine WINDSOR 33:06
FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Mark Hayward 1st of 20 & 2nd of 311 overall; Sam Sadler 1st of 14 & 4th of 311 overall; Ellie Bithell 1st of 13; Christine Windsor 1st of 3; Chris Aylmer 1st of 2.
NEXT BEST: Emma Newman 2nd of 23; Ruth Eberhardt 2nd of 17; Richard Jones 2nd of 14; Adrian Whittle 2nd of 14; James Tweed 2nd of 11; Danielle Jones 6th of 30; Sarah Kinston 7th of 26; Henry Hamilton 3rd of 11; Lisa Winnington 5th of 18; Joe Cormack 3rd of 8; Sarah Boneham 5th of 11; Jim Withers 5th of 11; Alan Shand 2nd of 4.

Newmarket Joggers in the GRL on Sunday 5th Jan @11:15am

5K: Baz Colley 26:03 PB!  3rd of 30; Anna Mayhew 26:47 4th and 2nd F of 10; Giles Macrow 27:26 8th; Malcolm Osbourn 28:23 12th. Great PB by Baz…all that strength training paying off on the uphill climb! Good runs by Anna, Giles and Malcolm.

2.5K: Harvey Thomas (Junior Jogger) 12:31 PB! 2nd of 35. Great PB run Harvey!

Thanks to all the volunteers: James Plowman, Gaye Margarson, Angie Underdown, Anna Mayhew, Sue Scargill, Giles Macrow, David Merchant, Helen Wass. Sorry if anyone left off.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for 4th January 2020

LOCAL VENUES: Soham Village College (182): Sam Sadler 21:51; Alan Thornhill 30:44 cPB!; Chris Aylmer 31:18 cPB!; James Thomson volunteer marshal, thanks. Thetford (291): Elke Hausler 24:00; Giles Macrow 33:06, volunteer pacer, thanks. Coldham’s Common (302): Richard Jones 22:23; Phil Blundell 22:24; Brian Munns 23:32; Jim Withers 26:46; Kate Warboys 27:45 cPB! Clare Castle (156): Bertie Tweed 19:38; James Tweed 23:38, volunteer pacer, thanks; Jill Howard 45:06. Cambridge (533): Emma Newman 23:24 and volunteer event set-up, thanks; Mike Sales 25:41; Iain Perry 26:36 (99th parkrun!); Sarah Sales 28:19; Baz Colley (with Sarah) 33:00; Christine Windsor 33:48. Bury St Edmunds (246): Ruth Eberhardt 28:24. Brandon (197): Adrian Whittle 23:22; Malcolm Osbourn 28:26; Robert Kingsley 30:13; Jenny Osbourn 37:20 (99th parkrun!). Wimpole Estate (424): Wayne Hargreaves 29:12.

TOURIST VENUES: Colchester Castle (543): Paul Dockerill 20:50.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Emma Newman 1st of 21; Richard Jones 1st of 14; Elke Hausler 1st of 10; Sam Sadler 1st of 10; Jim Withers 1st of 4; Jenny Osbourn 1st of 3; Bertie Tweed 1st of 3.

NEXT BEST: Paul Dockerill 2nd of 31; Adrian Whittle 3rd of 15; Ruth Eberhardt 4th of 18; James Tweed 4th of 16; Sarah Sales 6th of 22; Brian Munns 4th of 14; Phil Blundell 5th of 17;  Christine Windsor 2nd of 6; Kate Warboys 5th of 15; Mike Sales 18th of 36.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for 1st January 2020

LOCAL VENUES: Thetford (407 participants): Brian Munns 21:43 cPB! (best parkrun time since 2018); Elke Hausler 22:42; Adrian Whittle 23:55; Danielle 25:51; Jim Withers 27:24; Francesca Laughton 28:20; Giles Macrow 28:48; Malcolm Osbourn 28:48; Jan Holmes 29:08; Aaron Self 29:19; Chris Aylmer 29:21; Sianie Painter 30:04; Sophie Adams 30:04; Jackie Henley 33:29. Clare Castle (232): James Tweed 23:06; Ruth Eberhardt 25:47; Jill Howard 43:04. Littleport (144): James Thomson 20:35; Emma Newman 23:24; Christine Windsor 30:45. Brandon (457): Adam Maltpress 22:52; Adrian Whittle 23:25; Elke Hausler 24:11; Emma Newman 24:59; Brian Munns 25:28; Danielle Jones 26:47; Adam Orriss 28:01 cPB! PB!; Francesca Laughton 28:05; Aaron Self 28:40 cPB! (best parkrun time since 2015); Malcolm Osbourn 29:10; Giles Macrow 29:23; Jim Withers 30:00; Angela Brennan 31:12; Iain Perry 32:32; Sophie Adams 32:35; Sianie Painter 32:57; Chris Aylmer 34:31; Clodie Rolph 36:03; Jackie Henley 37:00; Jenny Osbourn 38:08. Haverhill (126): Ruth Eberhardt (25:29). Cambridge (561): James Thomson 20:45; Jon Brooker 21:08; Richard Jones 22:10; Phil Blundell 24:02.

Looking over the lake at Brandon parkrun on New Year’s Day. Thanks to David Merchant for this unusual and attractive photo.

TOURIST VENUES: Swaffham [Norfolk] (131): Wayne Hargreaves 28:49. Loch Neaton [Watton, Norfolk] (202): Wayne Hargreaves 30:09. Panshanger [Hertford] (681): Alan Thornhill 36:44. Newbury [Berkshire] (719): James Smith 18:12. Richmond [Richmond Park, SW London] (913): Henry Hamilton & Amber (dog) 27:11.

Nice view of Richmond parkrun on New Year’s Day, with thanks to Henry Hamilton.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: James Smith 1st of 49 & 4th of 719 overall; Elke Hausler 1st of 13; Ruth Eberhardt 1st of 9 & 2nd F of 53; Jenny Osbourn 1st of 5; Christine Windsor 1st of 3.

NEXT BEST: Emma Newman 2nd of 27; Brian Munns 2nd of 25; Richard Jones 2nd of 20; Jon Brooker 5th of 43; Danielle Jones 3rd of 16; James Thomson 4th of 21; Adrian Whittle 9th of 38; Sianie Painter 5th of 20; Adam Maltpress 7th of 26; Francesca Laughton 8th of 27; James Tweed 7th of 20; Phil Blundell 16th of 42; Sophie Adams 10th of 26; Angela Brennan 11th of 27; Adam Orriss 6th of 14; Jan Holmes 9th of 20; Malcolm Osbourn 2nd of 4; Jim Withers 4th of 8; Jackie Henley 10th of 20.

Newmarket GRL for 29th December 2019

5K: Charles Jones 26:10, 7th of 23 overall; Baz Colley 26:13 PB! 8th; Anna Mayhew 27:22, 9th & 2nd F of 8; Sianie Painter 30:42, 16th & 4th F. Charles first Jogger again by a few seconds, or lengths in racing terms…perhaps saving himself for an imminent race? Great run by Baz for a PB, and good efforts by Anna and Sianie.

2.5K: Lilly Basing (Junior Jogger) 14:32 PB! 5th of 23 and 1st F of 3 known. Well done Lilly on another PB!

Thanks to the volunteers: Gaye Margarson, Sue Scargill, Anna Mayhew, Angie Underdown, Helen Wass, Giles Macrow, Debbie Read, James Plowman, Janet J.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for Saturday 28th Dec 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (144 participants): Adam Maltpress 23:06; Emma Reader 56:48 (Tail Walker, thanks). Bury St Edmunds (231): Neville Clarke 23:03; Adrian Whittle 25:07; Ruth Eberhardt 26:36. Cambridge (416): Jan Holmes 28:53; Sarah Kinston 29:51; Baz Colley (with Sarah) 31:22. Clare Castle (119): James Tweed 23:14. Coldham’s Common (211):  Brian Munns 23:21; Jim Withers 27:41. Fulbourn Hospital (174): Tom Elton 23:26; Ellie Bithell 23:32; Robert Hawkins 23:55. Soham Village College (130): Alan Shand 26:02 cPB!; James Thomson (with Norah in buggy) 27:02; Stephanie Greenwood 28:48; Wayne Hargreaves 29:30; Christine Windsor (50th parkrun, congratulations!) 33:17. Thetford (259): Elke Hausler 22:22; Giles Macrow 28:42.

TOURIST VENUES: Blickling [near Aylsham, Norfolk, north of Norwich] (330): Kate Warboys 28:01. Coventry (658): Chris Aylmer 31:13. Felixstowe (341): Mark Hayward 17:37 YB! Horsham [West Sussex] (340): Hannah Short 26:58 cPB! Milford Waterfront [Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales] (88): Emma Newman 23:27. Potternewton [northern suburb of Leeds] (95): Paul Dockerill 20:13.


Coventry parkrun on 28th December in the Memorial Park. Photo thanks to John Aylmer

BEST IN AGE GROUPS: Mark Hayward 1st of 17; Brian Munns 1st of 13; Ruth Eberhardt 1st of 12; Elke Hausler 1st of 9; Neville Clarke 1st of 6; Emma Newman 1st of 3; Christine Windsor 1st of 2.

NEXT BEST: Hannah Short 2nd of 19; Ellie Bithell 2nd of 15; James Tweed 2nd of 11; Kate Warboys 4th of 20; Sarah Kinston 5th of 20; Paul Dockerill 2nd of 7; Jan Holmes 5th of 17; Stephanie Greenwood 2nd of 6; Adrian Whittle 6th of 16; Jim Withers 4th of 10; Tom Elton 6th of 14;  Adam Maltpress 6th of 13; Alan Shand 3rd of 6.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for Christmas Day 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (319 participants): Adam Maltpress (volunteer, thanks); Giles Macrow 28:59; Jan Holmes 30:42; Angela Brennan 31:02; Chris Aylmer 31:16; Sophie Adams 31:51; Alan Thornhill 32:47; Sarah Kinston 32:49; Sara Brown 33:04; Emma Reader 44:23. Thetford (230): Paul Dockerill 19:38; Richard Jones (250th parkrun, congratulations!) 22:43; Elke Hausler 22:44. Bury St Edmunds cancelled due to waterlogged course.

TOURIST VENUES: Banbury [Oxfordshire] (209): Henry Hamilton 21:19. Kesgrave [near Ipswich] (332): Mark Hayward 17:48 (own time, no barcode?); Milford Waterfront [Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales] (72): Emma Newman 23:19. Newbury [Berkshire] (520): James Smith 18:26. Penrose [Penrose Estate, near Helston in south Cornwall] (292): Jamie Sales 16:03 cPB! YB! PB!; Mike Sales 24:09 cPB! YB! Best parkrun time since 2014!; Sarah Sales 27:02 cPB! Southampton (1072): Adrian Whittle 22:45.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: James Smith 1st of 27; Sarah Sales 1st of 20; Mark Hayward 1st of 13; Paul Dockerill 1st of 12; Henry Hamilton 1st of 12; Elke Hausler 1st of 8; Emma Newman 1st of 3; Jamie Sales 1st of 3 & 3rd of 292 overall (the 1st and 2nd were dog-assisted….not fair!).

NEXT BEST: Adrian Whittle 13th of 58; Richard Jones 3rd of 11; Sophie Adams 8th of 17; Mike Sales 8th of 16.

NEWMARKET GRL for Sunday 22nd December 2019.

5K: Charles Jones 21:46, 2nd of 39 overall, 75.35%; Elke Hausler 24:46, 9th & 1st F of 12, 71.40%; Sianie Painter 29:42, 21st & 6th F, 58.14%; Chris Aylmer 31:28, 25th, 54.93%. Fine runs from Charles and Elke with high age grades and excellent hill climbing from Sianie.

2.5K: Cerys Bithell 11:56, 2nd of 28 overall, 1st of 8 F; Harvey Thomas 12:41 PB!, 6th. Well done Cerys and Harvey!

Thanks to the volunteers: Gaye Margarson, Anna Mayhew, David Merchant, Giles Macrow, Helen Wass, Angie Underdown, James Plowman and Paul Forshaw.

NEWMARKET JOGGERS parkrun Results for 21st December 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (148): Adam Maltpress 24:08; Emma Newman 24:36 cPB!; Aaron Self 29:04; Angela Brennan (50th parkrun!) 31:31; Jan Holmes 33:14; Sarah Kinston 33:14. Cambridge (327): Elke Hausler 23:29; Robert Hawkins 25:53; Tom Elton 27:41. Coldham’s Common (218): James Thomson 22:31; Richard Jones 23:20; Brian Munns 24:01; Adrian Whittle 24:13; Jim Withers 27:57; Stephanie Greenwood 29:37. Fulbourn Hospital (171): Cerys Bithell (Junior Jogger, 1st parkrun!) 25:58; Ellie Bithell (25:59). Soham Village College (98): Chris Gay 19:33; Alan Shand 26:16; Alison McKenzie 28:53; Alan Thornhill 32:14; Christine Windsor 32:43. Thetford (176): Giles Macrow 28:37; Chris Aylmer 29:39.

Sunrise at a muddy Coldham’s Common parkrun on 21st December. Thanks to James Thomson for photo.

TOURIST VENUES: Burgess [Camberwell, SE London] (388): Henry Hamilton 23:35. Carlisle [Cumbria] (261): Marc Drury 23:00; Angela Barnes 30:08. Cheadle Hulme [Stockport, south of Manchester] (16): Richard Groom 29:13.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Elke Hausler 1st of 10; Chris Gay 1st of 7 & 2nd of 98 overall; Emma Newman 1st of 6; Cerys Bithell 1st of 4.

NEXT BEST: Marc Drury 5th of 29; Ellie Bithell 2nd of 11; Angela Barnes 4th of 15; Richard Jones 3rd of 10; Jim Withers 2nd of 5; Adrian Whittle 7th of 16; James Thomson 6th of 13; Henry Hamilton 13th of 27; Brian Munns 5th of 10.

Newmarket GRL 15th December 2019

5K: Wayne Hargreaves 33:25, 20th of 26 participants. Well done Wayne for representing the club in the run! A lot of Joggers at the Woodbridge XC or Thetford Forest 10K today. No Joggers in the 2.5K

Thanks to all the volunteers, including Gaye Margarson, David Merchant, James Plowman, Paul Forshaw, Helen Wass, Sue Scargill, Debbie Read.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for 14th Dec 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Bury St Edmunds (213 participants): Elke Hausler 23:56; Malcolm Osbourn 30:37; Chris Aylmer 30:58; Sophie Adams 31:11; Clodie Rolph 33:17; Ruth Eberhardt 34:49; Rebecca Hannah 34:52; Sarah Kinston 34:53; Paul Dockerill (with daughter Abbie) 36:12; Jenny Osbourn 38:43; Caroline McIntosh (walking due to injury) 49:15. Cambridge (297): Baz Colley (with Sarah) 33:26. Clare Castle (91): James Tweed (with daughter Kitty) 29:20. Coldham’s Common (225): Thanks to volunteers Phil and Emma Blundell. Fulbourn Hospital (152): Richard Jones 21:42; Wayne Hargreaves 26:17 & also volunteer, thanks. Soham Village College (122): Sam Sadler 20:09; Joe Cormack 25:03;  James Thomson (with Norah in buggy) 25:45; Robert Hawkins 26:33; Tom Elton 26:45; Robert Kingsley 30:08; Christine Windsor 33:22.

TOURIST VENUES: Dinton Pastures [Near Wokingham, Berkshire](245): Emma Newman 24:46.

Dinton Pastures parkrun (est. 2018) takes place at Dinton Pastures Country Park, between Wokingham and Reading. It’s an extensive park, about 450 acres in all, with two large lakes called the White Swan and Black Swan as well as five smaller lakes, one of which (Lavell’s Lake) is a designated nature reserve. Others are used for recreational water sports such as boating, kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, angling etc. The parkrun circles the White Swan Lake, goes along one side of the Black Swan Lake and also alongside the River Lodden for some of the way. If you like water, this is the place for you! The lakes were created following massive excavations in the 1970s, which provided the gravel needed to build the nearby M4 and A329M motorways. Nice that such beautiful water features can be the result of the seeming destruction of the landscape two generations ago. There is a very nice cafe to relax in after the parkrun called The Dragonfly and lots of play areas to amuse the children.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Emma Newman 1st of 13, 4th F of 112; Sam Sadler 1st of 8 & 2nd of 122 overall; Chris Aylmer 1st of 5; Christine Windsor 1st of 2. NEXT BEST:  Richard Jones 2nd of 9; Joe Cormack 2nd of 9; Elke Hausler 2nd of 7; Jenny Osbourn 2nd of 4; Clodie Rolph 2nd of 4; Malcolm Osbourn 3rd of 6.

It was so nice of Rebecca Hannah to invite fellow Newmarket Joggers to Bury St Edmunds parkrun, at Nowton Park, to an informal celebration of her wedding, which will be taking place in early January. It started out as a sort of a hen-do but all Joggers were invited. We were given special bibs to wear labelled as “Beccy’s Hen-Do”.  After the very muddy parkrun, a table had been set up on the grass near the car park with cakes and doughnuts and there was Prosecco and fruit juice to choose from. Fortunately the weather stayed fine but it did pour down with rain after we left. All best wishes for the future to Beccy.

Joggers gather for Prosecco and cakes after Bury St Edmunds parkrun, to help celebrate Rebecca Hannah’s forthcoming wedding in January. Beccy is on the right in the wedding dress and veil. Photo Chris Aylmer

Newmarket GRL for Sunday 8th Dec 2019

5K: Charles Jones 21:54, 3rd of 30 overall, 72.91% age grade (apologies for earlier error in his time of 20:48, which was the 2nd finisher); Nicole Smith 28:42, 13th & 2nd F of 8, 56.33%; Alison McKenzie 29:11, 15th & 3rd F, 58.54%; Wayne Hargreaves 29:45, 18th, 49.19%. [Age grades have been recalculated according to Howard Grubb 2015 tables]. Charles Jones is performing at a top level, especially impressive over this difficult course in very muddy conditions. All the more surprising that Charles, who has ridden out horses for most of his career, only took up running earlier this year aged 59. Racehorse riding on short stirrups must be an excellent way of developing a springy type of leg strength without gaining bulk weight (bad news for a jockey!), as evidenced also by ex-jockey and current racehorse rider Paul Holley’s fine running talent for Newmarket Joggers. Strong, springy legs and a light frame are bound to be good for middle to long distance running speed. Well done to Nicole, Alison and Wayne for good performances too.

2.5K: Lilly Basing 15:12, 5th of 17 overall & 1st F of 5; Isobel Basing 15:51, 10th & 3rd F of 5. Great running by the Basing sisters over the very muddy terrain!

Thanks to all the volunteers, including: David Merchant, Anna Mayhew, Sianie Painter, Gaye Margarson, James Plowman, Debbie Read, Helen Wass, Sue Scargill.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun report for 7th Dec 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (75 participants): Adam Maltpress 23:57. Bury St Edmunds (183): Neville Clarke 22:38. Cambridge (297): Baz Colley (with Sarah) 32:40. Clare Castle (100): James Tweed 22:18. Coldham’s Common (247): Phil & Emma Blundell volunteers, thanks. Fulbourn Hospital #1 (191): Tom Elton 21:43 (YB! 1 sec from PB!); Brian Munns 22:38; Adrian Whittle 22:45; Robert Hawkins 23:41 (YB! PB!); Iain Perry 24:56 (YB! PB!); Jim Withers 27:38; Kate Warboys 27:40 (YB! PB!); Chris Aylmer 28:59. Littleport (68): Emma Newman 23:28; Sarah Kinston 30:31. Soham Village College (117): Richard Jones 22:25; Alan Thornhill 31:34; Isabel Vicente 40:45. Thetford (203): Elke Hausler 22:25; Giles Macrow 31:38 (volunteer 32 minute pacer, thanks).

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: James Tweed 1st of 10; Neville Clarke 1st of 9; Elke Hausler 1st of 6 & 2nd F of 73; Emma Newman 1st of 2 & 2nd F of 33; Jim Withers 1st of 2. NEXT BEST: Tom Elton 3rd of 18; Adam Maltpress 2nd of 7; Brian Munns 5th of 16; Sarah Kinston 2nd of 6; Adrian Whittle 6th of 18; Kate Warboys 8th of 21; Richard Jones 2nd of 5; Robert Hawkins 7th of 16.

The inaugural Fulbourn Hospital parkrun got off to a good start with an encouraging turnout of 191 participants. The marshals were great and there was a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. The charity Mind and all the hospital staff and doctors are very much behind this parkrun initiative. It’s a zigzagging 4-lap course around the hospital grounds, mainly on grass with some hard paths. The ample number of all-time parkrun PBs recorded was possibly due to a rather short course by approximately 300m according to GPS recordings….surely just a teething problem which will no doubt be checked out and corrected if found necessary.

Elsewhere, there were unusually low turnouts at all the local parkruns, with Cambridge attracting only 297 participants…its lowest since February 2012! Obviously a big Christmas shopping day…..

Next Saturday on 14th December, Rebecca Hannah has very kindly invited all Newmarket Joggers to Bury St Edmunds parkrun for an informal celebration of her wedding. Let’s make it a good honeymoon send off!

Newmarket GRL results for 1st December 2019 @11:15am

5K: Elke Hausler 22:32, 4th of 29 overall & 1st Female of 8, 79.2%; Neville Clarke 24:14, 7th, 68.3%. Well done Elke, 1st female finisher and another excellent run by Neville.

2.5K: Harvey Thomas (Junior Jogger) 12:41PB! 1st of 16 overall; Lilly Basing (Junior Jogger) 14:54 PB! 3rd & 1st F of 5. Excellent first male and first female positions for Harvey and Lilly and both with PBs too!

Thanks to the volunteers: Giles Macrow, David Merchant, Gaye Margarson, Sianie Painter, James Plowman, Helen Wass, Sue Scargill, Anna Mayhew.



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