Newmarket Joggers men’s team 2nd in Suffolk XC Championships at Royal Hospital School

On Sunday January 7th, Newmarket Joggers were in fine form in the Suffolk County XC Championships at the Royal Hospital School in Holbrook, near Ipswich. Official results are now out. The men’s 10km senior team did very well to finish 2nd of 9 qualifying teams (clubs with at least 4 runners), with the first four finishers counting as the senior team for each club.  For Newmarket Joggers, the team members were: Robert Dobson (35:25, 6th of 116 overall, 1st of 14 in M40), Mark Hayward (36:38, 14th, 2nd in M40), Joey Bendall (37:23, 15th, 12th of 28 in M20-39) and Jimmy Smith (37:54, 16th, 3rd in M40). Furthermore, Dobson, Hayward and Smith made it a 1-2-3 in the M40-44 age category competition, while Paul Holley (41:45, 33rd, 1st of 14 in M55) and Greg Davis (44:04, 50th, 1st of 10 in M60) came first in their age groups. The senior team winners were Saint Edmund Pacers, with 3rd place going to Ipswich Jaffa.

For the women’s 8km senior team of three, first Jogger home was Hannah Pollard (39:02, 29th of 83 overall, 3rd of 7 in F40), taking 3rd place age group trophy; then came Ellie Bithell (40:11, 37th, 8th of 11 in F45) and Nicole Smith (45:46, 64th, 7th of 9 in F50). They finished 8th of 10 qualifying teams against a very high performance standard. The winners were Ipswich Jaffa, from Saint Edmund Pacers and Ipswich Harriers.


Above left: Trophy winners from left: Mark Hayward, Jimmy Smith, Robert Dobson, Greg Davis and Paul Holley; above right: Mark Hayward in action. Many thanks for the Strava team photos.


Above left: Senior female Joggers at Suffolk XC, from left: Hannah Pollard, Angela Drury, Ellie Bithell, Nicole Smith and Pearl Fay; above right: Hannah Pollard in action. Many thanks for the team photos.

Other senior male Joggers putting in good efforts in the 10km included: Chris Underwood (44:02, 49th, 25th in M20-39), Daniel Tee (46:11, 63rd, 12th in M40), Steve Edwards (47:33, 69th, 5th in M55), Marc Walker (50:53, 88th, 15th in M50) and Jeremy Reader (55:22, 109th, 18th in M50).

Also putting in big efforts in the women’s senior 8km were: Angela Drury (48:27, 71st, 7th in F40) and Pearl Fay (57:39, 83rd, 5th in F60).

We were lucky to have six Junior Joggers running (apologies for earlier omissions): Cerys Bithell (21:38, 5th of 10 overall) and Lilian Corbett (22:42, 7th) did well in the 5km FU17 race; Harvey Thomas (12:26, 9th of 29 overall), Oliver Cleary (13:55, 17th) and Alexander Balmer (14:49, 22nd) were in the 3km MU13 race and finished 4th of 5 teams in MU13, with Woodbridge School the winners; Lewis Stinger (10:22, 8th of 15 overall) ran well in the 2km MU11 race. It was great to have so many juniors competing. The standard of competition was very high and the going energy-draining in all the events.

Thanks for volunteer helpers/marshals Brian Munns, Marc Drury, Sarah Osborne, Phil Blundell, Jo Bouttell, Neville Clarke, Ian Butcher, Linda Butcher, Angela Brennan, Kate Warboys and Chris Aylmer; apologies for anyone left out in error.


Top: Angela & Marc Drury after the XC, with the iconic tower of the Royal Hospital School in the distance; above left: Greg Davis’s M60-64 trophy; above right: Jeremy Reader’s artistic collage of his Championships effort. Many thanks for the photos on Strava.


Also on Sunday, it was the Round Sheffield Run (Winter version), over approximately 15 miles (24km), including lots of muddy trails. Jessica Bird (2:12:47, 1,101st of 1,649 overall, 335th F of 677) put in a big effort and enjoyed the circular run around her favourite home town.


Above: Jessica Bird on right, with her friend on left. Many thanks for the Strava photo.