East Anglian Track & Field League

We have joined the league for 2018, with remaining fixtures:

Sunday 17th June – Bury St Edmunds

Sunday 22nd of July – Luton

Sunday 12th of August – Peterborough

Track Events & Start Times:
Hurdles- 11:15 ranging from 70m for U13 Girls to 110m for Senior Men
800m- 12:30 for U13 through to Seniors
100m- 13:25 for U13 through to Seniors
400m- 14:30 for U17 Men & all Seniors
300m- 14:50 for U15 Girls & Boys plus U17 Women
1500m- 15:15 for all U13 through to Seniors
200m- 16:05 for all U13 through to Seniors
4x100m Relays- 16:50 for all U13 through to Seniors

Field Events throughout the day:

Hammer, Shot, Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, Triple Jump & High Jump
We can enter 2 scoring competitors in each track event (A string & B string) along
with 3 non scorers in U17 & Senior track events plus 5 non scorers in U13 and
U15 track events.
If you or a family member, affiliated to Newmarket Joggers would like to
participate please email mark.hayward@newmarketjoggers.co.uk including details
of the event(s) atleast 1 week before each fixture.

Competition rules for information
1) Age groups:
* All meetings are held under UKA Rules.
* The age-group categories for scored competition will be Senior men, Under 17
men, Under 15 Boys, Under 13 Boys, Senior Women, Under 17 Women, Under 15
Girls, Under 13 Girls as specified in the UK rules.
* Male and Female Under 20’s, compete/score as Seniors, but the number of
events limits apply as in the UKA rules for age-groups. Under 17’s may elect to
compete as Seniors but must remain in that age group for the entire meeting.
* Each age-group will be scored separately (as well as the overall match totals) and
may qualify separately for the league final for the top 8 clubs in each age-group.
* Under 11’s who are aged at least 9 on the day of competition, and who will not
be aged 11 on 31st August may compete in specific non-scoring events (currently
80m, 600m, Longjump and shot). (There will be no under 11 events in the league
final). Under 11’s may compete in a maximum of 3 from the 4 possible events.
Under 11’s may not compete as under 13’s.
* Note – An athlete may not compete in more than one age-group at the same
meeting, even as a non-scorer.
2) Scoring competitors:
* Clubs are to use the identification letters allocated by the league
* “A” strings wear single letters and “B” strings wear double letters.
3) Clubs Letters and Numbers
Newmarket Joggers W WW 201-202-203-204-205
4) Non-Scorers, league matches:
* A maximum of five allowed per event in Under 13 and Under 15 track events
and three per event in Senior and Under 17 events

* Only one non-scorer allowed per age-group in Hammer, High-jump, Long-jump,
Triple-jump, Under 13’s Discus and Javelin, and Under 17 and Senior Discus and
Javelin for both Women and Men. Only two are allowed in shot, and in U15 Girls
and Boys discus and javelin
* Clubs are limited to a maximum of one non-scoring relay team per age-group in
Under 13’s and Under 15’s. No non-scoring teams in Under 17 and Senior relays
* In track events (80m and 600m) the number of under 11 athletes is limited to 5 of
each gender per club subject to the rule that athletes must be aged at least 9 on the
day of competition.
* Under 11’s are limited in Long Jump and Shot to a total of 4 competitors per club
(of combined genders) and the age limitation also applies.
5) High Jump; In all age-groups, including events with combined starting times,
the starting height is now fixed. (there is no lower height to be offered). Height
progressions will be:
U13G 1.00m, 1.10m; U15G 1.05, 1.15,1.20: Senior Women and U17 Women 1.10,
1.20, 1.30;
U13B 1.00, 1.10, 1.20; U15B 1.20, 1.30, 1.40. 1.50:
U17M 1.25, 1.35, 1.45, 1.55: Senior Men 1.25, 1.35, 1.45, 1.55, 1.65.
Then all to rise by 5cm until 3 athletes are left in, then at judges discretion, taking
note of the time left before the next High Jump event.
Ties in the High Jump remain and are not decided by a jump off.
6) Club vests: Competitors must wear the appropriate club vest and the correct
letters or numbers on front and back. This includes non-scorers. If any club has a
difficulty with vests, the referees will make the situation known to team managers
by calling a meeting.
Strict limit of only two warm-up attempts in all field events
7) Team Declarations; Teams must be declared on the standard league declaration
sheets and must be handed in to the recorders by 11:30am. Changes may be made
8) Scoring: will be 10,8,6,4,3,2,1,1 for A and B strings in each age-group, each
age-group to be scored separately and the totals to be added together at the end of
the meeting to produce the overall winning club.