Oliver Daykin posts sub 30-minute time for Joggers in Kirton Friday 5

Friday 5 Series, Fixture 3 at Kirton, near Felixstowe, Friday evening, June 14th: Welcome back to talented runner Oliver Daykin (29:48, 18th of 452 overall, 8th of 56 in MS), who recently rejoined the club after a break of several years. He wasted no time in posting a sub 30-min time, to lead Newmarket Joggers home. Second to finish was Neville Clarke (37:08, 155th, 1st of 9 in M70+) with another great performance, winning his age group for the third successive time in this series of 6 fixtures. Then came Brian Munns (42:20, 276th, 14th of 22 in M60), who appeared revitalised, achieving his quickest time of the series so far and his highest age grade of the year at 62.44%. Very close behind was Helen Wass (42:42, 59th F of 168, 5th of 25 in F55), who achieved her best time of the series so far and finished high up in her age group. Then came Jim Withers (49:18, 380th, 14th in M65) and Jan Holmes (49:28, 112th F, 4th in F60), who both achieved their best times of the series, followed by Chris Aylmer (55:19, 429th, 8th in M70+). Next fixture is on Friday evening, 21st June, organised by Saint Edmund Pacers at Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds.


Above: The start of the Kirton Friday 5…from the back.


Women’s 10K Glasgow, Sunday June 16th: Caroline Mcintosh (1:07:06, 1,220th of 1,906 overall, 1st of 12 in 70+) put in a big effort in this race, achieving her quickest 10k and her highest overall age grade of the year at 68.03%. Her halfway splits were admirable at 33:39/33:27, showing complete control of pace. She chanced upon this event while planning a weekend visit to relatives of her husband in Scotland.


Above: Thanks to Caroline for the photo of her result.


Race Walking Development Conference, Wilberforce Road Track, Cambridge, Saturday June 15th: This was the second fixture of the Race Walking Development Conference, which is an initiative to offer training and participation in racewalking for juniors aged U11/U13/U15/U17/U20 and for seniors (any age) at tracks in the East of England. Joggers George Wilkinson and Phil Blundell were generously assisting in this event.

Three Newmarket Joggers took part, plus four athletes from Cambridge & Coleridge AC. All participants completed a 400m walk first: Sophie Blundell (U13G) finished 1st of 7 in a time of 2:24.83, with Lily-Ann Cooper (U15G) 4th in 2:38.83 and Suzanne Bailey (W60-64) 5th in 2:45.85. Sophie Blundell then tackled the 2,000m walk on her own and did very well to achieve Level 4 (of 9 levels in U13G) in a time of 13:05.23. Lily-Ann Cooper (22:10.35) took on the 3,000m walk, in which she achieved U15G Level 1. Although officially in the U15G group, Lily-Ann is actually only 12 years old until her 13th birthday in August, so this was a considerable achievement.

Suzanne Bailey (22:14.48) did well for her age in the 3,000m, though there was no age group award Level above Senior (20+). For comparison, Lily-Anne’s age grade for her 3,000m walk works out at 57.65% and Suzanne’s at 64.59%, so both very good efforts in the bronze and silver club categories.



Above: Suzanne (2nd from left) and Lily-Ann (2nd from right) in the 3,000m Walk at the Race Walking Conference at Wilberforce Road Track in Cambridge. Thanks to the team and the organisers for the photo.