Beginners’ Group 2020

The Beginners’ Course- Starts on Monday 13th January 2020

The course is a structured, 10 week programme, based on a successful England Athletics formula, meeting on Monday evenings at Newmarket Leisure Centre in the Foyer at 6.15pm and will run weekly at the same time/location for the remainder of the course.

A high viz bib/vest will be mandatory on all sessions. These are available for loan if you don’t have one.

The lead coaches on the course are UKA coaches  Stuart Janes and Emma Reader.

All you need to start is a desire to start running and comfortable/supportive clothing, don’t worry if you don’t have specialist running attire – as long as you have trainers of some sort and gym/training gear you’re ready to begin!

The course is aimed at helping new runners take up the sport and encourage those who no longer run to get back up and running again. There will be male and female “Leaders in Running Fitness” who are all UKA (United Kingdom Athletics) trained and are all very experienced runners who will support and share their experiences with you and help get you started and develop your fitness and skills throughout the course. All our coaches although now experienced runners, were once beginners who have trodden a similar path and are keen to share their passion and knowledge of the sport with you.

The cost of the 10 week course is £60.00. On completion of the course, this will also entitle you to full membership of Newmarket Joggers (until March 2021) and a club vest should you wish to sign membership forms at the end of the course (entirely optional).

Please contact with any questions.

Who is signed up?



Sorry, signup for this course is now closed.

However, don’t despair if you’ve missed the course for this year, as  one of our England Athletics coaches, Greg Davis, has put together the following guide that will help get you to a sufficient level where you will be able to join some of the Club’s main training sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday night.

Before you do, though, we ask that you contact our Membership Secretary ahead of your first full training session with the Club, just to make sure we’re fully aware of where you’re up to with your training and can advise accordingly.

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