Jimmy Smith sails through his second of 4 x 50-mile trail races in support of Alzheimer’s Society

Centurion North Downs Way 50, Saturday May 18th: Though admitting to feeling rather tired in the legs from the outset, Jimmy Smith didn’t look back during this Centurion 50-mile race, heading eastwards along the North Downs Way, from Farnham in Surrey to Knockholt Pound on the outskirts of Greater London. He clocked an impressive time of 8:36:15 over the hilly route, which included a total of 5,600ft of climb, finishing 29th of 330 overall and 11th of 88 in M40-49. His last two miles were actually slightly quicker than his first two miles, showing how well he controls his level of effort over these extreme endurance challenges. He has two more 50-mile races planned this year to complete the Centurion Grand Slam, all in support of Alzheimer’s Society and dedicated to his father, who currently suffers with Alzheimer’s disease.



Above: Jimmy Smith on his way. Many thanks for the photo.


Keswick Mountain Festival 25km, Lake District, Cumbria:  Chris Underwood (2:48:18,  61st of 584 overall, including hikers) took on this tough but beautifully scenic route, which circled around Derwent Water and looped through the rolling hills of Borrowdale, with 2,200ft of climb. He gained a lot of places in the final 5km.


Above: Chris Underwood on the Keswick 25km run in the Lake District, with Derwent Water to the right. Many thanks for the photos.


Breckland 10K (Part 2), Croxton, near Thetford, Sunday May 19th: Nine Joggers took part in the second edition of this year’s Breckland 10K, two weeks after the first. This double-header was in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Thetford AC, who organised the race. The medals from each race combined to form a whole, reading “50”.


All the Joggers in the Breckland 10K (Part 2) relax after the race, from left: Jo Bouttell, Caroline Mcintosh, Ellie Bithell, Helen Hilario, Marc Drury, Meera Mahadevan, Mark Hayward, Angela Drury and Jan Holmes. Many thanks for the team photo.


Mark Hayward (35:38, 3rd of 300 overall, 1st of 22 in M40-44) was first Jogger home from Marc Drury (40:57PB, 25th, 3rd of 30 in M50-54) and Ellie Bithell (46:28PB, 13th F of 121, 3rd of 21 in F45-49), with Helen Hilario (46:45, 14th F, 4th in F45-49) close up in 4th. Then came Meera Mahadevan (52:48, 38th F, 11th in F45-49), Angela Drury (55:43, 53rd F, 6th of 17 in F40-44), Jan Holmes (1:01:40, 81st F, 6th in F60-64), Caroline Mcintosh (1:09:10, 105th F, 6th in F65+) and Joanne Bouttell (1:09:32, 110th F, 8th in F60-64).


Above top: Meera Mahadevan finishes the 10K in impressive style; bottom left: The 10K medal for Part 1 & Part 2 combined (thanks to Jo Bouttell); bottom right: Marc Drury gaining a 10K PB along with several other Joggers, including Ellie Bithell and possibly Helen Hilario. Many thanks for photos.


Arkwright/Turners 5K Summer League, Thursday evening, 16th May: It was the 2nd of 6 fixtures in this League, which includes the 8 local running clubs of Ely Runners (ER), Histon & Impington Runners (HI), Cambridge Triathlon Club (CTC), Cambridge & Coleridge (C&C) AC, Royston Runners (RR), Haverhill RC (HRC), Saffron (Walden) Striders (SS) and Newmarket Joggers (NJ). After the first fixture in April, NJ (combined men’s + women’s teams) stood =2nd with Ely Runners, with C&C in the lead.


Above: All the Joggers at the Ben’s Yard 5k League fixture. Thanks for the team photo.


Due to injuries and various other commitments, our team was without some of its fastest runners for this fixture. The first 5 women and 5 men to finish for each club are scored according to their overall finishing positions within gender, with all finishers (including the top 5) earning one ‘negative’ point to reduce the total of the top 5; so the fastest runners hold the key to success. However, we had a superb turnout of 59 members and it was a good opportunity for others to step up to the challenge. In this fixture we lost a little ground and our combined team now stands =3rd with HI, behind C&C and ER. The separate women’s and men’s teams are also in =3rd position. The next fixture is on home ground on Newmarket Heath in June, so we look forward to that.

Top 5 NJ female runners: Lilian Corbett (20:45, 8th F of 135), Olivia Carter (23:32, 29th F), Rebecca Oettle (24:12, 33rd F), Ellie Bithell (24:31, 36th F), Helen Hilario (24:32, 37th F). Top 5 NJ male runners: Chris Balmer (18:17, 16th M of 254), Ross Birkett (18:55, 26th M), Jacob Freeborough (20:00, 51st M), Barley Woodcock (20:01, 52nd M), Daniel Tee (20:48, 68th M). Altogether we had 25 female and 34 male runners, the second highest turnout of all the clubs, so that is encouraging.

The rest of the team shown below all helped to significantly reduce our women’s and men’s points totals, which were the added within-gender positions of our top 5 women and top 5 men, less the total number of NJ female and NJ male finishers respectively, i.e., [8 +29+33+36+37] – 25 = 118 for the women and [16+26+51+52+68] – 34 = 179 points for the men. Many thanks to all the team for their excellent efforts.

0:21:24 Shane Mcandrew
0:21:40 Marc Drury
0:21:53 Andy Fryatt
0:22:25 Chris Burns
0:22:43 Jonathan Ollington
0:22:46 Richard Eddershaw
0:23:04 Stephen Edwards
0:23:36 Robert Pollard
0:23:42 Neville Clarke
0:23:46 Liam Elvidge
0:24:02 Tom Elton
0:24:15 Reuben Smith
0:24:28 Adam Maltpress
0:24:47 Phil Blundell
0:25:30 Hanneli Stevenson
0:25:31 Steve Oglesby
0:25:37 Martin Smith
0:25:48 Ian Butcher
0:25:53 Mandy Corbett
0:26:37 Robert Hawkins
0:26:57 Nicole Smith
0:27:40 Jeremy Reader
0:28:01 Belinda Schofield
0:28:02 Helen Wass
0:28:03 Bridget Wallwin
0:28:09 Brian Munns
0:28:18 Mike Sales
0:28:18 Lisa Gerrend
0:28:19 Jason Beeton
0:28:34 Angela Drury
0:29:38 Rachael Maltpress
0:29:43 Francine Dasseville
0:30:44 Alan Thornhill
0:31:24 Sianie Painter
0:31:31 Jason Singh
0:31:34 Svitlana Zinchenko
0:31:48 Jim Withers
0:31:51 Wayne Hargreaves
0:32:07 Jan Holmes
0:32:28 Sophie Adams
0:32:36 Sarah Kinston
0:33:03 Malcolm Osbourn
0:35:02 Caroline Mcintosh
0:35:07 Joanne Bouttell
0:35:08 Giles Macrow
0:35:19 Chris Aylmer
0:37:52 Pearl Fay
0:37:57 Cheryl Thomas
0:42:34 Rebecca Hannah

Before the 7:30pm 5km event at Ben’s Yard, the junior 2km race took place at 7:00pm. Among a total of 28 runners, we had 8 junior Joggers competing. Alexander Balmer (08:03, 4th of 28 overall, age 12) emulated his father Chris, by being the first Jogger home in his race, in a time only slightly bettered by Harvey Thomas this year (07:58). Harvey himself was unfortunately unable to compete due to an Achilles injury. Next home was Sophie Blundell (08:24, 3rd F of 16, age 11), who is improving rapidly this year, followed by Oliver Hilton (09:59, 20th, age 9), Esther Eaton (10:00, 10th F, age 9), Amber Smith (10:07, 11th F, age 11), Imogen Stephens (10:54, 13th F, age 9), Tyler-James Cooper (11:25, 26th, age 10) and Lily-Ann Cooper (12:01, 16th F, age 12). Great to see so many junior Joggers competing for our club.

Above: Some of the NJ women’s team, from back left: Helen Wass, Nicole Smith, Bridget Wallwin, Jo Bouttell, Pearl Fay, Elle Bithell, Olivia Carter, Rachael Maltpress; front row: Sianie Painter, Angela Drury, Lilian Corbett. Many thanks for photo.