The Arkwrights / Turners 5K Summer Series

The Arkwrights/Turners 5K Summer Series is a league competition consisting of six races run on Thursday evenings between April and August.  It is currently sponsored by Arkwright & Co and Turners (Soham) Ltd.  Under previous sponsorships the league was known as the “Hockeys” and “Kevin Henry” series and these names are still occasionally used by some.

As of 2024 the league consists of the following clubs, listed in no particular order:

Each club, with the exception of C&C, hosts one race in the series (though HI Runners and CTC host one fixture between them).  Courses vary significantly in terrain and difficulty but all are nominally 5k in length.  Dates are shown on the competition calendar and also circulated in the monthly club newsletter.

The main 5k race at each fixture is open to club members aged 14+ (on race day).  Some, but not all, fixtures offer a 2k junior race for ages 9-13.  Exact timings and other race-day information will be circulated to all club members by email about one week prior to the race.

As shown on the membership page, social-only members are not eligible to run in these races.  Second claim members can compete for Joggers so long as their first-claim club is not also in the league.  No non-member “guests” are permitted.

There is no charge for entry but, as with all league competitions, club vests (in official colours) must be worn.


The team scoring arrangements are somewhat inscrutable but, approximately, every runner who completes the race earns a point for their team with extra credit being awarded to the top 5 men and top 5 women from each club.  Fortunately it is not necessary to understand the exact calculation method because three simple rules suffice for success:

  • Enter the race no matter how fast or slow you are since every runner counts
  • Try to run faster than athletes from the other teams
  • Otherwise, just run as fast as you can
All the Arkwrights/Turners fixtures, except for the one hosted by Newmarket Joggers, count towards the NJ Grand Prix.
2024 Results

Fixture 1 – Impington 5k results
Fixture 2 – Ely 5k results and 2k results
Fixture 3 – Newmarket 5k results and 2k results