Grand Prix Series 2013

The Races:

Sunday 13th January – SCAA Winter League Stowmarket XC
Sunday 17th February – SCAA Winter League Bungay XC
Sunday 3rd March – SCAA Winter League Bury XC
Thursday 9th May – Kevin Henry League 5k Cambridge Tri Club, Impington (race cancelled)
Thursday 6th June – Kevin Henry League 5k Saffron Walden
Thursday 4th July – Kevin Henry League 5k Haverhill
Thursday 1st August – Kevin Henry League 5k Newmarket
Thursday 5th September – Kevin Henry League 5k C&C, Wilberforce Road Track
Plus one wide card race of your choice (but please declare this before the event)

Scoreboard so far:

As at 30 November 2013: Scoreboard
Please check that we have recorded your race results correctly – any queries please let Debbie or Mike know!

Previous Grand Prix results:



These are the current rules (2013 onwards).

The Grand Prix Series is intended as an added incentive to participate in club races and have some fun in the process. At the end of the series, prizes will be awarded to the top scoring male and female.

The scoring will be calculated using the WAVA age grading system and your score for the race will be calculated from your age-adjusted time*. You may enter as many of the races as you would like to and all results will contribute to your final score. Obviously, the more races you enter, the higher your score will be!

To be eligible, you must be a paid up member of the club and must race wearing a club vest. In addition to the 8 races listed above, you have ONE opportunity to play a wild card and have the points from a race of your choice added to your overall score.**

In order to have your points counted, you must tell either Debbie ( or Mike ( your race at least 1 week prior to the event and the race must be before 30 November. The league table will be updated and posted on the website so you can all see how you are doing.

Good luck to you all, Debbie & Mike

* The age used is your age on 1st January. Technically, your score is calculated from your age- and gender-adjusted speed as a percentage of the world record speed for the event. We are using WMA 2006 and WMA 2010 tables to calculate the adjusted times using the tables and macros supplied by Howard Grubb and used with permission. XC courses are highly variable and there are no actual tables for XC, so for the purposes of this competition, we adjust the winter league times as if the race was a 10k road race.
** The wildcard race must be a standard distance road or track race – in particular, it cannot be an XC race.