Hopes still alive for 3rd place trophy in Suffolk Winter XC League for Newmarket & Sudbury

Suffolk Winter XC League 2023-24: Newmarket Joggers & Sudbury Joggers combine to form team Newmarket & Sudbury (N&S) in this league. As reported last week, N&S men’s 1st team of 7 have lost the lead they held earlier this season. However, they currently stand in 3rd position of 20 clubs and have a reasonably good chance of holding on for a 3rd place trophy, going into the final fixture at Framlingham Castle on March 3rd. The combined men’s and women’s 1st teams (7 men + 4 women) are also currently in 3rd position in their separate division and could come away with a 3rd place trophy too. The women’s 1st team of 4 are currently 8th of 20 clubs in their division. It all hinges on the final fixture this weekend. The only slight problem is that the final XC fixture clashes with the Cambridge Half Marathon, a favourite race for many Newmarket Joggers, so some top N&S runners may be unavailable.

Tarpley 10M & 20M, Bacton School, near Bury St Edmunds, Sunday 25th Feb: Twenty Newmarket Joggers turned out for these two races, with the 20-mile event particularly popular for spring marathon preparation.

In the 10-mile race, Mark Hayward (56:34, 3rd of 351 overall, 1st of 14 in M40) was in great form, followed by Jonathan Pye (1:03:08, 17th, 8th of 49 in MS), Christopher Underwood (1:08:23, 42nd, 16th in MS) and Andy Fryatt (1:11:48, 62nd overall, 7th of 30 in M55). For the women, Rachele Cooper (1:20:54, 15th F of 160, 10th of 41 in FS) ran a very good race and was first Jogger home, followed by Nicole Smith (1:25:07, 34th F, 7th of 31 in F50), Meera Mahadevan (1:28:54, 53rd F, 7th of 27 in F45) and Angela Drury (1:32:22, 75th F, 13th of 25 in F40). Other Joggers putting in excellent efforts were: Rob Pollard (1:20:53, 115th, 31st in MS), Paul Holley [pacer] (1:20:54, 116th, 18th in M55), Liam Elvidge (1:23:58, 150th, 37th in MS), Anna Mayhew (1:35:52, 92nd F, 18th in F50), Alan Shand (1:40:38, 289th, 10th of 11 in M65) and Francine Dasseville (1:41:01, 113th F, 23rd in F50).


Above: Joggers in the Tarpley 10, from left: Alan Shand, Angela Drury, Rob Pollard, Meera Mahadevan, Francine Dasseville, Christopher Underwood, Andy Fryatt, Paul Holley, Nicole Smith, Liam Elvidge; Rachele Cooper, Jonathan Pye, Anna Mayhew and Mark Hayward. Many thanks for the team photo.

In the 20-mile race, Jimmy Smith (2:04:30, 11th of 336 overall, 2nd of 41 in M40) recorded a great time, followed by top efforts from David Percy (2:21:57, 51st, 7th of 30 in M45), Marc Drury (2:25:25, 66th, 12th of 39 in M50), Barley Woodcock (2:40:40, 124th, 21st in M40), Mark Geddie (3:12:39, 266th, 36th in M50) and Wendy Ancill (3:12:40, 81st F of 127, 17th of 27 in F50).


Above: Joggers in the Tarpley 20, from left: David Percy, Jimmy Smith, Marc Drury, Mark Geddie, Wendy Ancill and Barley Woodcock. Many thanks for the team photo.


On the same day, it was the London Winter Run 10K, which attracted a huge field of 17,814 runners and helped to raise around £800,000 for Cancer Research UK. First Jogger home was Ian Butcher (54:18, 5,149th overall, 33rd of 144 in M65). First female Jogger was Laura Fletcher (57:03, 2,265th F of 10,077, 256th of 1,325 in F45), followed by Bridget Wallwin (57:21, 2,354th F, 81st of 791 in F55), Suzanne Bailey (59:28, 3,162nd F, 58th of 385 in F60), Jan Holmes (59:36, 3,233rd F, 61st in F60), Sarah Kinston (1:02:20, 4,206th F, 487th in F45), Joanne Bouttell (1:07:32, 6,127th F, 158th in F60), Sarah Last (1:08:04, 6,288th F, 636th of 1,226 in F50), Pearl Fay (1:15:25, 8,096th F, 250th in F60) and Gillian Green (1:18:37, 8,654th F, 286th in F60).


Above, top: Joggers pictured in Trafalgar Square after the London Winter Run 10k, from left: Suzanne Bailey, Bridget Wallwin, Sarah Kinston, Pearl Fay, Jo Bouttell and Jan Holmes; 2nd from top: Jo Bouttell in Horse Guards Parade, with medal; 3rd from top on the left: St Paul’s Cathedral, captured during the run by Laura Fletcher on the right; Bottom: Sarah Last with medal after the run. Many thanks for the great photos.


Zig Zag Barrow Multi-Lap Run, Saturday 24th February, Barrow, near Bury St Edmunds: This event attracted 151 participants in all, including 2 Joggers. Caroline Mcintosh (4:12:06, 2nd of 2 runners) chose the 20-mile distance (~Half Marathon + 10km), as preparation for her London Marathon attempt in April. Jeff Almeida-King (5:21:18, 2nd of 2) took on the Ultra Marathon distance of about 32.5 miles (~Marathon + 10km).


Ron Powell Enfield Race Walking League, Enfield Playing Fields, Essex, Saturday 24th February: Two Joggers attended this monthly event. Junior Jogger Lily-Ann Cooper (aged 12) has taken a liking to race walking, which is unusual for her age. She completed the U15 Girls’ 3km walk in 22:46, which was a very good effort. There were no other junior female participants. Senior Jogger Suzanne Bailey F55 finished 3rd of 6 in the 5km adult race walking event in a time of 37:27, her best known time for the distance.


Above: Suzanne Bailey (left) and junior Lily-Ann Cooper at the Enfield Race Walking League event. Thanks for the photo.