Run Newmarket & parkrun Results

Please make sure you are listed as a Newmarket Jogger with parkrun and Run Newmarket, to ensure you appear in the results and in the achievement tables. Sunday 30th June, Run Newmarket 11:15 5k: Lilian CORBETT 23:04, 2nd of 12 overall! 1st F! Alan THORNHILL 29:30 RNYB! 9th; Sianie PAINTER 33:26, 3rd F! 2k: No […]

Sunday June 16th

Run Newmarket Warren Hill 11:15 2K: Harvey THOMAS 08:47,  1st of 11 overall! 5K: Shane MCANDREW 21:22, 1st of 22 overall! Tom ELTON 25:40, 6th; Svitlana ZINCHENKO 32:49, 2nd F! Jo BOUTTELL (with Rosie the dog) 43:38, 4th F; Giles MACROW 47:04, tail walker . Thanks to this week’s volunteers Debbie Read Sue Scargill Giles […]

Sunday May 19th, 2024

Run Newmarket Warren Hill, 11:15: 2k (17): Harvey THOMAS 08:47, 1st of 17 overall! 5k (27): Lilian CORBETT 22:18, 1st of 27 overall! Sophie BLUNDELL 24:17 RNYB! 6th, 2nd F! Brian MUNNS 30:24, 10th; Svitlana Zinchenko 30:29 5kYB! 11th, 4th F; Phil BLUNDELL 31:05, 12th; Rob HAWKINS 33:41 16th; Tom ELTON 33:41, 17th; Chris AYLMER 36:15, 18th. […]