Hockeys 5k League & Grand Prix 2022

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NJ Women’s Grand Prix 2022 May 13th

NJ Men’s Grand Prix 2022 May 13th

The Races 2022

1.Thursday 28th April 7:30pm: Hockeys 5k CTC (Cambridge Triathlon Club)/HI (Histon & Impington Runners) in Impington, CB24 9EL. Parking off New Rd, through Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital entrance and 500m along driveway. Do not park in hospital car park! The site was once used to grow fruit for the jam makers Chivers Hartley. The concrete service roads provide a reasonably good running surface for the two lap course.

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2. Thursday 19th May 7:30pm: Hockeys 5k, HRC (Haverhill Running Club)

Hockeys 5K – Horseheath 19th May


Message from Haverhill Running Club: It’s Hockeys week again!!!

Pull on your club top, come and run this beautiful undulating course and treat yourself to an ice cream from the van afterwards.

Where: Horseheath race course

When: Thursday 19th May

Time: 7.30pm


Getting there

It would be useful if people car shared from an environmental point of view, although the venue does have ample space.

The start line is only a few mins walk from the car park and the marshals there will point you in the right direction. The Portaloos are between the car park and the start line.

Course map

The course has an early elevation (not as extreme as Kedington!) but has a decent 1km downhill descent at the end.

The route is one lap and is predominantly on farm track. Between 2km and 3km is single file track.

For people who have never run this 5k series before its similar to Parkrun, once you finish you will be given a token. Please hand this token to your Team Captain who will record your name and number.


We look forward to seeing you there. There will be an ice cream!


3. Thursday 9th June 7:30pm: Hockeys 5k NJ (Newmarket Joggers), on the training grounds behind the Rowley Mile racecourse. Meet in the car park just down the driveway leading to the racecourse from Hamilton Road.

4. Thursday 14th July 7:30pm: Hockeys 5k SS (Saffron Striders) at Carver Barracks in Wimbish/Debden, to the south of Saffron Walden, CB10 2YA. This is a disused wartime airfield handed over by the RAF to the British Army in 1974, currently home to 33 and 101 Engineer Regiments. The almost flat tarmac course (in the shape of a cross) is fast and in excellent condition….perfect for 5K PBs.

5. Thursday 17th August 7:00pm: Hockeys 5k RR (Royston Runners). The venue to be Royston Heath, at the Heath Sports Centre, SG8 5GB, off Baldock Road. The Hockeys 5k League now includes 8 clubs with Royston Runners and Histon & Impington Runners joining in 2020. In 2022 there will be 5 fixtures.

Newmarket Joggers Grand Prix 2022 will be based on the results for all 5 of the Hockeys 5k League fixtures, plus the Framlingham XC and Woodbridge XC fixtures in November and December respectively. Each club member will be scored according to their age grade percentage figure earned for each race, based on their age on the day of the race, rounded down to the nearest whole number; e.g. anything from 59.00% to 59.99% will score 59 points. There will be a separate women’s and men’s Grand Prix championship. Club members need to take part in all the fixtures to earn the most points. There will be no allowances for missed fixtures. A link to the current standings table will appear on this page, once up and running. Good luck!

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These are the current rules (2013 onwards).

The Grand Prix Series is intended as an added incentive to participate in club races and have some fun in the process. At the end of the series, a trophy will be awarded to the top scoring male and female.

The scoring will be calculated using the WMA age grading system and your score for the race will be calculated from your age grade % achieved in each race. You may enter as many of the races as you would like to and all results will contribute to your final score. Obviously, the more races you enter, the higher your score will be!

To be eligible, you must be a paid up member of the club and must race wearing a club vest in organised real events. The league table will be updated and posted on the website so you can all see how you are doing.

Good luck to you all!

* The age used is your age on on the day of your race. The spreadsheets update your age automatically and we need your DOB details from your membership form to give you a score.  Technically, your score is calculated from your age- and gender-adjusted speed as a percentage of the world record speed for the event. We are using the most up-to-date WMA 2015 tables to calculate the age grade %, using the free online calculator supplied by:

Although the XC courses are supposed to be approximately 5 miles in distance, they can vary significantly. The age grade % calculator we are using can cope with non-standard distances, so we can get reasonably accurate performance ratings for XC, a lot better than assuming that the distances were exactly 5 miles. All the Kevin Henry races are accurately measured courses and, from experience, are as near 5km as you can reasonably expect.

Archived information on other running venues we have used in the past and may do so in the future: Hockeys 5K Ely Runners (Witchford) Bedwell Hey Lane CB6 2JN. Park in field off Bedwell Hey Lane as directed by marshals. The site is a disused wartime airfield which ceased operations in 1943. It is now used as a farm for crops such as sugarbeet. The concrete service roads are not in particularly good repair, so watch out for cracks, loose stones, lumps and potholes!