Massive PB efforts by Neil Pollard & Mark Hayward in Cambridge Half Marathon

TTP CAMBRIDGE HALF MARATHON Sunday, 3rd March: A total of 38 Newmarket Joggers (21 women + 17 men) completed this race, among a huge field of 13,006 finishers. The weather was cool and dry with very little wind, making for ideal conditions.




Neil Pollard (1:11:31 PB by 11 sec, 71st of 13,006 overall, 1st of 890 in M45) and Mark Hayward (1:12:34 PB by 29 sec, 92nd, 6th of 1,027 in M40) really pushed the boat out with massive efforts. They continue to push their limits further and further, little by little, bit by bit, year after year. Interesting to note Neil’s official 10k splits of 33:55 (0-10k) and 33:51 (10k-20k); just 4 seconds difference. Mark’s were pretty good too: 34:09 and 34:41. That’s how to control pace on a fairly level course. Both are entered for the TCS London Marathon in April and we look forward to following their progress there. Third and fourth Joggers home were Marc Drury (1:27:27, 915th, 41st of 802 in M50) and Oliver Pynn (1:27:48PB, 949th, 81st of 890 in M45), doing very well in their age groups too.





For the female Joggers, first to finish was Hannah Pollard (1:35:34, 228th F of 5,417, 37th of 715 in F40), close to her 2018 PB and, thankfully, back to her best form, following a long period of injury. Then came Ellie Bithell (1:43:43, 536th F, 49th of 621 in F45) with an excellent effort, though possibly holding a little in reserve for her first TCS London Marathon attempt in April, for which she has qualified Good For Age. Third female Jogger home was Helina Salo (1:52:10, 1,092nd F, 255th of 946 in FS), who is back in great form following the birth of her baby. Wendy Ancill (1:52:11, 1,093rd F, 63rd of 501 in F50) was just behind Helina on time and did very well in her age group.



Other female Joggers putting in their very best efforts were: Rosalyn Crawford F40 1:53:08, Eleanor Margetts F45 1:55:48, Meera Mahadevan F45 1:56:43, Suzanne Bailey F60 2:01:52PB, Laura Fletcher F45 2:02:44, Anna Mayhew F50 2:03:54, Bridget Wallwin F55 2:05:32, Sarah Sales F55 2:08:50, Jan Holmes F60 2:09:18, Lisa Garrand F35 2:12:59, Francine Dasseville F50 2:14:50, Jo Townsend F45 2:17:31, Lynda McCormack F60 2:19:10, Caroline Mcintosh F70 2:27:03, Sarah Last F50 2:33:14, Joanne Bouttell F60 2:37:17, Pearl Fay F60 2:44:10. Other male Joggers putting in excellent efforts too: Ben Blowes M50 1:30:53, Adam Maltpress M45 1:32:40PB, Shane Mcandrew M35 1:32:52PB, Christopher Underwood M35 1:33:13, Andy Fryatt M55 1:35:13, Richard Eddershaw M60 1:41:36, Mark Geddie M50 1:47:00, Jeremy Reader M50 1:49:14, Rob Hawkins M55 1:50:02, Charles Richmond M50 1:50:14, James Hilton M45 1:51:41, Andy McKeague M35 1:51:54, Chris Aylmer M70 2:23:40.



TOKYO MARATHON Sunday 3rd March: Jonathan Ollington (3:39:35, 8,208th of 35,401 overall, 772nd of 3,965 in M55) ran a great race in a very good time, averaging 8:00/mi (~5:00/km). It was his 6th and final leg of the Abbott World Marathon Majors series, which includes London, Berlin, Chicago, New York City, Boston and Tokyo. He was presented with a beautiful multi-medal trophy for this highly-prized achievement (see photo below).




Suffolk Winter XC League, Framlingham Castle, Sunday 3rd March: The 6th and final fixture of the season. Newmarket Joggers (NJ) and Sudbury Joggers (SJ) join forces in this league to form team Newmarket & Sudbury (N&S). Although N&S men’s 1st team of 7 were top of their division of 20 club teams earlier in the season, they had slipped to 3rd place coming into this final fixture. The combined men’s and women’s 1st teams (7 men + 4 women) were also 3rd of 20 in their separate division, while the women’s 1st team of 4 were 8th of 20 in their division. The hope was to try to hold onto the 3rd place trophy positions.



The official results of the final fixture are not yet out, but we do know the overall positions of our N&S finishers. Men’s 1st team of 7: Rob Dobson NJ M40 1st of ~215 runners overall; Jimmy Smith NJ M40 8th; Bradley Doe SJ MS 15th; Paul Holley NJ M55 32nd; Daniel Tee NJ M40 46th; Steve Edwards NJ M55 56th; Neville Clarke NJ M70+ 120th. Women’s 1st incomplete team of 3: Belinda Schofield NJ F65 162nd; Helen Wass NJ F55 171st; Sarah Pennock SJ F40 187th. Men’s incomplete 2nd team of 6: Liam Elvidge NJ MS 125th; Steve Cousins NJ M65 139th; Tom Elton NJ M55 174th; Alan Thornhill NJ M70+ 188th; Brian Munns NJ M60 193rd; Jim Withers NJ M65 199th.



In summary, the men’s 1st team were really buoyed up by a 1st overall finish by their top runner Rob Dobson, who was unfortunately unable to run in the previous two fixtures due to injury. He was well backed up by Jimmy Smith and the rest of the 1st team. This suggests that they might be able to hold onto 3rd place trophy. The chances of a 3rd place for the combined men’s and women’s 1st team look less likely, due to the incomplete women’s 1st team of 3, for the 2nd fixture in a row. We await the official results with interest. What is assured is a top M40 age group trophy for Rob Dobson, with 4 out of 4 overall 1st place positions; that cannot be bettered. Jimmy Smith should take 2nd place M40 as well and certainly deserves it. Belinda Schofield also deserves an F65 trophy for the amazing form she has shown throughout the series, making the 1st team in all the fixtures. There are several other team members who may come away with age group trophies too, including Junior Jogger Cerys Bithell, who looks favourite for the FU17 title.


Eastern Athletics Association, Lee Valley Indoor Track & Field, Sunday 3rd March: Junior Newmarket Jogger Harvey Thomas (aged 13) competed over 200m (29.94sec) and 800m (2:32.46) on the indoor track. The 800m was slightly outside his indoor PB but the 200m brought a big PB by 1.62 seconds (see photo).