Grand Prix & Kevin Henry League 2021

NJ Grand Prix TOP TEN 2021 Final Nov 17

NJ Women’s Grand Prix 2021 Final Nov 17

NJ Men’s Grand Prix 2021 Final Nov 17

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KH-C&C_2021_Final League Table

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The Grand Prix Races 2021

1.Thursday 15th-18th April (virtual): Kevin Henry 5K Cambridge Tri Club (Impington). CB24 9EL. Parking off New Rd, through Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital entrance and 500m along driveway. Do not park in hospital car park!

2. Thursday 13th-16th May (virtual): Kevin Henry 5K Ely (Witchford) Bedwell Hey Lane CB6 2JN. Park in field off Bedwell Hey Lane as directed by marshals. The site is a disused wartime airfield which ceased operations in 1943. It is now used as a farm for crops such as sugarbeet. The concrete service roads are not in particularly good repair, so watch out for cracks, loose stones, lumps and potholes!

3. Multi-choice Race 1, from 1st to 31st May (virtual): Choose from 5M, 10K, 10M, HM, 20M and Marathon. 10 points bonus for each different distance, plus double points for your one selected wild card multi-choice race. You need to let Sianie Painter know in advance, which multi-choice race you are selecting for your wild card.

4. Thursday 10th-13th June (virtual): Kevin Henry 5K Newmarket Joggers, normally on the training grounds behind the Rowley Mile racecourse. Meet in the car park just down the driveway  leading to the racecourse from Hamilton Road. NB: Our event has not normally counted towards the Grand Prix due to marshals and other volunteers being needed from the club to help organise the event. However, this virtual race does count in 2021.

5. Multi-choice Race 2, from 1st to 30th June (virtual): Choose from 5M, 10K, 10M, HM, 20M and Marathon. 10 points bonus for each different distance, plus double points for your selected wild card multi-choice race.

6. Virtual Friday 5 Mile Series: Friday 2nd July to Friday 30th July: Your highest age-graded Friday 5 mile race time will count towards the Grand Prix. There will be five Friday 5 races in all during July, as part of a separate competition. For the Grand Prix there is no need to do more than one of the races, though it would give you the chance to improve on your time. The windows for each race will be Friday to Sunday of that weekend.

7. Thursday 8th-11th July (virtual): Kevin Henry 5K normally at Carver Barracks in Wimbish/Debden, near Saffron Walden, CB10 2YA. This is a disused wartime airfield handed over by the RAF to the British Army in 1974, currently home to 33 and 101 Engineer Regiments. The almost flat tarmac course (in the shape of a cross) is fast and in excellent condition….perfect for 5K PBs.

8. Thursday 5th-8th August (virtual): Kevin Henry 5K normally at Kedington Community Centre, Kedington, near Haverhill CB9 7QQ. This is (normally) a real road race! It climbs up steeply at about 1K and then more gradually until 3K, but there is a nice downhill for the final 2K. Park in the Community Centre car park, down the lane from the Barnardiston Arms.

9. Trail 10K Race: Cancelled

10. Thursday 17th -20th September (virtual): Kevin Henry 5K C&C or Royston Runners. The venue to be confirmed. The League now includes 8 clubs with Royston Runners and Histon & Impington Runners joining in 2020, but there will still be only 6 fixtures.

11. Multi-choice Race 3, 1st to 30th September (virtual): Choose from 5M, 10K, 10M, HM, 20M and Marathon. 10 points bonus for each different distance, plus double points for your selected wild card multi-choice race.

12. Multi-choice Race 4, 1st to 31st October (virtual): Choose from 5M, 10K, 10M, HM, 20M and Marathon. 10 points bonus for each different distance, plus double points for your selected wild card multi-choice race.

Wild Card: You can select one of your four multi-choice Grand Prix races as a wild card. This race will carry double the normal points. Please declare this in advance of the event by emailing:

There are 12 events altogether in 2021 and they will all count towards your total, plus your extra wild card points as well. There are currently no plans to calculate the points on a lesser number of events such as your best 10 out of 12 for example. This means that the more races you do, the more chance you have of winning. In fact, unless you do all the events you will probably scupper your chances!  Your points allow for differences in age and are based on age grade performance in each race. If, for example, your age grade works out at anywhere from 63.00% to 63.99% in a race, you will earn 63 points, the rounded down number.

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These are the current rules (2013 onwards).

The Grand Prix Series is intended as an added incentive to participate in club races and have some fun in the process. At the end of the series, a trophy will be awarded to the top scoring male and female.

The scoring will be calculated using the WMA age grading system and your score for the race will be calculated from your age grade % achieved in each race. You may enter as many of the races as you would like to and all results will contribute to your final score. Obviously, the more races you enter, the higher your score will be!

To be eligible, you must be a paid up member of the club and must race wearing a club vest in organised real events. In order to have your wild card points counted, you must communicate your choice of event to before the event takes place. The league table will be updated and posted on the website so you can all see how you are doing.

Good luck to you all!

* The age used is your age on on the day of your race. The spreadsheets update your age automatically and we need your DOB details from your membership form to give you a score.  Technically, your score is calculated from your age- and gender-adjusted speed as a percentage of the world record speed for the event. We are using WMA 2015 tables to calculate the age grade %, using the free online calculator supplied by:

Although the XC courses are supposed to be approximately 5 miles in distance, they vary from about 4.2 miles (Fritton Lake) to 5.6 miles (Framlingham). An estimate of the true distance has been judged from GPS readings on Strava to the nearest 0.1 miles. The age grade % calculator we are using can cope with non-standard distances, so we can get reasonably accurate performance ratings for XC, a lot better than assuming that the distances were exactly 5 miles. All the Kevin Henry races are accurately measured courses and from experience are as near 5K as you can reasonably get.
The wildcard race must be a standard road distance (5M/10K/10M/HM/20M/Marathon. In particular, it cannot be a XC race because its distance would be uncertain. In any case, XC and other trail races are generally a lot slower than road races, so you wouldn’t want to use them as a wild card anyway!