Track Competitions

Newmarket Joggers compete in a range of track events, including:

Cambridgeshire County T&F Championships and Suffolk County T&F Championships

These take place in mid-May and are open to any athlete with an appropriate county qualification (i.e. birth or residence in the county in question).  Note you can only compete in one county championship each year, even if you have eligibility for both.  The Cambridgeshire event often has qualification standards, see their website for details.  Refer to the Suffolk website for details of their event.

Cambridgeshire Open Development Meetings 

These take place monthly during the summer on Wednesday evenings and are open to any athlete.  Refer to the Cambridgeshire website for details.

Eastern AA Championships

This event takes place in early June and is open to any athlete from the Eastern region.  Refer to the Eastern AA website for details.

Eastern Masters Athletics T&F League

This event is open to any members aged 35+, please see the dedicated page on our site for more information.

Lee Valley New Year’s Open

This takes place annually on the New Year bank holiday.  Further details are on the Lee Valley website.