Lilian & Mandy Corbett star in Bungay 10K; Jimmy Smith completes his first Centurion Grand Slam 50-mile fixture.

Bungay Festival 10K, Sunday April 14th: Newmarket Joggers Lilian Corbett and her mother Mandy Corbett both shared the limelight in the 10k race at Bungay. In her first 10k race this year, 16-year-old Lilian was in trophy-winning form, clocking 42:24 and finishing 2nd of 176 female runners, 1st of 4 in FU18 by over 7 minutes. In her first known race this year, Mandy Corbett (45:37, 4th F, 1st of 40 in F40-49) showed a lot of class and we look forward to seeing her compete for the club again soon. Next home with his best time this year was Martin Smith (55:56, 178th of 376 overall, 30th of 44 in M40-49), followed by Bridget Wallwin (57:44, 54th F, 8th of 43 in F50-59), who has been in great form this year and improving all the time. Jason Beeton (43:22, 36th overall, 18th of 72 in M18-39) and Lisa Garrand (58:22, 54th F, 31st of 66 in F18-39) both did well and were representing 1st claim team Thetford AC on this occasion. Lilian’s father Milo Corbett, though not a club member, also joined in the fun, recording a very decent 56:08, no doubt helped by his enthusiastic participation in the Run Newmarket event on Sundays. Bungay Festival Half Marathon: Jogger David Percy (1:27:32, 7th of 226 overall, 2nd of 32 in M40-49) was in top form in this race, doing very well overall and in his age group.


Above, top left: Lilian Corbett celebrates; top right: Mandy Corbett; middle left: Bridget Wallwin, all finishing the Bungay 10K; middle right: David Percy finishing the Bungay Half Marathon; bottom, from left: Martin Smith, Mandy Corbett, Bridget Wallwin, Milo Corbett and Lilian Corbett, all with 10k race medals. Many thanks for the photos to the Joggers’ team members and Total Race Timing.


Centurion South Downs Way 50, Worthing to Eastbourne, Sussex, Saturday April 13th: Jimmy Smith (7:50:51, 19th of 401 overall, 9th in M40-49) put in an impressive performance to complete the first of the four 50-mile trail races that he has planned for this year, aiming to eventually achieve the Centurion Grand Slam and helping to raise valuable funds for Alzheimer’s Society along the way. Apart from falling into a thorn bush and getting temporarily lost near the finish, everything went according to plan. Just 8 recovery days later, on April 21st, he takes on his 10th London Marathon and is hoping not to lose his 100% sub 3-hour record; we all wish him the very best of luck.


Above left: Jimmy Smith during the Centurion South Downs Way 50-mile race; above right: Finished at last and still smiling. Many thanks for the photos.


Little Bromley 10K, Essex, Sunday April 14th: Mark Hayward (33:42, 12th of 560 overall, 2nd of 35 in M40-44) put in a huge effort to clock the quickest 10k time by any club member this year and only 4 seconds outside his all-time PB. That’s just 7 days before he competes in the TCS London Marathon on April 21st, which is cutting it a little fine, you might think. However, Mark has shown that the harder he pushes himself the quicker he seems to run and we wish him lots of luck in London on Sunday. Next Jogger to finish at Little Bromley was Brian Munns (56:41, 389th, 25th of 32 in M60-64), who is doing remarkably well after all the health and injury problems he has faced over the last year or so. Then came the consistent Jim Withers (59:59, 432nd, 16th of 25 in M65-69), with another sub 1-hour time….just :-)


Adidas Manchester Marathon, Sunday, April 14th: Chris Burns (3:26:28, 3,678th of 22,295 overall, 207th of 1,131 in M50-54) put in an excellent run in this increasingly popular race, now the second largest marathon in the UK by some margin (based on the number of declared finishers of the actual marathon race, not including other distance races or virtual entries). He achieved very even halfway splits, with his second half time just one minute longer than his first; that’s the most satisfying way to do a marathon. He must have felt relaxed and confident coming into the finish.


Northstowe 5K & Half Marathon, Cambridgeshire, April 14th: Andrew Taylor (20:59, 7th of 76 overall, 1st of 11 in M50-59) opted for the 5k and recorded his best time this year, also winning his age group trophy. In the Half Marathon, Steve Cousins (1:55:54, 133rd of 355 overall, 7th of 17 in M60-69) put in a good effort in his first half marathon this year.



Registered on the TCS London Marathon 2024 app, we have the following club members to cheer on or follow and track on the app, though there may be reasons why not all can take part, such as injury:

Eleanor Bithell: 3:55:30 PB Brighton 2018; most recent: 3:50:42 London virtual 2023.

Ben Blowes: 2:48:51 PB London 2014; most recent: 2:56:55 London 2023.

Phil Blundell: 4:25:58 PB Paris 2019; no other.

Angela Brennan: 5:05:53 PB Barrow, Suffolk 2021; no other.

Robert Dobson: 2:46:28 PB London 2023; no other.

Angela Drury: 4:17:31 PB Paris 2023; none more recent.

Mark Hayward: 2:34:45 PB London 2023; none more recent.

Paul Holley: 2:38:32 PB Berlin 2015; most recent: 2:45:27 London 2023.

Jan Holmes: 5:39:55 PB Leeds 2023; no other.

Caroline Mcintosh: 5:24:01 PB Berlin 2018; best last year: 5:39:52 Tokyo 2023.

Neil Pollard: 2:31:56 PB Chester 2022; most recent: 2:42:08 Kempton Park 2023.

James Smith: 2:38:06 PB London 2017; most recent: 2:43:56 London 2023.

Suzanne Bailey is entered for the virtual London Marathon, to be run on the same day. She has no known previous marathons.

Download the app now to track their progress on the day. You can search by club, name or bib number. Note that Angela Drury is not showing as a Newmarket Jogger for some reason.