Neville Clarke in great form as he leads Newmarket Joggers home in Sudbury Friday 5

Sudbury Friday 5, Friday 31st May: Neville Clarke (36:52, 119th of 319 overall, 1st of 8 in M70+) has certainly re-found his best form, after some injury problems earlier in the year put him out of contention for a while. He not only won his age group trophy but finished first Jogger home of nine competing in the race, recording his best age grade of the year at 78.12%. That’s defying age. Second and third Joggers home were Rob Pollard (38:07, 149th, 39th of 56 in MS) and Jeremy Reader (40:29, 199th, 23rd of 28 in M50-55), who are both running consistently well this year and enjoying their racing.



Above: Joggers at Sudbury Friday 5, from left: Chris Aylmer, Ruth Cowlin (Sudbury Joggers), Helen Wass, Rob Pollard, Jan Holmes, Jim Withers & Neville Clarke. Thanks for the team photo.


First female Jogger home was Helen Wass (43:17, 54th F of 102, 4th of 12 in F55-59), who recorded another impressive age grade of 70.27%, having already achieved over 70% at 3M, 5K and 10K this year. What a welcome change after the chronic injury problem that kept her out of running for a good few years. Just behind Helen came Brian Munns (43:36, 240th, 17th in M60-64), who is coping well with his own injury problems. Then came Jan Holmes (50:16, 87th F, 8th in F60-64), Jim Withers (51:47, 301st, 12th in M65-69), Chris Aylmer (54:14, 309th, 7th in M70+) and Caroline Mcintosh (54:47, 97th F, 2nd in F70+). Caroline did well to record 65.64% age grade, putting her into gold standard (over 65%) at 5K, 5M, 10K and Half Marathon distances this year.


Above left: Joggers after the Sudbury Friday 5 with medals, from back left: Rob Pollard, Brian Munns, Helen Wass, Jan Holmes; front from left: Chris Aylmer, Jeremy Reader, Caroline Mcintosh. Thanks for the team photo.



Grasmere Gallop 17K Trail Race, Lake District, Saturday, June 1st: Marc Drury (1:25:10, 29th of 251 overall, 4th of 36 in M50-59) and Angela Drury (1:55:54, 62nd F of 114, 24th of 34 in F40-49) both thoroughly enjoyed this race, where the weather was ideal and the scenery beautiful; maybe a bit on the hilly side for galloping though, with about 1,200ft of climb.


Above, top left: Angela & Marc before the race; top right: The race medal; bottom: A view of Grasmere. Many thanks for photos.


Norfolk 100K Ultra Marathon, Saturday June 1st: Sianie Painter took on this tough endurance challenge, organised by Positive Steps PT. The 100km route started from Castle Acre in Norfolk and proceeded up Peddars Way to Holme-next-the-Sea, near Hunstanton; then heading eastwards along the coastal path, all the way to Sheringham. There was a strict 16 hour limit, from 6am to 10pm, though Sianie wasn’t able to start until about 6:30am, allowing her a bit less time than ideal.


Top left: Sianie tempted to sit down; top right: A view of the coast, maybe near Burnham; bottom left: The dreaded sand dunes; bottom left: Sianie on the sand and in the wind. Many thanks for photos.


Being evidently the slowest runner, Sianie was alone at the back and hardly saw another runner for the whole race, yet still enjoyed every minute of the challenge. She admitted she was never confident about making the cut-off time at the 75km checkpoint, especially after getting lost in Holme and then facing miles of marshy trails and sand dunes against the wind on her way along the coast. This turned out to be the case and Sianie had to call it a day after 75km. It was her first DNF in any race but not disheartening for her in any way.