Archived parkrun & GRL reports

Newmarket GRL for 29th December 2019

5K: Charles Jones 26:10, 7th of 23 overall; Baz Colley 26:13 PB! 8th; Anna Mayhew 27:22, 9th & 2nd F of 8; Sianie Painter 30:42, 16th & 4th F. Charles first Jogger again by a few seconds, or lengths in racing terms…perhaps saving himself for an imminent race? Great run by Baz for a PB, and good efforts by Anna and Sianie.

2.5K: Lilly Basing (Junior Jogger) 14:32 PB! 5th of 23 and 1st F of 3 known. Well done Lilly on another PB!

Thanks to the volunteers: Gaye Margarson, Sue Scargill, Anna Mayhew, Angie Underdown, Helen Wass, Giles Macrow, Debbie Read, James Plowman, Janet J.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for Saturday 28th Dec 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (144 participants): Adam Maltpress 23:06; Emma Reader 56:48 (Tail Walker, thanks). Bury St Edmunds (231): Neville Clarke 23:03; Adrian Whittle 25:07; Ruth Eberhardt 26:36. Cambridge (416): Jan Holmes 28:53; Sarah Kinston 29:51; Baz Colley 31:22. Clare Castle (119): James Tweed 23:14. Coldham’s Common (211):  Brian Munns 23:21; Jim Withers 27:41. Fulbourn Hospital (174): Tom Elton 23:26; Ellie Bithell 23:32; Robert Hawkins 23:55. Soham Village College (130): Alan Shand 26:02 cPB!; James Thomson (with Norah in buggy) 27:02; Stephanie Greenwood 28:48; Wayne Hargreaves 29:30; Christine Windsor (50th parkrun, congratulations!) 33:17. Thetford (259): Elke Hausler 22:22; Giles Macrow 28:42.

TOURIST VENUES: Blickling [near Aylsham, Norfolk, north of Norwich] (330): Kate Warboys 28:01. Coventry (658): Chris Aylmer 31:13. Felixstowe (341): Mark Hayward 17:37 YB! Horsham [West Sussex] (340): Hannah Short 26:58 cPB! Milford Waterfront [Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales] (88): Emma Newman 23:27. Potternewton [northern suburb of Leeds] (95): Paul Dockerill 20:13.


Coventry parkrun on 28th December in the Memorial Park. Photo thanks to John Aylmer

BEST IN AGE GROUPS: Mark Hayward 1st of 17; Brian Munns 1st of 13; Ruth Eberhardt 1st of 12; Elke Hausler 1st of 9; Neville Clarke 1st of 6; Emma Newman 1st of 3; Christine Windsor 1st of 2.

NEXT BEST: Hannah Short 2nd of 19; Ellie Bithell 2nd of 15; James Tweed 2nd of 11; Kate Warboys 4th of 20; Sarah Kinston 5th of 20; Paul Dockerill 2nd of 7; Jan Holmes 5th of 17; Stephanie Greenwood 2nd of 6; Adrian Whittle 6th of 16; Jim Withers 4th of 10; Tom Elton 6th of 14;  Adam Maltpress 6th of 13; Alan Shand 3rd of 6.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for Christmas Day 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (319 participants): Adam Maltpress (volunteer, thanks); Giles Macrow 28:59; Jan Holmes 30:42; Angela Brennan 31:02; Chris Aylmer 31:16; Sophie Adams 31:51; Alan Thornhill 32:47; Sarah Kinston 32:49; Sara Brown 33:04; Emma Reader 44:23. Thetford (230): Paul Dockerill 19:38; Richard Jones (250th parkrun, congratulations!) 22:43; Elke Hausler 22:44. Bury St Edmunds cancelled due to waterlogged course.

TOURIST VENUES: Banbury [Oxfordshire] (209): Henry Hamilton 21:19. Kesgrave [near Ipswich] (332): Mark Hayward 17:48 (own time, no barcode?); Milford Waterfront [Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales] (72): Emma Newman 23:19. Newbury [Berkshire] (520): James Smith 18:26. Penrose [Penrose Estate, near Helston in south Cornwall] (292): Jamie Sales 16:03 cPB! YB! PB!; Mike Sales 24:09 cPB! YB! Best parkrun time since 2014!; Sarah Sales 27:02 cPB! Southampton (1072): Adrian Whittle 22:45.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: James Smith 1st of 27; Sarah Sales 1st of 20; Mark Hayward 1st of 13; Paul Dockerill 1st of 12; Henry Hamilton 1st of 12; Elke Hausler 1st of 8; Emma Newman 1st of 3; Jamie Sales 1st of 3 & 3rd of 292 overall (the 1st and 2nd were dog-assisted….not fair!).

NEXT BEST: Adrian Whittle 13th of 58; Richard Jones 3rd of 11; Sophie Adams 8th of 17; Mike Sales 8th of 16.

NEWMARKET GRL for Sunday 22nd December 2019.

5K: Charles Jones 21:46, 2nd of 39 overall, 75.35%; Elke Hausler 24:46, 9th & 1st F of 12, 71.40%; Sianie Painter 29:42, 21st & 6th F, 58.14%; Chris Aylmer 31:28, 25th, 54.93%. Fine runs from Charles and Elke with high age grades and excellent hill climbing from Sianie.

2.5K: Cerys Bithell 11:56, 2nd of 28 overall, 1st of 8 F; Harvey Thomas 12:41 PB!, 6th. Well done Cerys and Harvey!

Thanks to the volunteers: Gaye Margarson, Anna Mayhew, David Merchant, Giles Macrow, Helen Wass, Angie Underdown, James Plowman and Paul Forshaw.

NEWMARKET JOGGERS parkrun Results for 21st December 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (148): Adam Maltpress 24:08; Emma Newman 24:36 cPB!; Aaron Self 29:04; Angela Brennan (50th parkrun!) 31:31; Jan Holmes 33:14; Sarah Kinston 33:14. Cambridge (327): Elke Hausler 23:29; Robert Hawkins 25:53; Tom Elton 27:41. Coldham’s Common (218): James Thomson 22:31; Richard Jones 23:20; Brian Munns 24:01; Adrian Whittle 24:13; Jim Withers 27:57; Stephanie Greenwood 29:37. Fulbourn Hospital (171): Cerys Bithell (Junior Jogger, 1st parkrun!) 25:58; Ellie Bithell (25:59). Soham Village College (98): Chris Gay 19:33; Alan Shand 26:16; Alison McKenzie 28:53; Alan Thornhill 32:14; Christine Windsor 32:43. Thetford (176): Giles Macrow 28:37; Chris Aylmer 29:39.

Sunrise at a muddy Coldham’s Common parkrun on 21st December. Thanks to James Thomson for photo.

TOURIST VENUES: Burgess [Camberwell, SE London] (388): Henry Hamilton 23:35. Carlisle [Cumbria] (261): Marc Drury 23:00; Angela Barnes 30:08. Cheadle Hulme [Stockport, south of Manchester] (16): Richard Groom 29:13.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Elke Hausler 1st of 10; Chris Gay 1st of 7 & 2nd of 98 overall; Emma Newman 1st of 6; Cerys Bithell 1st of 4.

NEXT BEST: Marc Drury 5th of 29; Ellie Bithell 2nd of 11; Angela Barnes 4th of 15; Richard Jones 3rd of 10; Jim Withers 2nd of 5; Adrian Whittle 7th of 16; James Thomson 6th of 13; Henry Hamilton 13th of 27; Brian Munns 5th of 10.

Newmarket GRL 15th December 2019

5K: Wayne Hargreaves 33:25, 20th of 26 participants. Well done Wayne for representing the club in the run! A lot of Joggers at the Woodbridge XC or Thetford Forest 10K today. No Joggers in the 2.5K

Thanks to all the volunteers, including Gaye Margarson, David Merchant, James Plowman, Paul Forshaw, Helen Wass, Sue Scargill, Debbie Read.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for 14th Dec 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Bury St Edmunds (213 participants): Elke Hausler 23:56; Malcolm Osbourn 30:37; Chris Aylmer 30:58; Sophie Adams 31:11; Clodie Rolph 33:17; Ruth Eberhardt 34:49; Rebecca Hannah 34:52; Sarah Kinston 34:53; Paul Dockerill (with daughter Abbie) 36:12; Jenny Osbourn 38:43; Caroline McIntosh (walking due to injury) 49:15. Cambridge (297): Baz Colley 33:26. Clare Castle (91): James Tweed (with daughter) 29:20. Coldham’s Common (225): Thanks to volunteers Phil and Emma Blundell. Fulbourn Hospital (152): Richard Jones 21:42; Wayne Hargreaves 26:17 & also volunteer, thanks. Soham Village College (122): Sam Sadler 20:09; Joe Cormack 25:03;  James Thomson (with Norah in buggy) 25:45; Robert Hawkins 26:33; Tom Elton 26:45; Robert Kingsley 30:08; Christine Windsor 33:22.

TOURIST VENUES: Dinton Pastures [Near Wokingham, Berkshire](245): Emma Newman 24:46.

Dinton Pastures parkrun (est. 2018) takes place at Dinton Pastures Country Park, between Wokingham and Reading. It’s an extensive park, about 450 acres in all, with two large lakes called the White Swan and Black Swan as well as five smaller lakes, one of which (Lavell’s Lake) is a designated nature reserve. Others are used for recreational water sports such as boating, kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, angling etc. The parkrun circles the White Swan Lake, goes along one side of the Black Swan Lake and also alongside the River Lodden for some of the way. If you like water, this is the place for you! The lakes were created following massive excavations in the 1970s, which provided the gravel needed to build the nearby M4 and A329M motorways. Nice that such beautiful water features can be the result of the seeming destruction of the landscape two generations ago. There is a very nice cafe to relax in after the parkrun called The Dragonfly and lots of play areas to amuse the children.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Emma Newman 1st of 13, 4th F of 112; Sam Sadler 1st of 8 & 2nd of 122 overall; Chris Aylmer 1st of 5; Christine Windsor 1st of 2. NEXT BEST:  Richard Jones 2nd of 9; Joe Cormack 2nd of 9; Elke Hausler 2nd of 7; Jenny Osbourn 2nd of 4; Clodie Rolph 2nd of 4; Malcolm Osbourn 3rd of 6.

It was so nice of Rebecca Hannah to invite fellow Newmarket Joggers to Bury St Edmunds parkrun, at Nowton Park, to an informal celebration of her wedding, which will be taking place in early January. It started out as a sort of a hen-do but all Joggers were invited. We were given special bibs to wear labelled as “Beccy’s Hen-Do”.  After the very muddy parkrun, a table had been set up on the grass near the car park with cakes and doughnuts and there was Prosecco and fruit juice to choose from. Fortunately the weather stayed fine but it did pour down with rain after we left. All best wishes for the future to Beccy.

Joggers gather for Prosecco and cakes after Bury St Edmunds parkrun, to help celebrate Rebecca Hannah’s forthcoming wedding in January. Beccy is on the right in the wedding dress and veil. Photo Chris Aylmer

Newmarket GRL for Sunday 8th Dec 2019

5K: Charles Jones 21:54, 3rd of 30 overall, 72.91% age grade (apologies for earlier error in his time of 20:48, which was the 2nd finisher); Nicole Smith 28:42, 13th & 2nd F of 8, 56.33%; Alison McKenzie 29:11, 15th & 3rd F, 58.54%; Wayne Hargreaves 29:45, 18th, 49.19%. [Age grades have been recalculated according to Howard Grubb 2015 tables]. Charles Jones is performing at a top level, especially impressive over this difficult course in very muddy conditions. All the more surprising that Charles, who has ridden out horses for most of his career, only took up running earlier this year aged 59. Racehorse riding on short stirrups must be an excellent way of developing a springy type of leg strength without gaining bulk weight (bad news for a jockey!), as evidenced also by ex-jockey and current racehorse rider Paul Holley’s fine running talent for Newmarket Joggers. Strong, springy legs and a light frame are bound to be good for middle to long distance running speed. Well done to Nicole, Alison and Wayne for good performances too.

2.5K: Lilly Basing 15:12, 5th of 17 overall & 1st F of 5; Isobel Basing 15:51, 10th & 3rd F of 5. Great running by the Basing sisters over the very muddy terrain!

Thanks to all the volunteers, including: David Merchant, Anna Mayhew, Sianie Painter, Gaye Margarson, James Plowman, Debbie Read, Helen Wass, Sue Scargill.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun report for 7th Dec 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (75 participants): Adam Maltpress 23:57. Bury St Edmunds (183): Neville Clarke 22:38. Cambridge (297): Baz Colley (with Sarah) 32:40. Clare Castle (100): James Tweed 22:18. Coldham’s Common (247): Phil & Emma Blundell volunteers, thanks. Fulbourn Hospital #1 (191): Tom Elton 21:43 (YB! 1 sec from PB!); Brian Munns 22:38; Adrian Whittle 22:45; Robert Hawkins 23:41 (YB! PB!); Iain Perry 24:56 (YB! PB!); Jim Withers 27:38; Kate Warboys 27:40 (YB! PB!); Chris Aylmer 28:59. Littleport (68): Emma Newman 23:28; Sarah Kinston 30:31. Soham Village College (117): Richard Jones 22:25; Alan Thornhill 31:34; Isabel Vicente 40:45. Thetford (203): Elke Hausler 22:25; Giles Macrow 31:38 (volunteer 32 minute pacer, thanks).

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: James Tweed 1st of 10; Neville Clarke 1st of 9; Elke Hausler 1st of 6 & 2nd F of 73; Emma Newman 1st of 2 & 2nd F of 33; Jim Withers 1st of 2. NEXT BEST: Tom Elton 3rd of 18; Adam Maltpress 2nd of 7; Brian Munns 5th of 16; Sarah Kinston 2nd of 6; Adrian Whittle 6th of 18; Kate Warboys 8th of 21; Richard Jones 2nd of 5; Robert Hawkins 7th of 16.

The inaugural Fulbourn Hospital parkrun got off to a good start with an encouraging turnout of 191 participants. The marshals were great and there was a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. The charity Mind and all the hospital staff and doctors are very much behind this parkrun initiative. It’s a zigzagging 4-lap course around the hospital grounds, mainly on grass with some hard paths. The ample number of all-time parkrun PBs recorded was possibly due to a rather short course by approximately 300m according to GPS recordings….surely just a teething problem which will no doubt be checked out and corrected if found necessary.

Elsewhere, there were unusually low turnouts at all the local parkruns, with Cambridge attracting only 297 participants…its lowest since February 2012! Obviously a big Christmas shopping day…..

Next Saturday on 14th December, Rebecca Hannah has very kindly invited all Newmarket Joggers to Bury St Edmunds parkrun for an informal celebration of her wedding. Let’s make it a good honeymoon send off!

Newmarket GRL results for 1st December 2019 @11:15am

5K: Elke Hausler 22:32, 4th of 29 overall & 1st Female of 8, 79.2%; Neville Clarke 24:14, 7th, 68.3%. Well done Elke, 1st female finisher and another excellent run by Neville.

2.5K: Harvey Thomas (Junior Jogger) 12:41PB! 1st of 16 overall; Lilly Basing (Junior Jogger) 14:54 PB! 3rd & 1st F of 5. Excellent first male and first female positions for Harvey and Lilly and both with PBs too!

Thanks to the volunteers: Giles Macrow, David Merchant, Gaye Margarson, Sianie Painter, James Plowman, Helen Wass, Sue Scargill, Anna Mayhew.




Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for Sat 30th Nov 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Bury St Edmunds (233 participants): Ruth Eberhardt 25:16; Iain Perry 27:29 (1 second off a cPB!). Cambridge (446): Richard Jones 22:17; Brian Munns 22:59; Adrian Whittle 23:37; Baz Colley 25:28; Jim Withers 26:52; Wayne Hargreaves 27:36; Rebecca Fordham 30:44; Robert Hawkins 30:45; Tom Elton 31:21; Sarah Kinston 33:02; Rebecca Hannah 34:37; Alexia Smithson 34:51. Clare Castle (119): James Tweed 22:31. Coldham’s Common (283): Melanie & Harley Tindale volunteers, thanks. Soham Village College (138): James Thomson 23:10 cPB!; Hannah Pollard 31:12 cPB! YB!; Chris Aylmer 31:44; Christine Windsor 32:34.

TOURIST VENUES: Bicester [Northeast Oxfordshire] (201): Henry Hamilton 19:58. Redcar [North Yorkshire](152): Alison McKenzie 26:39. York (509): Emma Newman 23:15.

Misty sunshine and freezing temperatures at Soham Village College parkrun. Photo: Chris Aylmer

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Richard Jones 1st of 23; James Tweed 1st of 9; Christine Windsor 1st of 2. NEXT BEST: Brian Munns 3rd of 23; Emma Newman 3rd of 22; Ruth Eberhardt 2nd of 13; Alison McKenzie 2nd of 10; Jim Withers 2nd of 8; Henry Hamilton 3rd of 11; James Thomson 2nd of 7; Rebecca Fordham 6th of 21; Adrian Whittle 10th of 34; Hannah Pollard 4th of 11; Sarah Kinston 8th of 16.

Picture postcard winter scene at Bicester parkrun in Oxfordshire. Photo thanks to Henry Hamilton.

Newmarket GRL for 24th Nov 2019 @ 11:15am

5K: Charles Jones 21:11, 1st of 39 overall (74.1%); Neville Clarke 23:10, 3rd (71.5%); Elke Hausler 23:50, 6th & 1st F of 8 (75.9%); Joe Cormack 26:18, 13th, Giles Macrow 28:53, 23rd. Well done new Joggers member Charles Jones, 1st overall finisher this week, following his 2nd position last week. A great run also by Elke Hausler, 1st female finisher. Neville Clarke put in a top effort as always, to finish in 3rd place. Joe Cormack and Giles Macrow are grinding out some decent times on this difficult course.

2.5K: Tom Wilson 12:10, 3rd of 26 overall; Lilly Basing 14:58PB! 8th & 4th F of 11; Stephanie Greenwood 15:20PB!, 10th & 5th F. An excellent run from Junior Jogger Tom  Wilson in 3rd place. Also great efforts by Lilly Basing and Stephanie Greenwood, who both achieved PB times.

Thanks to the volunteers: David Merchant, Sue Scargill, Gaye Margarson, Paul Forshaw, James Plowman, Debbie Read, Angie Underdown, Giles Macrow, Chris Aylmer.

parkrun Report for Sat 23rd Nov 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (109): Neville Clarke 23:00; Iain Perry 26:17. Bury St Edmunds (226): Ruth Eberhardt 29:52. Cambridge (410): Emma Newman 23:39; Rebecca Fordham 27:47; Alexia Smithson 34:13. Clare Castle (142): James Tweed 22:24. Coldham’s Common (288): Richard Jones 22:05; Phil Blundell 23:04; Brian Munns 24:25; Melanie Tindale 24:39 & volunteer, thanks; Jim Withers 27:01. Soham Village College (203): Tom Elton 23:06; Elke Hausler 23:09; James Thomson & Norah in buggy 25:21; Robert Hawkins 25:44; Giles Macrow 27:05; Wayne Hargreaves 28:17; Sara Brown 29:51; Hannah Pollard 31:33; Chris Aylmer 31:38; Christine Windsor 31:42; Isabel Vicente 38:27.

TOURIST VENUES: Fulham Palace [SW London] (550): Henry Hamilton 19:39.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Emma Newman 1st of 23; Richard Jones 1st of 17; Phil Blundell 1st of 14; Melanie Tindale 1st of 9; Elke Hausler 1st of 4 & 3rd F of 87; Christine Windsor 1st of 3. NEXT BEST: Henry Hamilton 3rd of 27; James Tweed 2nd of 15; Rebecca Fordham 3rd of 19; Tom Elton 4th of 19; Brian Munns 6th of 17; Hannah Pollard 4th of 9; Ruth Eberhardt 4th of 9; Iain Perry 5th of 11; James Thomson 3rd of 6; Robert Hawkins 5th of 10.

A few Joggers at the inaugural Soham Village College parkrun. From left: Rob Hawkins, Wayne Hargreaves, Elke Hausler, Giles Macrow, Tom Elton and Christine Windsor. Photo thanks to Wayne Hargreaves and Christine Windsor.

The Soham Village College parkrun got off to a good start with 203 participants in the inaugural event, including nine Newmarket Joggers. It’s a clockwise 3-lap course, with lots of twists and turns in each lap, going around playing fields on grass and through the school buildings area on hard paths. It was fairly muddy but OK with trail shoes on. The parking is free and there is a seated, makeshift cafe near the finish in an upstairs school room, where you can relax after the run in the warm and buy tea, coffee and snack bars.

It is rumoured that Fulbourn Hospital parkrun will soon be up and running, maybe in a couple of weeks….keep searching Google!

FULHAM PALACE parkrun:  Fulham Palace itself used to be the principal residence of the serving Bishop of London from the 11th Century until 1973. Now it’s more of a stately museum set in attractive grounds, with a walled garden and botanical gardens; also adjoining public gardens in Bishop’s Park with a large lake. The current main building dates from ca. 1500 in the reign of Henry VII.

Fulham Palace parkrun pictured by Henry Hamilton on his 150th parkrun here is September.

Henry Hamilton has visited Fulham Palace parkrun (est. 2013) three times now, completing all runs in the 19 minute zone, with a PB of 19:08. This parkrun course is a fast and flat 3-lapper along hard paths encircling Bishop’s Park, which backs onto the Thames and is part of the original gardens of Fulham Palace. The parkrun passes by one side of Craven Cottage, Fulham FC’s football ground, which will no doubt attract local football supporters for a bit of exercise before the afternoon match. Fulham FC is actually doing rather well after being relegated from the Premier Division last year and could go back up in 2020. The Cambridge/Oxford Boat Race starts not far downstream from here and passes by Bishop’s Park on its way from Putney to Mortlake….maybe a good viewpoint.

Newmarket GRL on Sunday 17th Nov @ 11:15am

5K: Charles Jones 21:08PB! 2nd of 45 overall (74.2%); Jon Brooker 21:10PB! 3rd (70.4%); Elke Hausler 23:51 8th, 3rd F of 15 (75.8%);  Rebecca Fordham 26:29PB! 22nd, 5th F (62.3%); Nicole Smith 27:26PB! 23rd, 6th F (58.6%); Malcolm Osbourn 28:03 26th (63.0%); Giles Macrow 29:52 32nd (49.1%). Well done with all those PBs!

2.5K: Cerys Bithell 11:45PB! 3rd of 33 overall, 1st F of 10; Connor Bithell 13:39 6th; Ellie Bithell 13:58 7th, 3rd F. Great running by Cerys for first female finish and PB!

Thanks to the volunteers, including, Sianie Painter, Anna Mayhew, James Plowman, Gaye Margarson, Paul Forshaw, Sue Scargill, Caroline McIntosh, Helen Wass, Angie Underdown.

NJ parkrun Report for 16th Nov 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (96 participants): Alexia Smithson 36:56. Bury St Edmunds (275): Paul Dockerill 24:11; Ruth Eberhardt 24:53; Stephanie Greenwood 31:28; Anna Mayhew (went with mother Jill as tail walker, thanks) 48:47. Cambridge (422): Emma Newman 24:16; Iain Perry 25:05 (YB! cPB! PB!); Rebecca Fordham 25:47. Coldham’s Common (282): Richard Jones 22:00; Brian Munns 23:11; Adrian Whittle 24:08 (cPB!); Jim Withers 26:55; James Thomson + Norah in buggy 27:06 (acting as 27 minute pacer, thanks); Chris Aylmer 29:58. Thanks to Phil & Emma Blundell, volunteers. Huntingdon (297): Jan Holmes 29:09. Thetford (226): Elke Hausler 22:27; Giles Macrow 26:35; Sophie Adams 28:15 (YB! cPB! PB!). Wimpole Estate (331): Rob Hawkins 26:04 (cPB!); Wayne Hargreaves 28:03; Tom Elton 28:40.

  Above left: James Thomson, 27 minute pacer, with Norah in the buggy on Coldham’s Common. Above right: Brian Munns, Jim Withers and Adrian Whittle at the start of the parkrun. Photos: Chris Aylmer

TOURIST VENUES: Wimbledon Common (448): Henry Hamilton, with dog Amber, 24:08. Rutland Water (290): Sarah Kinston 30:05 (cPB!). Cannon Hill [South Birmingham] (708): Christine Windsor 30:00 (First Timer!).

Henry Hamilton with Amber at Wimbledon Common parkrun. Photo thanks to Henry Hamilton

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Rebecca Fordham 1st of 20; Richard Jones 1st of 15; Elke Hausler 1st of 13 & 3rd F of 102. NEXT BEST: Ruth Eberhardt 2nd of 19; Emma Newman 3rd of 19; Christine Windsor 2nd of 8; Jim Withers 2nd of 8; Brian Munns 4th of 15; Jan Holmes 4th of 12; Sarah Kinston 7th of 20; Sophie Adams 4th of 11.


Newmarket GRL results for Sunday 10th Nov 2019 @ 11:15am

5K: Charles Jones 21:14 PB!, 1st of 40 overall; Ellie Bithell 25:28, 1st Female of 11 & 12th overall; Wayne Hargreaves 26:58 PB!, 18th; Chris Aylmer 32:08, 33rd; Christine Windsor 32:31, 7th F & 34th; Stephanie Greenwood 33:15 (First Timer!), 9th F & 36th; Sianie Painter backmarker, thanks.

2.5K: Cerys Bithell 12:25, 1st Female of 10 & 2nd of 30 overall; Lauren Bithell 15:32, 2nd F & 4th; Gaye Margarson & David Merchant backmarkers, thanks.

A very good weekend for the Joggers in the GRL! Brand new member Charles Jones followed up his victory in the 5K Handicap on Tuesday, with a first finish and PB in the 5K, earning a very good age grade of over 70%. Ellie Bithell also came up trumps with a first female finish in the 5K, while Wayne Hargreaves did well to achieve a PB. In the 2.5K, Junior Jogger Cerys Bithell did very well to finish first female home and 2nd overall, following on from her win in the 5K Fun Run at Lode last Sunday. Younger sister Lauren Bithell was not far behind in 2nd female position. Well done all those who ran.

Thanks to the volunteers, including Richard Jones, Helen Wass, Gaye Margarson, Sue Scargill, Sianie Painter and David Merchant.

NJ parkrun report for Saturday 9th Nov 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Cambridge (493 participants): Alexia Smithson 35:07. Bury St Edmunds (269): Ruth Eberhardt 29:57. Brandon (124): Neville Clarke 23:27; Adam Maltpress 23:39; Brian Munns 23:53; Jim Withers 28:25; Caroline McIntosh 34:49. Clare Castle (107): James Thomson 21:25; James Tweed 22:37. Great Cornard (168): Alan Thornhill 30:25 . Haverhill (54): Chris Aylmer 30:59. Coldham’s Common (326): Jon Brooker 21:26; Richard Jones 22:25; Rob Hawkins 24:46 cPB! PB!.

Beautiful, frosty autumnal scene captured by James Tweed at Clare Castle parkrun

TOURIST VENUES: Richmond [Richmond Park, South West London] (484): Clive Purbrook 24:41; Belinda Schofield 28:27. Rutland Water (333): Sarah Kinston 30:20.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Richard Jones 1st of 16; James Tweed 1st of 9; James Thomson 1st of 5; Caroline McIntosh 1st of 3; Neville Clarke 1st of 3; Chris Aylmer 1st of 2. NEXT BEST: Jon Brooker 3rd of 22; Clive Purbrook 5th of 14; Ruth Eberhardt 7th of 19; Brian Munns 2nd of 5; Sarah Kinston 9th of 22; Rob Hawkins 7th of 16; Belinda Schofield 4th of 9.

Lovely view of Normanton Church on its island in the water, taken by Sarah Kinston near the start of Rutland Water parkrun

Newmarket GRL report for Sun 3rd Nov 2019 @11:15am

5K: Joe Cormack 25:24, 8th of 30 overall; Wayne Hargreaves 27:54, 16th; Giles Macrow 28:33, 18th. 2.5K: No Joggers.

Thanks to the volunteers, including: Giles Macrow, David Merchant, Gaye Margarson, Anna Mayhew, Sue Scargill, Janet J, Debbie Read, Helen Wass.

NJ parkrun report for Sat 2nd Nov 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (81): Adam Maltpress 26:06. Bury St Edmunds (188): Ruth Eberhardt 27:30. Cambridge (340): James Tweed 21:38; Iain Perry 25:26; Sarah Kinston 30:19; Alexia Smithson 36:11. Coldham’s Common (223): Richard Jones 22:36; James Thomson + Norah in buggy 24:57; Stephanie Greenwood 31:26. Littleport (98): Christine Windsor 32:03. Thetford (196): Elke Hausler 23:44; Chris Aylmer 29:23. Wimpole Estate (231): Wayne Hargreaves 29:22.

TOURIST VENUES: York (389): Emma Newman 24:29.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Richard Jones 1st of 13; Elke Hausler 1st of 9; NEXT BEST: James Tweed 2nd of 25; Sarah Kinston 2nd of 19; Emma Newman 4th of 15; Ruth Eberhardt 5th of 12; Iain Perry 5th of 11; Chris Aylmer 2nd of 4.

Thetford parkrun at the start in Abbey Meadows. Photo: Chris Aylmer

Newmarket GRL 27th Oct 2019 @ 11:15am

5K: Elke Hausler 23:15, 4th of 43 overall & 1st Female of 10 ; Malcolm Osbourn 28:14, 24th; Sianie Painter 29:53, 27th & 5th F; Jenny Osbourn 36:48, 39th & 9th F. 2.5K: Harvey Thomas (Junior Jogger) 8th of 29 overall. Well done to all who ran and special congratulations to first female finisher Elke Hausler.

Thanks to all the volunteers, including: Paul Forshaw, Gaye Margarson, James Plowman, Helen Wass, Sue Scargill, Anna Mayhew.

NJ parkrun report for Sat 26th Oct 2019.

OCAL VENUES: Brandon (107): Iain Perry 26:37. Bury St Edmunds (323): Neville Clarke 22:34; Jessica Podd 26:25; Sophie Adams 30:00; Ruth Eberhardt 30:16; Paul Dockerill 31:02. Cambridge (384): Richard Jones 22:36; Rebecca Fordham 25:59; Alison McKenzie 26:02; Alan Shand 26:25; Christine Windsor 31:42. Clare Castle (96): Angela Brennan 30:44 (cPB!); Aaron Self 32:14. Coldham’s Common (261): Brian Munns 23:23; Jim Withers 27:18. Thetford (219): Elke Hausler 22:41; Giles Macrow 26:58. Wimpole Estate (236): Emma Newman 24:14; Wayne Hargreaves 28:07.

TOURIST VENUES: Parkville [Melbourne, Australia] (299): Henry Hamilton 21:32. Sheringham [North Norfolk Coast] (141): Jon Brooker 23:38. Sizewell [East Suffolk Coast] (85): James Thomson 21:18.

Parkville parkrun, Melbourne, Australia. Extreme tourism! Photo: Thanks to Henry Hamilton.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Elke Hausler 1st of 11; Jon Brooker 1st of 10; Brian Munns 1st of 8; Neville Clarke 1st of 7; Jessica Podd 1st of 3; Jim Withers 1st of 2. NEXT BEST: Rebecca Fordham 2nd of 21; Richard Jones 3rd of 19; Alison McKenzie 4th of 19; Emma Newman 2nd of 8; Sophie Adams 5th of 14; Henry Hamilton 7th of 19; Christine Windsor 2nd of 5; Alan Shand 4th of 8. Well done to all those!

Sizewell parkrun. Photo: thanks to James Thomson.

Newmarket GRL 20th Oct 2019 @ 11:15am

5K : James Thomson 20:44, 1st finisher of 22 overall; Elke Hausler 23:33, 1st female finisher of 7; Anna Mayhew 32:10, volunteer. 2.5K: No Joggers involved.

Congratulations to James Thomson, who was first finisher overall and to Elke Hausler who was first female finisher! After pushing a buggy on the flat Haverhiil course the day before, the hills were obviously no problem for James!

Thanks to all the volunteers, including: Sue Scargill, Gaye Margarson, Anna Mayhew, James Plowman, Helen Wass, Debbie Read.

NJ parkrun report for Sat 19th Oct 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (113 participants): Kate Warboys 30:10; Stephanie Greenwood 31:21; Adam Maltpress 24:21 (unofficial time…unfortunately forgot barcode). Cambridge (379): Richard Jones 22:51. Coldham’s Common (258): Chris Aylmer 29:37. Haverhill (51): James Thomson with Norah in buggy 23:56; Ruth Eberhardt kindly volunteered as a helper. Littleport (139): Emma Newman 24:16; Christine Windsor 32:59; Emma Reader and Jeremy Reader kindly volunteered as helpers. Thetford (260): Paul Dockerill 19:31 (cPB!); Elke Hausler 22:31; Giles Macrow 26:54.

TOURIST VENUES: Henstridge Airport [Somerset](128): Jason Beeton 28:53. Poolsbrook [Derbyshire](199): Alan Shand 27:55.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Paul Dockerill 1st of 12; Elke Hausler 1st of 10 & 3rd F of 122!; Emma Newman 1st of 8 & 1st F of 66!; Christine Windsor 1st of 2. NEXT BEST: Richard Jones 3rd of 20; Adrian Whittle 6th of 18; James Thomson & Norah 2nd of 5!; Jason Beeton 2nd of 4; Kate Warboys 4th of 8. Special congratulations to Emma Newman for coming home first female at Littleport.

James Thomson did so well to come second in his age group at Haverhill, despite pushing Norah all the way round! Photo: Thanks to James Thomson.

Two interesting parkrun tourist venues this week. Henstridge Airfield is in Somerset, close to the Dorset border and is the current home of the Somerset & Dorset Air Ambulance. The parkrun itself (est. 2018) doesn’t go along the airport runways like it might in one of those disused RAF wartime airfields. This one is fully functional! The 2 lap route actually skirts around the outside of the nearby motocross track, over grass, trail and hard paths. It also goes beside a brook and close to the River Cale for an attractive setting. There is a nice cafe at the airfield clubhouse nearby.

Alan Shand chanced upon Poolsbrook (est. 2016), near Chesterfield in Derbyshire, for his second ever parkrun . This takes place in Poolsbrook Country Park, the encouraging result of the transformation of the former Poolsbrook Colliery, which was as unsightly a mess of excavation and slag heaps as ex-coalmines can be. In the centre of the park there is a lovely lake, which the parkrun route circles three times. There is a very nice cafe to relax in afterwards.

NJ GRL report for Sun 13th Oct 2019 @11:15am

5K: Elke Hausler 24:01, 4th of 37 overall, 2nd of 4 known female runners. Great run Elke!

2.5K: Lilly Basing (Junior Jogger) 14:58 PB!, 4th of 35 overall and 2nd of 9 female participants. Well done Lilly!

Thanks to all the volunteers including: Gaye Margarson, David Merchant, Paul Forshaw, Sue Scargill, Helen Wass, James Plowman, Giles Macrow.

NJ parkrun report for Sat 12th Oct 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (97 participants): James Thomson 21:36; Iain Perry 26:42; Alan Thornhill 32:29. Bury St Edmunds (273): Stephanie Greenwood 30:02. Cambridge (391): Richard Jones 23:10. Clare Castle (96): Alison McKenzie 26:00 cPB! =YB! =PB! Coldham’s Common (246): Brian Munns 22:58; Jim Withers 26:47. Littleport (138): Emma Reader 36:07. Thetford (244): Elke Hausler 22:58.

TOURIST VENUES: Greenwich [Avery Hill, SE London] (295): Joe Cormack 24:03. Huntingdon (262): Jan Holmes 22:47 cPB!; Sarah Kinston 31:38. Kettering [Wicksteed Park in Northamptonshire] (461): Emma Newman 23:11. Rutland Water (296): James Tweed 21:18.

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Jan Holmes 1st of 8; Elke Hausler 1st of 7 & 2nd F of 113; James Thomson 1st of 7. NEXT BEST: Emma Newman 2nd of 18; Richard Jones 2nd of 16; Brian Munns 2nd of 15; James Tweed 5th of 28; Sarah Kinston 7th of 25; Joe Cormack 8th of 21; Alison McKenzie 3rd of 7.

Looking at the tourist venues this week, Kettering parkrun (est. 2016) brings back childhood memories, taking place inside Wicksteed Park, which was one of the first amusement parks to be opened in the UK back in 1921. The land was owned, developed and supplied with play equipment by Charles Wicksteed, son of a Unitarian minister, who is credited as being the original inventor of the children’s slide, which was made from bare planks of wood in those days, with no hand rails. All the amusements were free for the local children. His project was philanthropic and a way to give thanks for the end of the First World War. He envisaged creating a type of people’s model village with an open space and playground for the children. This never exactly materialised and his energies went more into the spreading of his amusement park ideas to other towns, cities and abroad. Commercially, he could supply these parks with play equipment. He also introduced (not invented) his own designs of waterchutes, maypoles, swings, miniature railways and fairground carousel rides. I can’t remember whether it was a primary school outing, a church choir day out or something else, but I remember going on a coach trip to Wicksteed Park in Northamptonshire when I was around 8-10 years old. I remember particularly enjoying a train ride on the miniature railway. As for the parkrun, it is quite a varied 2.5 lap route, going around the boating lake, over parkland, beside the River Ise, over the railway line at several points and running across pontoon bridges, which probably makes your legs feel funny.

Locomotive “Merlin” hauling a passenger train on the Wicksteed Park Railway. Thanks to Wikipedia

Greenwich parkrun might seem slightly confusingly named as it is situated over 3 miles to the southeast of Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory. However it is very close to the University of Greenwich secondary campus in Avery Hill, which houses sporting facilities, university buildings and student accommodation. The original college buildings were erected in Woolwich on the south bank of the Thames in 1891, and were called Woolwich Polytechnic, the first polytechnic in the UK. It later merged with other polytechnics to become the Thames Polytechnic in 1970 and then the University of Greenwich in 1993, when it moved into the Old Royal Naval College buildings in Greenwich as its main campus. The parkrun itself is a well established one, which started out in 2010. It’s a 3 lap route around Avery Hill Park in attractive landscape, with some tree-lined pathways and tree cover around the perimeter. There is a very nice cafe in the park to enjoy refreshment after the run.

Huntingdon parkrun (est. 2013) is a nice shady 2 lap route in Hinchingbrooke Country Park, run largely through woods on well kept pathways with some open parkland too. The open part of the route passes by an ornamental lake and then goes beside Alconbury Brook as it meanders through the woods. Like Greenwich parkrun, there is a very nice cafe in the park to enjoy refreshment and a chat afterwards. This parkrun verges on being classed as “LOCAL” on these pages, being 31 miles from Newmarket and around a 46 minute car journey according to Google. It will be certainly be quicker and nicer to travel to when all the roadworks on the A14 are complete.

We’ve described Rutland Water parkrun (est. 2015) a few times, but no harm repeating. It’s a lovely, picturesque out & back route around part of one side of Rutland Water, which is about 20 miles northwest of Peterborough, 61 miles from Newmarket. It starts and finishes near the “stunning” Normanton Church, which is situated on its own tiny island in the water. It was saved from the deliberate flooding of the area while constructing the  Rutland Water dam in the 1970s. The lower half of the church was below the required water level and the church was de-consecrated and ready to be demolished. After a public outcry, it was filled with cement and rubble from the floor up to the level of the windows to avoid any flooding; then it was surrounded by an embankment to prevent water ingress and provided with a causeway to reach it from the mainland. It’s now used primarily as a wedding venue. The parkrun route is flat and fast over mainly hard paths with the midway turnaround point of the parkrun situated halfway across the dam, which should provide tremendous views of the surroundings. Again, there is a nice, convenient cafe at Normanton Park Hotel, near the church location.

Normanton Church, Rutland Water. Thanks to

NJ GRL report for Sun 6th Oct 2019 @11:15am

5K: Jon Brooker 26:29 PB! 10th of 21 overall (possibly ran with daughter Eadie?).

2.5K: No Joggers ran.

Thanks to all the volunteers, including: Anna Mayhew, Gaye Margarson, Sue Scargill, Helen Wass and Janet J.

NJ parkrun report for Sat 5th Oct 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (132 participants): Mike Sales 26:49; Sarah Sales 29:12. Bury St Edmunds (307): Neville Clarke 22:00; Anna Mayhew 26:13; Alison McKenzie 26:17 cPB!; Ruth Eberhardt 29:20. Cambridge (436): Emma Newman 22:43; Rebecca Fordham 24:58; Iain Perry 25:52 YB!; Aaron Burns 27:57. Clare Castle (128): James Tweed 22:26. Coldham’s Common (314): Brian Munns 22:43 cPB!; Richard Jones 23:17; Adrian Whittle 24:59; Jim Withers 26:13 cPB! YB! Littleport (175): Jan Holmes 27:18; Sophie Adams 28:49 YB!; Sarah Kinston 29:25; Christine Windsor 29:33; Rachel Allen 35:18 YB!

TOURIST VENUES: Wimbledon Common (520): Henry Hamilton & Amber 21:17 Amber PB! York (484): Kate Warboys 28:47 YB!

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Emma Newman 1st of 24; Rebecca Fordham 1st of 22; Neville Clarke 1st of 10; James Tweed 1st of 8; Sarah Sales 1st of 7; Jan Holmes 1st of 6. NEXT BEST: Anna Mayhew 2nd of 16; Brian Munns 2nd of 15; Alison McKenzie 3rd of 16; Richard Jones 3rd of 15; Henry Hamilton 4th of 13; Sarah Kinston 6th of 19; Sophie Adams 4th of 12.


Above: Henry Hamilton at Wimbledon Common parkrun with PB achiever Amber. Photos: Thanks to Henry Hamilton

NJ GRL report for Sun 29th Sep 2019 @11:15am

5K: Malcolm Osbourn 28:23, 14th of 28 overall; Chris Aylmer 32:50, 20th.

2.5K: Cerys Bithell 11:51, 1st Female of 11 and 2nd of 30 overall…well done!; Lilly Basing 14:57 PB!, 5th  F; Connor Bithell 20:39, 10th overall.

Thanks to all the volunteers, including David Merchant, Helen Wass, James Plowman, Caroline Mcintosh, Gaye Margarson, Paul Forshaw and Joe Cormack.

NJ parkrun report for Sat 28th Sep 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (132 participants): Clive Purbrook 26:03; Belinda Schofield 29:21. Cambridge (536 ): Richard Jones 24:27; Rebecca Fordham 25:21; Adrian Whittle 25:32; Malcolm Osbourn 27:04; Baz Colley 30:33; Carol Mcintosh 34:34; Jenny Osbourn 35:46. Clare Castle (125): James Tweed 21:43. Coldham’s Common (347): James Thomson 21:56; Sophie Adams 29:39 YB!; Stephanie Greenwood 29:54; Sarah Kinston 31:49; Rebecca Hannah 32:01; Rachel Allen 37:45. Great Cornard (179): Paul Dockerill 19:44 cPB! Haverhill (53): Chris Aylmer 29:41. Littleport (164): Christine Windsor 29:07; Emma Reader 34:30 cPB! YB! Thetford (272): Jason Beeton 23:26 YB!; Giles Macrow 28:08.

TOURIST VENUES: Melton Mowbray [Leicestershire](160): Emma Newman 22:58. Sloughbottom [Norwich](235): Alan Thornhill 29:38 YB! Victoria Dock [East London](183): Phil Blundell 20:39 YB! PB!

FIRST IN AGE GROUPS: Rebecca Fordham 1st of 24; Emma Newman 1st of 5; Paul Dockerill 1st of 4; Jenny Osbourn 1st of 2; Christine Windsor 1st of 2; Belinda Schofield 1st of 2. OTHER GOOD PERFORMANCES: James Tweed 2nd of 13; Richard Jones 5th of 23; Malcolm Osbourn 2nd of 7; Carol Mcintosh 2nd of 6; Jason Beeton 4th of 12; Phil Blundell 6th of 18.

At the local venues, Rebecca Fordham continues to impress. It’s the third week in a row that she has been first finisher in her sizeable age group of FV45. Emma Reader is making headway and posted her best parkrun time this year at Littleport, as did Sophie Adams at Coldham’s Common and new member Jason Beeton at Thetford.

Looking at the tourism scene, Emma Newman tried out the reportedly stunning Melton Country Park (no Milton spelling error!) in Melton Mowbray. This is a 2 lap course which crosses little wooden bridges, goes round the side of a lake and under a disused railway arch as it meanders around the picturesque parkland. It started out well in January 2015 but hit a low point in 2016 when numbers sank well below 100 for a while. Now it can count on at least 150 most weeks and sometimes 200. Emma had a very good run for her first time here, coming first in her age group by 4 minutes.

Alan Thornhill chanced by Sloughbottom parkrun in Norwich, perhaps not the most attractively named parkrun in the UK. It started only in May this year and is already bringing in over 200 participants a week, so very popular with the locals. It’s a single lapper over hard path and grass, starting and finishing in Sloughbottom Park, with an out & back section terminating in a loop around another smaller park. Alan was in good form with his best parkrun time this year.

Phil Blundell went one better at Victoria Dock parkrun in East London, with an all-time parkrun PB to his name. This parkrun started in March 2018 and after a fairly slow start has really established itself over the past year, attracting 150 to 200 weekly. It’s an unusual double out & back horseshoe-shaped route around first the north and then the south side of the dock with plenty of dockland scenery to interest the eye. Giles Macrow was the first Jogger to run here in 2018 and ran it again in June this year.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun report for Saturday 21st September 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (67 participants): Brian Munns 23:38; Stephen Cousins 24:06; Danielle Jones 26:09; Jim Withers 27:20. Bury St Edmunds (319): Elke Hausler 23:37; Ruth Eberhardt 28:28; Paul Dockerill 30:28. Cambridge (481): Richard Jones 24:24; James Thomson & Norah in buggy 24:45; Rebecca Fordham 25:29; Aaron Burns 30:33; Christine Windsor 32:02. Clare Castle (215): James Tweed 22:24; Iain Perry 27:02. Coldham’s Common (263): Phil Blundell 20:53 (cPB! =YB! =PB!); Melanie & Harvey Tindale volunteers; thanks! Haverhill (62): Chris Aylmer 28:08. Littleport (192): Neville Clarke 20:57. Thetford (236): Giles Macrow 26:17.

Fancy dress for Clare Castle’s 100th parkrun event….not James’s 100th. He’s done 110 already! Is that a beekeeper’s outfit, a spacesuit or essential Extinction Rebellion gear? Photo: James Tweed.

TOURIST VENUES: Cardiff (820): Emma Reader 38:09. Fulham Palace (542): Henry Hamilton 19:52 (150th parkrun!). Heslington (307): Emma Newman 22:41 (cPB!).

Fulham Palace parkrun and Henry’s 150th. Photo: Henry Hamilton

BEST IN AGE GROUPS: Rebecca Fordham 1st of 21; Emma Newman 1st of 15; Elke Hausler 2nd of 17; Phil Blundell 2nd of 15; Ruth Eberhardt 2nd of 14; Neville Clarke 1st of 5; Henry Hamilton 7th of 35; Brian Munns 1st of 4; James Tweed 3rd of 12; Richard Jones 7th of 25; Giles Macrow 8th of 18; Chris Aylmer 1st of 2; Stephen Cousins 2nd of 4; James Thomson & buggy 17th of 34.


Newmarket Joggers GRL report for Sunday 15th September 2019 @11:15am

5K: Wayne Hargreaves (27:23 PB!) 14th of 25; Sianie Painter (32:31, speedy tail walker….watch out Callum and George Wilkinson!). Well done Wayne, who is improving rapidly on this route.

2.5K. No Joggers involved.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun report for Saturday 14th September 2019

LOCAL VENUES. Brandon (139): Adam Maltpress (23:19). Bury St Edmunds (304): Paul Dockerill (22:16); Rebecca Hannah (34:38). Cambridge (435): Iain Perry (28:33). Littleport (208): Emma Newman (22:40, 1st female finisher!).

TOURIST VENUES. Whitstable [Kent](358): Hannah Parsons (23:34 YB! PB!). Netley Abbey [Southampton](274): Adrian Whittle (28:39). Loch Neaton [Norfolk](162): Aaron Burns (29:43).

BEST IN AGE GROUPS: Emma Newman 1st of 15 and 1st female finisher of 91; Hannah Parsons 2nd of 16; Adam Maltpress 2nd of 7; Paul Dockerill 3rd of 10.

Emma Newman, 1st female finisher at Littleport parkrun for the second week in a row! Photo: Emma Newman

Newmarket Joggers GRL report for Sunday 8th September 2019 @11:15am

5K: Baz Colley  (26:52) 24th of 44 overall; Giles Macrow (31:50, volunteer helper) 38th. The best time this year from Baz, not quite a PB which was 26:48 in 2018.

2.5K: Sianie Painter (14:38 PB!) 14th of 48 overall and 3rd female of 12. Well done Sianie on a good 2.5K hilly time trial.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun report for Saturday 7th September 2019

LOCAL VENUES. Cambridge (566): Baz Colley (24:17 cPB! YB! PB!); Rebecca Fordham (24:50 cPB! YB! PB!); Aaron Burns (30:09). Clare Castle (107): James tweed (21:03 cPB!). Coldham’s Common (303): Phil Blundell (22:15); Brian Munns (22:48 cPB!); Jim Withers (26:42); Kate Warboys (29:17 cPB! YB!). Littleport (200): Emma Newman (23:20, 1st female finisher!); Jan Holmes (26:26 cPB! YB!); Christine Windsor (29:34); Sarah Kinston (30:24); Emma Reader (34:41 cPB! YB!).

TOURIST VENUES. Fountains Abbey [N.Yorkshire](353): Ruth Eberhardt (23:49). Netley Abbey [Southampton](280): Adrian Whittle (25:05). Newcastle (672): Chris Aylmer (29:26). Stewart [Middlesbrough] (301): Alison McKenzie (26:00 cPB YB! PB!).

BEST IN AGE GROUPS: Rebecca Fordham 1st of 33; James Tweed 1st of 9; Emma Newman 1st of 8 and 1st female of 94; Ruth Eberhardt 3rd of 23; Alison McKenzie 2nd of 15; Christine Windsor 1st of 5; Phil Blundell 4th of 20; James Thomson 3rd of 10 with Norah in buggy!; Baz Colley 17th of 38; Jan Holmes 1st of 2.

Newmarket Joggers GRL report for Sunday 1st September 2019 @11:15am

5K(23): Elke Hausler (24:53), 5th of 23 overall & 1st Female of 10; Wayne Hargreaves (31:01) 15th; Rebecca Fordham (35:04) 9th F.  2.5K(20): Rebecca Fordham (10:51) 1st of 20 overall & 1st Female of 9; Anna Mayhew (28:13), volunteer helper.

The area behind the woods was closed off due to the Newmarket Town Charity Ride, so the 5K course consisted of two laps of the 2.5K course in front of the woods, a much harder course than normal with the steep ‘Kenyan Hill’ to climb twice. Elke Hausler did very well to come home first female finisher in a good time. New member Wayne Hargreaves got his first taste of the Newmarket GRL and coped well. Rebecca Fordham put all her effort into the first 2.5K lap and then carried on for a second lap as a recovery, so got times for both distances. Her time of 10:51 for 2.5K is among the best recorded for this course.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun report for Saturday 31st August 2019

LOCAL VENUES. Brandon (151): Neville Clarke (21:47); Stephen Cousins (23:39); Iain Perry (28:35). Bury St Edmunds (376): James Thomson & Norah in Buggy (26:51); Ruth Eberhardt (26:52); Paul Dockerill (29:41) with daughters Abbie (29:40) and Chloe (29:53). Cambridge (531): Brian Munns (22:31 YB!); Richard Jones (24:17); Jim Withers (26:24 =YB!); Aaron Burns (31:47). Clare Castle (124): James Tweed (21:00). Littleport (199): Christine Windsor (31:31); Emma Reader (35:36 cPB!).

TOURIST VENUES. Cardiff (712): Henry Hamilton (20:05). Conkers [Leicestershire] (710):  Sarah Kinston (30:43). Netley Abbey [Southampton] (285): Adrian Whittle (24:42). Kesgrave [Ipswich] (331): Chris Aylmer (29:00). Heslington [SE York] (287): Emma Newman (22:44). Thomas Mills [Framlingham] (117): Giles Macrow (26:10).

BEST IN AGE GROUPS. Brian Munns 3rd of 24;  Ruth Eberhardt 4th of 27; Christine Windsor 1st of 6; Stephen Cousins 1st of 5; James Tweed 2nd of 10; Henry Hamilton 10th of 41; Adrian Whittle 5th of 18; Emma Newman 4th of 14; Jim Withers 4th of 14; Sarah Kinston 20th of 59.

Top: Cardiff parkrun. Photo: Henry Hamilton. Middle left: Emma Newman’s 50th parkrun at Heslington. Photo: Emma Newman. Middle right: James Thomson at Bury St Edmunds parkrun with Norah in buggy. Photo: James Thomson. Bottom: Kesgrave parkrun. Photo: Chris Aylmer.

Newmarket Joggers GRL report for Sunday 25th August 2019 @11:15am

5K: Neville Clarke (22:53) 5th of 24 overall; Sianie Painter (31:30) 14th & 2nd F of 5; Chris Aylmer (33:09) 17th; Anna Mayhew (42:35, volunteer helper) 23rd & 5th F. No Joggers in 2.5K. Elke Hausler was actually 1st female finisher in the 5K, so congratulations to her, but she unfortunately forgot her timing chip.

The 5K and 2.5K routes were altered to avoid using the Warren Hill descent next to the Moulton Road while the Soapbox Derby was in progress. So 5K runners never entered the woods at all but continued along the back edge and far side of the woods and descended down the ‘Kenyan Hill’ (nickname from Newmarket Joggers training sessions), the one the 2.5K runners have to run up. It was a hot morning at around 27-28°C in direct sun and no easy effort for the participants.

Thanks to the volunteers: David Merchant, Sue Scargill, Helen Wass, Debbie Read, Paul Forshaw, Gaye Margarson, James Plowman, Anna Mayhew & a couple of new marshals behind the woods, whose names I apologise for not knowing. The Facebook reports no longer come through to the GRL page on my computer….they got wise!

Looking up Warren Hill to the woods. Photo: Chris Aylmer

Newmarket Joggers parkrun report for Saturday 24th August 2019

LOCAL VENUES. Brandon (93): Adam Maltpress (25:56); Clive Purbrook (26:13); Kate Warboys (31:31). Bury St Edmunds (331): Elke Hausler (22:21); Ruth Eberhardt (25:48); Iain Perry (30:10).  Cambridge (506): Emma Newman (23:38); Adrian Whittle (25:09); Richard Jones (25:13); Alison McKenzie (27:17); Jan Holmes (27:37); Sarah Kinston (30:56); Aaron Burns (32:29); Rachel Allen (36:23). Clare Castle (153): Joe Cormack (24:54); Chris Aylmer (29:56). Coldham’s Common (260): Brian Munns (23:02 cPB!); Jim Withers (26:24 cPB! YB!). Littleport (224): Neville Clarke (20:34 cPB! YB!); Emma Reader (35:50). Wimpole Estate (446): Wayne Hargreaves (27:54).

Clare Castle parkrun. Photo: Chris Aylmer

TOURIST VENUES. Braunstone [near Leicester](439): Rebecca Hannah (33:14). Gladstone [Hendon, NW London](187): Giles Macrow (27:17). Mole Valley [Surrey Hills](297): James Thomson (22:36). Nonsuch [Cheam, SW London](744): Henry Hamilton (19:46). Sheringham [North Norfolk coast](367): Paul Dockerill (29:53) ran with daughter Chloe (29:51).

BEST IN AGE GROUPS. Jan Holmes 2nd of 23; Brian Munns 1st of 10; Emma Newman 2nd of 19; Elke Hausler 2nd of 18; Neville Clarke 1st of 7; Alison McKenzie 2nd of 13; Henry Hamilton 9th of 38; Clive Purbrook 1st of 4; Sarah Kinston 8th of 29; Adrian Whittle 9th of 28.


James Thomson surveying the scenery and the vineyards at Mole Valley parkrun. Photo: James Thomson.

James Thomson enjoyed the scenery at Mole Valley parkrun, nestling in the North Downs of Surrey, but maybe not so much the hills! This parkrun takes place on the Denbies Wine Estate, the biggest producer of English wine in the country. Rows and rows of vines stretch for 265 acres in the surrounding countryside. The course is a 1-lapper that snakes along corridors between hedgerows and vines and is certainly hilly with 289 ft of climb. The parkrun began in March last year and already attracts around 300 participants per week, with a record of 390 earlier this month.

Giles Macrow tried out Gladstone parkrun in Hendon, NW London, which started life in 2012 with only 53 runners but set a record of 270 in January this year. The park itself was designed in late Victorian times and named after erstwhile Prime Minister William Gladstone, who use to spend time here relaxing and, who knows, maybe chopping down the odd tree. A partly disused railway line, used only for freight now, bisects the park and runners are taken over the railway bridge near the start and finish for some extra excitement.

Staying in London, in the SW near Cheam, Henry Hamilton clocked up Nonsuch parkrun, a flat and fast 2-lapper in Nonsuch Park, mainly on hard paths with some grass. It started in 2011 with an average attendance of a bit over 100 for the first few months, but has grown exponentially. The record attendance now stands at 949 in May this year.

The finish at Nonsuch parkrun. Photo: Henry Hamilton.

Paul Dockerill returned to Sheringham parkrun on the Norfolk coast and ran with his daughter Chloe. This is a tough one lap course over rough, undulating and uneven wooded terrain, with a steep climb towards the finish and plenty in the way of tree root hazards. It began in 2012 with 85 participants and now regularly attracts over 200 per week, with a record of 44o in April this year.

It was the third visit of Rebecca Hannah to Braunstone parkrun, near Leicester, an attractive, moderately undulating, 2-lap course in Braunstone Park, mainly over hard paths. It has a wooded section and passes by two small lakes on the way. It started in September 2010 with only 54 participants but attracted a record 753 in January this year, so huge progress.

Newmarket Joggers GRL report for Sunday 18th August 2019 @11:15am

5K(24): Neville Clarke (21:44 cPB!) 1st of 24 overall; Hannah Short (27:25) 8th & 1st F; Malcolm Osbourn (27:54) 13th. No Joggers in the 2.5K run.

Neville Clarke was 1st overall finisher and set himself a new GRL PB of 21:44, so a great effort from him. Hannah Short also put in a fast run to finish 1st female in 27:25, with Malcolm Osbourn consistent as ever and close behind in a very good time of 27:54. Thanks to the volunteer helpers: David Merchant, Sue Scargill, Gaye Margarson, Paul Foreshaw, Joe Cormack, Chris Aylmer and Alice.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun report for Saturday 17th August 2019

LOCAL VENUES  Cambridge (465): Stephen Cousins (23:37); Rebecca Fordham (26:41). Bury St Edmunds (335): Paul Dockerill (22:06); Ruth Eberhardt (26:15); Anna Mayhew (26:42). Thetford (248): Elke Hausler (21:42, 1st F finisher!); Emma Newman (23:30); Clodie Rolph (30:17 YB! cPB! PB!); Sarah Kinston (31:09 50th parkrun!); Rebecca Hannah (32:08); Rachel Allen (35:24). Clare Castle (133): Neville Clarke (21:38). Littleport (189): Christine Windsor (29:15). Coldham’s Common (259): Brian Munns (23:07); James Thomson & Norah in Buggy (24:56).

Sarah Kinston’s 50th parkrun at Thetford. Photo: Sarah Kinston

TOURIST VENUES  Wimbledon Common [SW London](472): Henry Hamilton (20:24 cPB!). Whinlatter Forest [Lake District](193): James Tweed (25:19 cPB!). Holkham [North Norfolk](278): Chris Aylmer (30:07).

BEST IN AGE GROUPS: Elke Hausler 1st of 11 and 1st F of 120; Rebecca Fordham 3rd of 25; Anna Mayhew 2nd of 15; Henry Hamilton 4th of 25; Paul Dockerill 3rd of 16; Ruth Eberhardt 5th of 21; Brian Munns 2nd of 8; Emma Newman 2nd of 7; James Tweed 4th of 14; Stephen Cousins 3rd of 10; Sarah Kinston 8th of 26; Neville Clarke 1st of 3; Clodie Rolph 6th of 15; Christine Windsor 1st of 2.

Henry Hamilton and James Tweed both returned to previously visited tourist venues for a second attempt and both gained course PBs. Henry was at Wimbledon Common parkrun, which is an attractive, nearly flat, two lap course around the Common, through wooded parkland, twice passing by King’s Mere Lake and finishing within close view of the iconic windmill. It started in January 2007 when there were 51 participants, so one of the earliest to appear on the scene. Now the record stands at 659 in June this year….that’s progress!

Wimbledon Common parkrun. Photo: Henry Hamilton

James revisited Whinlatter Forest parkrun in the Lake District, which began in January 2018. This is the parkrun with more climb than any other parkrun in the UK, maybe in the world; officially 674 ft, but according to James’ Garmin 568 ft (173 m) of climb. More frightening still, it doesn’t come back down very much and finishes about 250 ft higher than it starts…just not fair! To compensate for this, there is very nice scenery, with excellent views of Derwent Water and the surrounding hills, if you have the breath to enjoy it.

I visited Holkham parkrun in North Norfolk, before doing a recce for Stage 3 of the Round Norfolk Relay. Holkham Park is a classic 18th Century ‘Capability Brown’-style stately park (actually landscaped mainly by William Kemp), with fashionable (at the time, now considered invasive) Mediterranean evergreen oak trees, sweeping, undulating lawns, an ice-house, an obelisk, a monument and even a neoclassical temple, not to mention an adopted herd of wild fallow deer and, of course, stately Holkham Hall itself. The Lord of the Manor, Thomas Coke, 8th Earl of Leicester, still actually lives with his family in a part of the Hall, which has well over 100 rooms, while his estate covers 25,000 acres of park and farmland.

It’s such a nice gesture that they allow free parking every week for parkrunners; no money grabbing here. The course is a scenic undulating one lap route over immaculately kept gravel and tarmac pathways. In this vast park, there is even ample room to hold the one lap Holkham 10K race, which takes place in July. The parkrun began in 2015 with 96 participants and the record attendance stands at 531 in April this year. Well recommended for a visit, with a lovely cafe near the Hall, full of home-baked goodies, and the poshest toilets (sorry, lavatories) I’ve ever visited at a parkrun!

Above left: Holkham parkrun start/finish. Above right: Holkham Hall hiding behind a tree. Photos: Barry Bye

Newmarket Joggers GRL report for Sunday 11th August 2019 @11:15am

5K (45): Stephen Cousins (23:46) 4th of 45 overall; Hannah Parsons (24:15) 6th and 1st F of 17; Joe Cormack (25:40) 8th; Giles Macrow (26:15) 10th; Rebecca Fordham (27:27) 3rd F; Malcolm Osbourn (27:31) 16th; Sophie Adams (31:44 PB!) 9th F; Caroline Mcintosh (32:56 PB!) 12th F; Jenny Osbourn (37:35) 17th F. 2.5K (22): Cerys Bithell (11:49 PB!) 1st of 22 overall and 1st F of 6. Ellie Bithell (12:25 PB!) 3rd and 2nd F.

Another great run in the 2.5K by Cerys Bithell, first finisher and a PB to boot! Trying to keep up with her daughter, Ellie Bithell also achieved a PB and took 2nd female position. Well done to both. Stephen Cousins and Hannah Parsons were top Joggers in the 5K event, with Hannah 1st female of 17 participants, so in top form. Well done Sophie Adams and Caroline Mcintosh, who both achieved new PBs on this course.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun report for Saturday 10th August 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Bury St Edmunds (275): Jason Bevan (18:50 cPB! YB!); Brian Munns (24:42); Ruth Eberhardt (24:57); Jim Withers (27:47); Stephanie Greenwood (31:13); Paul Dockerill (31:42) running with daughters Chloe (31:09) and Abbie (31:41). Thetford (272): Giles Macrow (25:08). Littleport (232): Emma Newman (23:14).

TOURIST VENUES: Ipswich [Chantry Park](340): Adrian Whittle (26:17); Gunnersbury [West London near Chiswick](541): Henry Hamilton (19:52); Margate [north Kent coast](157): Jan Holmes (27:49); Loch Neaton [Watton in Norfolk](158): Chris Aylmer (29:37).

BEST IN AGE GROUPS: Jason Bevan 1st of 16; Emma Newman 1st of 14; Jan Holmes 1st of 12; Henry Hamilton 7th of 38; Ruth Eberhardt 5th of 21; Brian Munns 4th of 16.

A particularly good week for Jason Bevan at Bury St Edmunds, with his best parkrun time since 2014 and 1st of 16 runners in his age group. Emma Newman and Jan Holmes were consistent as ever, both winning their age groups easily; Emma by over 3 minutes at Littleport (also 3rd female overall of 118) and Jan by nearly 2 minutes at Margate. Margate is a north Kent double out & back coastal run, mostly on tarmac promenade, with a stunning view of Palm Bay as it passes by Cliftonville. The parkrun dates back to 2013 and, apart from the initial 2 events, struggled to attract more than 30-40 participants per week until 2015. Since then the trend has been steadily upwards, with the record attendance 196 in April this year. Henry Hamilton’s travels took him to Gunnersbury parkrun in Gunnersbury Park in West London, near Chiswick. It has been going since 2011 and numbers have steadily increased over the years, from about 100 to a record 686 in January this year. This is a beautiful two lap course passing by a boating lake and circling Potomac Lake, a large fish pond.

Talking of lakes, I was at Loch Neaton parkrun, not in Scotland but in good old Norfolk, in Watton. The parkrun just began in March this year and is already attracting around 150 per week. The course starts along by Loch Neaton, a lovely small lake with water lilies and surrounded by trees. Then it goes for 3 laps around playing fields at Watton Sports Centre before returning to the lake for the finish. There is an interesting story about how Loch Neaton came into being and why it was so-called. In 1875 they were extending the Thetford/Watton railway line to Swaffham and needed thousands of tons of earth for the construction of a rail embankment about a mile long to the north. It was a monumental task with only some steam-powered equipment to help. Two huge holes were excavated in Neaton (a hamlet just outside Watton at the time) and the earth moved to where the line was to be laid. The railway builders were Scottish construction workers called navigators or ‘navvies’ for short in the 19thC.

Railway Navigators in the 19thC. Photo:

In the years after the railway line was constructed, one of the holes, the smallest and furthest one away from Watton, began to fill with water from the River Wissey, but the one nearest the town remained dry. A deliberate philanthropic project was begun to turn the excavated hole nearest the town and its surrounds into a lake and pleasure garden. Water was eventually brought to the hole from a nearby natural spring by using a wind pump, after chanelling from the River Wissey had failed. It was called a ‘Loch’ out of respect for the Scottish railway construction workers who had worked so hard to dig out the earth. For many years, up to the First World War, it was a popular leisure attraction, with fishing and boating lake, swimming pool, tennis courts, bowling green and bandstand. It also became a fashionable venue for music concerts, outdoor opera and the like. There was even an annual Whit Monday Marathon race that started at the lake in Edwardian times, possibly spurred on by the famous marathon in the 1908 Olympics in London, where the runner was disqualified for being helped over the line when he collapsed from exhaustion. Nowadays the Loch has been more or less returned to a place for walking and relaxation (bar the weekly parkrun!), with active sports transferred to the Sports Centre nearby, but is no less pleasing for local people.

The sad end to this story is the closing of the railway line from Thetford to Swaffham in the 1960s,  less than 100 years after all that back-breaking work. This was part of the massive cuts enforced by Dr. Beeching’s railway restructuring plans, when around half the stations in the UK were closed and a third of the railway lines ripped up. Several of the low railway bridges near Watton have been dismantled for getting in the way of traffic and there doesn’t even seem to be a footpath to walk or run along the original route of the line from Watton to Swaffham.


Newmarket Joggers parkrun report for Saturday 3rd August 2019

LOCAL VENUES. Brandon (88): Adam Maltpress (23:03), Brian Munns (23:33), Jim Withers (27:14), Alan Thornhill (31:21). Bury St Edmunds (326): Neville Clarke (21:48), Ruth Eberhardt (25:06), Adrian Whittle (26:18). Cambridge (610): James Tweed (20:51 cPB! YB! PB!), Stephen Cousins (23:06), Rebecca Fordham (25:15, PB 25:14!). Clare Castle (133): Chris Aylmer (29:54). Littleport (196): Phil Blundell (20:55 cPB! YB! PB!). Thetford (260): Elke Hausler (23:55), Malcolm Osbourn (27:34), Giles Macrow (32:25, Pacer), Carol McIntosh (33:03), Jenny Osbourn (36:33).

TOURIST VENUES. Felixstowe [Suffolk coast] (234): Paul Dockerill (20:44). Queen Elizabeth [Hampshire Downs] (120): Henry Hamilton (21:15). York [racecourse] (495): Emma Newman (22:21).

BEST IN AGE GROUPS. Rebecca Fordham 2nd of 24; Elke Hausler 1st of 11; Ruth Eberhardt 2nd of 21; Neville Clarke 1st of 8; James Tweed 5th of 36; Caroline Mcintosh 1st of 6; Henry Hamilton 1st of 6; Stephen Cousins 3rd of 18; Emma Newman 4th of 21; Jenny Osbourn 1st of 5; Paul Dockerill 3rd of 15; Jim Withers 1st of 4; Phil Blundell 3rd of 10; Brian Munns 1st of 3; Adam Maltpress 1st of 3.

Queen Elizabeth parkrun in the Hampshire Downs near Portsmouth, by Henry Hamilton


Newmarket Joggers GRL report for Sunday 4th August 2019 @11:15am

5K (44): James Tweed (22:25), 4th of 44 overall; Ellie Bithell (25:30), 12th & 1st F of 10; Hannah Short (27:39), 22nd & 3rd F; Anna Mayhew (28:13), 23rd & 4th F; Sianie Painter (29:37), 28th & 6th F. 2.5K (28): Cerys Bithell (12:46), 3rd of 28 overall & 1st F.

Well done the top Newmarket Joggers duo of Ellie Bithell and daughter Cerys Bithell, who were first female finishers in the 5K and 2.5K respectively. Well done also to James Tweed, who was first Jogger home and 4th overall in the 5K, only 11 seconds short of his GRL PB. Hannah Short, 2nd claim member of the Joggers, was only 20 seconds from her best GRL time after 7 runs in the 5K, while Anna Mayhew and Sianie Painter both put in solid efforts. Ben Phillips (9:34), a young local runner (not a club member), was a very speedy first finisher of the 2.5K event in only his 3rd GRL, taking nearly half a minute off his PB. His pace works out at 6:09/mile, especially impressive over this very hilly course. He has also done one 5K Newmarket GRL in 19:05, so definitely a runner to look out for.

Message from Dave: A nice morning on the gallops today, great weather and a good turn out! Thank you to all of today’s volunteers: Giles Macrow, James Plowman, Joe Cormack, Gaye Margarson, Helen Wass, Sue Scargill, Debbie Read, Anna Mayhew & David Merchant. See you all next week, Dave GRLN

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for 27th July 2019

LOCAL VENUES. Brandon (122 participants): Kate Warboys (32:28). Bury St Edmunds (258): Neville Clarke (21:38), Adrian Whittle (24:44), Ruth Eberhardt (25:40), Sophie Adams (30:55 YB!), Stephanie Greenwood (31:20). Coldham’s Common (275): Brian Munns (23:02 cPB!), Jim Withers (26:24 cPB! YB!). Clare Castle (122): James Tweed (21:39). Littleport (180): Emma Newman (22:58), Chris Aylmer (28:53). Thetford (242): Giles Macrow (25:03).

TOURIST VENUES. Lyme Park [Disley, Cheshire](113); Jason Bevan (34:49). Sherwood Pines [Nottinghamshire] (271): James Thomson without buggy! (20:33). Upton Court [Slough, Berkshire] (120): Henry Hamilton (21:20).

BEST IN AGE GROUPS: Brian Munns 1st of 10; Neville Clarke 1st of 8; James Tweed 2nd of 16; Emma Newman 1st of 7; Henry Hamilton 2nd of 13; Ruth Eberhardt 3rd of 16.

Nice to see Brian Munns back at the top of his age group. Brian and Jim both seem to get on well at Coldham’s Common, with Jim recording his best parkrun time this year and also a course PB. Emma Newman is coming back to top form and achieved her best parkrun time since her injury earlier this year. Sophie Adams also did well to get a Year Best time at Bury St Edmunds.

On tour at Sherwood Pines parkrun, James Thomson allowed himself a run without the buggy, coming 4th of 11 in his age group. His partner Poppy took over buggy duties and finished in 38:47. Sherwood Pines Forest is a few miles south of the famous Sherwood Forest of the Robin Hood legend, the latter consisting of native deciduous trees. Established in 2015, the parkrun route is a scenic one lapper along trails and stony paths through the forest, maybe somewhat similar to the equally coniferous and man-made Thetford Forest.

Henry Hamilton was down at Upton Court parkrun in Slough, which has been going since 2012. This is a 2 lap circuit around fairly open parkland and fields, with some stretches alongside woods and along cycle paths.

Jason Bevan called in at Lyme Park parkrun, near Stockport, which started in 2014. This is a beautiful National Trust parkland area on the western edge of the Peak District, in Cheshire. with panoramic views towards Manchester and beyond. The parkrun is a one-lap route along open trails and through woods. Jason was running with a friend or relation at a more relaxing pace than usual for him.


Above left: James Thomson with Norah; above right: the start at Sherwood Pines parkrun. Photos James Thomson
Below left: Henry Hamilton at Upton Court parkrun; below right: a view of the finish area. Photos Henry Hamilton.


Newmarket GRL report for Sunday 28th July 2019 @11:15am

5K (37 participants): Malcolm Osbourn (28:12) 10th of 37 overall, Jenny Osbourn (38:00) 29th & 8th F. 2.5K (8): Cerys Bithell (12:30) 1st finisher of 8 overall & 1st F.

Well done Junior Jogger Cerys Bithell, who put in a great run in the 2.5K to come home first overall finisher by over a minute and a half. Malcolm and Jenny Osbourn put in consistent performances for Newmarket Joggers in the 5K, as they have done week after week.

There was a new and very talented young runner in the 5K GRL this week: Sophie Tooley, who last ran a GRL at Needham Lake in August 2017, achieving a PB of 19:22. She finished 2nd overall and first female in an impressive time of 21:27 on this difficult Newmarket course. She is or was a member of West Suffolk AC and has a brilliant school track, cross country and parkrun record dating back to 2010, with a parkrun PB of 18:18 and top age grade of 87% in 2012 (aged only 13). Her form in the English Schools Cross Country Championships of 2012 had her selected to represent GB at a junior level. Since Feb 2018, she has no recorded runs on her Power of 10 record, so may have taken time out to concentrate on her studies at university. Let’s hope we see more of her high class running at the Newmarket GRL and that she fulfills her undoubted potential as a top athlete. George Redhead, an unattached young local runner, achieved his fourth 1st finish from 5 runs at Newmarket, coming home 1st of 37 in 19:27.

Message from Dave: Great to see you all turn out this morning! The going on course today was officially good to soft, muddy in places. A little better weather for running, after the 38.7c heat in Cambridge on Thursday, we are now back to a balmy 16c & rainy with a bit more rain! Thank you to today’s volunteers Gaye Margarson, Paul Forshaw, Helen Wass, Sue Scargill, Debbie Read, James Plowman, Giles Macrow and David Merchant. Lost property: A orange Asics top was left behind. It will be back next week if anyone wants to claim it.

See you next Sunday, Dave GRLN

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for 20th July 2019

LOCAL VENUES: Brandon (105 participants): Adam Maltpress (24:00), Clive Purbrook volunteer; thanks! Bury St Edmunds (321): Paul Dockerill (20:36), Ruth Eberhardt (25:52). Cambridge (423): James Tweed (21:12). Coldham’s Common (313): Phil Blundell (21:18, all-time PB!), Melanie Tindale volunteer; thanks! Littleport (186): Neville Clarke (20:46). Thetford (226): James Thomson & Buggy (22:48), Joe Cormack (25:45).

TOURIST VENUES: Castlewellan [N.I.] (253): Jim Withers (26:29 YB!). Concord [Sheffield] (178): Henry Hamilton (21:59). Conkers [Leicestershire] (634): Sarah Kinston (30:27) and volunteer, thanks! Netley Abbey [Southampton] (353): Adrian Whittle (24:09). Rutland Water (291): Emma Newman (23:12). Stewart [Middlesborough] (269): Alison McKenzie (26:51, all-time PB!). Thomas Mills [Framlingham] (114): Alan Thornhill (30:23).

BEST IN AGE GROUPS: Emma Newman 1st of 16; Paul Dockerill 1st of 14; James Tweed 3rd of 28; Alison McKenzie 1st of 9; Ruth Eberhardt 3rd of 25; Joe Cormack 1st of 6; Adrian Whittle 4th of 18; Phil Blundell 4th of 17; Neville Clarke 1st of 3; Jim Withers 2nd of 6; Sarah Kinston 15th of 43; Alan Thornhill 1st of 2.

Some interesting tourist venues this week. Adrian Whittle hails from Southampton but it was his first trip to Netley Abbey parkrun. The picturesque 2-lap course in Royal Victoria Park, close to Southampton Water, normally goes around a chapel and through bluebell woods but on this occasion there was another event in the park, so the run became a frantic 5 and a half laps around a large field. It’s slightly odd that this parkrun should have been called Netley Abbey when the course does not pass within a mile of the Abbey ruins on the other side of Netley village. However, no doubt all the pasture and woods surrounding Netley were once part of the vast Abbey estate. Royal Victoria Park has its own heritage. It was the site of an ostentatious and architecturally attractive military hospital, built in 1855 during the Crimean War, with support from Queen Victoria as its main patron and benefactor. Public sentiment regarding the suffering of soldiers in Crimean hospital camps had been swayed by Florence Nightingale and there was an outcry for provision of an up-to-date military hospital to cater for soldiers wounded in foreign conflicts. Similar to the Millenium Dome in 2000, there were many critics of the project at the time. Florence Nightingale was not too keen on the building (good looks, poor practicality) but gave it her approval in the end after much persuasion. At a quarter of a mile, it was the longest building in Europe and was quite a regal presence looking out over Southampton Water. It was much used later during the Boer War and in World War I & II but fell into disuse by the 1960s and was pulled down after a fire in 1966. Sadly, for our architectural heritage, all that remains is the hospital chapel, around which the parkrun wends its way on a normal Saturday.

Royal Victoria Military Hospital. Engraving by T. A. Prior 1857

Jim Withers was likely visiting his family or relations in his native Northern Island. The parkrun at Castlewellan is around 30 miles south of Belfast and consists of one lap of the beautiful Castlewellan Lake. Jim obviously enjoyed the run and it was his best parkrun time so far this year.

Emma Newman had been looking forward to her first parkrun at Rutland Water, which began in 2015. The out & back course along the edge of the reservoir and partway along the Rutland Dam causeway affords great views of the water and surrounds, along fast, smooth cycle paths. Emma is right back on form now after injury earlier in the year and finished 1st of 16 in her age group.

Alison McKenzie achieved her best ever parkrun time at Stewart parkrun in Middlesborough, which was established in 2012. The 2-lap course in Stewart Park is around very attractive open and wooded parkland areas, mainly on tarmac paths.

Henry Hamilton was up in Yorkshire on racing business and had pre-planned his trip to Concord parkrun in north Sheffield. The 2-lap course in Concord Park is flat and fast over tarmac paths and began way back in 2011. Henry admitted he was a little the worse for wear after the night before, but enjoyed his run nevertheless.

Concord parkrun, thanks to Henry Hamilton

Sarah Kinston has done a good many parkruns at Conkers, where she has family or relations. Its a very attractive out & back course, starting at Conkers Waterside Centre, the head water of the Ashby Canal, and going along trails and beside the Canal for part of the way.

Alan Thornhill paid a visit to Thomas Mills parkrun in Framlingham which came into being just a month or two ago. It’s a wiggly, looping, 2-lap course around the playing fields surrounding Thomas Mills School. It’s a little bumpy in places and the grass slightly longer than ideal around some of the fields but it is a great asset to the local community, who have not previously had a parkrun within easy reach.

Newmarket GRL report for 21st July 2019 @11:15am

5K: Neville Clarke (21:49 PB!) 2nd of 39 overall; James Tweed (23:10) 4th; Malcolm Osbourn (27:08) 16th; Chris Aylmer (29:49) 23rd; Jenny Osbourn (36:58) 11th F. No Newmarket Joggers in the 2.5K.

Message from Dave:

Another lovely summer’s day on the Heath. We had one registered first timer and a total of 11 PBs.  As well as everyone else there were 4 runners from the Saint Edmund Pacer’s running club who did the Great Run Local double. One 5k run at Walsham Le Willows and then a quick dash to us for their 2nd of the morning. Nice! Thank you to today’s volunteers: James Hall, Paul Forshaw, Gaye Margarson, Helen Wass, James Plowman, Jenny Osbourn, Malcolm Osbourn & David Merchant.


Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for 13th July 2019

Brandon (103): Adam Maltpress (22:35), Kate Warboys (31:26 YB!). Bury St Edmunds (310): Adrian Whittle (23:59 cPB!), Anna Mayhew (25:48 cPB! YB!), Stephanie Greenwood (29:18), Rebecca Hannah (32:47), Ruth Eberhardt (volunteer, thanks!). Cambridge (420): Richard Jones (24:31 & volunteer, thanks!), Jessica Podd (25:41 YB!). Clare Castle (127): James Tweed (21:27). Coldham’s Common (264): James Thomson & daughter in buggy (24:06 & volunteer, thanks!). Haverhill (72): Henry Hamilton (19:44 cPB!), Chris Aylmer (29:09). Thetford (286): Elke Hausler (21:26, 1st female finisher!).

A brilliant run by Elke Hausler who was first female finisher at Thetford and hopefully getting over an annoying Achilles injury. Course PBs and/or year bests for Adrian Whittle, Anna Mayhew, Jessica Podd and Henry Hamilton too.

BEST IN AGE GROUPS: Elke Hausler 1st of 8 and 1st of 143 female finishers; Jessica Podd 1st of 8; Henry Hamilton 1st of 5 and 2nd of 72 finishers; Anna Mayhew 4th of 23; James Tweed 2nd of 11; Adrian Whittle 7th of 20; Stephanie Greenwood 4th of 11; Adam Maltpress 2nd of 5, Richard Jones 9th of 22; Chris Aylmer 1st of 2.

Newmarket GRL report for 14th July 2019 @11:15am

Just Giles Macrow (30:43) recorded a 5K run for Newmarket Joggers at the GRL on Sunday, probably after starting the races. There were two very fast runners in the 5K, both recording 18 minute PB times, by the name of John Beardsworth (18:18) and George Redhead (18:41). Neither is in a running club and only George is listed on Runbritain with a 2.8 handicap. They have both done this GRL before and George has done a lot of local parkruns.  Well done Junior Jogger Connor Bithell, who ran the 2.5K in a time of 14:47. Most of all, well done the volunteers who managed to keep the show on the road!

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Report for 6th July 2019

Cambridge (499): James Tweed (21:07) led the way from Brian Munns (23:14), Richard Jones (24:21), Jim Withers (26:47) and Sophie Adams (30:57 cPB YB!). It was Sophie’s best parkrun time since 2016 so a great effort by her. James was only 12 seconds from his all-time parkrun PB of 20:55, so is in great form. Bury St Edmunds (271): Adrian Whittle (24:19 cPB!) was first home, closely followed by Ruth Eberhardt (24:38), Malcolm Osbourn (26:43 cPB!), Paul Dockerill (30:34, running with daughter Chloe), Alan Thornhill (31:07) and Jenny Osbourn (38:19). Excellent running by Adrian and Malcolm, who both recorded course PBs, and from Ruth, who finished 1st of 17 in her age group. Coldham’s Common (253): Another great buggy run by James Thomson (23:07), with Norah on board. Haverhill (62): Chris Aylmer (29:15).

Best in age groups: Ruth Eberhardt 1st of 17; James Tweed 5th of 38; Brian Munns 5th of 25; Richard Jones 8th of 25; Malcolm Osbourn 2nd of 6; Jenny Osbourn 2nd of 4.

Newmarket GRL report for 7th July 2019 @11:15am

No Newmarket Joggers running in the 5K or 2.5K events this week, with the Marcus Gynn Newmarket 10K at Stetchworth drawing most of our members as volunteer helpers as well as participants in the senior and junior races. Message from Dave: Thank you to today’s volunteers: Jill Mayhew, Gaye Margarson, Alix Jones, Alice Morrison Lebbon, Sue Scargill, Giles Macrow, James Plowman & David Merchant. We had another lovely mild dry day today and you managed to get a total of 10 PBs, Well done everyone!

See you next week,

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results 29th June 2019

Cambridge (471): Chris Howell (19:34); Jon Brooker (21:10); Phil Blundell (22:36); James Thomson + Norah in Buggy (22:54); Adrian Whittle (24:19); Alan Shand (24:31); Ruth Eberhardt (24:47); Joe Cormack (25:56); Baz Colley (26:20); Danielle Jones (26:40); Sophie Adams (31:47); Rachel Allen (36:07) and Sara Brown (43:33, about 15 min late starting).  Thanks to all the volunteers, including NJs: Rachel Allen, Chris Aylmer, Jon Brooker, Baz Colley, Joe Cormack, Ruth Eberhardt, Elke Hausler, Jan Holmes, Lisa Jennings, Richard Jones, Sarah Kinston, Lynda McCormack, Adam Orriss, Sonia Orriss, Jenny Osbourn, Malcolm Osbourn, Sianie Painter, Hannah Parsons, Mike Sales, Sarah Sales, Christine Shand, Alexia Smithson, James Thomson, Kate Warboys and Jim Withers.  Sheringham, Norfolk (199): Paul Dockerill (20:47 cPB!). Brandon (80): Adam Maltpress (22:34). Jersey Farm, St Albans, Herts (206): Henry Hamilton (21:34). Aachener Weiher Cologne, GER (50): Rebecca Hannah (32:42). Coldham’s Common: Thanks to volunteers Melanie & Harley Tindale.

Best in Age Groups: Paul Dockerill 1st of 17; Jon Brooker 2nd of 34; Chris Howell 2nd of 31; Ruth Eberhardt 2nd of 20; Phil Blundell 3rd of 25; Alan Shand 2nd of 15; Adrian Whittle 9th of 34; James Thomson & Buggy 4th of 13; Adam Maltpress 2nd of 6.

The Cambridge parkrun” takeover” by Newmarket Joggers in Milton Country Park, thanks to David Merchant

It was Alan Shand‘s first ever parkrun this week (hopefully not his last!) and he did well to come 2nd of 15 in his age group at Cambridge. Of particular note was James Thomson‘s phenomenal run with his daughter in the buggy….a time of 22:54 and 4th of 13 in his age group, despite such a huge handicap with the narrow paths and crowded field to negotiate as well.

Rebecca Hannah was a surprise tourist in Cologne in Germany at the Aachener Weiher parkrun and enjoyed her run, coming 11th of 17 female runners. There are now 23 parkruns in Germany after the first one started in December 2017, so a rapid expansion in a short time. Aachener Weiher began in March this year. There were 50 participants this week, their second biggest field so far, but at least half were tourists from UK running clubs and there were only about 10 runners with German sounding surnames. The route is a double lap around the Aachener Weiher Park and Hiroshima-Nagasaki Park, which goes through a Biergarten on the way….great for post run refreshments!

Rebecca Hannah at Aachener Weiher parkrun in Cologne, Germany, thanks to Rebecca.

Paul Dockerill took on the difficult Sheringham parkrun for the third time, with its uneven trails, tree root hazards and challenging uphill near the finish. He did a great job, coming 5th of 199 overall and 1st of 17 in his age group, taking 46 seconds off his previous course PB. Henry Hamilton went in search of the elusive “J” parkrun and found it in Jersey Farm parkrun, near St Albans in Hertfordshire. He came 14th of 206 overall, so a top run.

Newmarket GRL Sunday 30th June 2019 @11:15

5.0K: First finisher by over 5 minutes was top veteran runner David “Taffy” Williams (19:19), who used to be a Newmarket Jogger until fairly recently and does a lot of his training with fellow ace veteran Jogger Paul Holley. Of the current members of the club, well done Joe Cormack (25:28, 5th of 32 overall) who was first Jogger home, followed by first female finisher Anna Mayhew (26:24 1st F of 9), Rebecca Fordham (27:22 3rd F) and Chris Aylmer (30:04 20th). There were no Joggers running in the 2.5k.

Message from Dave: Well done everyone taking part today.
We had one first timer and a total of seven PBs!  Thank you to all of today’s volunteers: Helen Wass, Sue Scargill, Richard Jones, Alice Morrison Lebbon, Ian Buchen, Gaye Margarson, Chris Aylmer, James Plowman, Angie Underdown, Anna Mayhew & David Merchant. See you next week, Dave

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results 22nd June 2019

York (367 participants): Emma Newman (23:51). Cambridge (550): James Tweed (21:16); Brian Munns (22:49 YB!); Richard Jones (24:11); Rebecca Fordham (25:14 PB!); Mike Sales (25:44); Jim Withers (27:29); Stephanie Greenwood (28:04); Sarah Sales (29:06); Aaron Burns (30:57). Bury St Edmunds (256): Paul Dockerill (20:19); Neville Clarke (22:00); Ruth Eberhardt (24:58); Malcolm Osbourn (27:20); Carol Mcintosh (34:23); Jenny Osbourn (37:24). Homewood (102): Henry Hamilton (20:50); Brandon (124): Clive Purbrook (24:40); Belinda Schofield (28:22). Thetford (235): Giles Macrow (24:35). Haverhill (77): James Thomson (21:04). Coldham’s Common (312): Jon Brooker (24:09); Eadie Brooker (24:58).

Best in Age Groups: Rebecca Fordham 1st of 21; Emma Newman 1st of 12; Neville Clarke 1st of 8; Ruth Eberhardt 2nd of 13; Paul Dockerill 2nd of 12; Brian Munns 6th of 35; Eadie Brooker 1st of 5; Henry Hamilton 1st of 5; James Tweed 9th of 37; Jim Withers 3rd of 11; Sarah Sales 8th of 29; Belinda Schofield 1st of 3 by 22 min; Clive Purbrook 1st of 3 by over 5 min; Jon Brooker 5th of 15.

Rebecca Fordham is in fine form and has been setting new PBs regularly throughout the season. It’s good to see Brian Munns on the come-back with his best parkrun time this year, following a succession of injury problems. Emma Newman also had a big injury set back earlier this year but is fighting back and regularly topping her age groups in parkruns. This week she ran in her parents’ local parkrun in York, which she has completed many times; a fast and flat run around the inside of York Knavesmire racecourse. Meanwhile Henry Hamilton called in on Homewood parkrun for the first time, in Ottershaw, Surrey. This picturesque 3 lap course starts and finishes on playing fields but spends much of its time weaving through woods, along the woodland trails of Ether Hill. Henry may have been in this vicinity due to Ascot racecourse being fairly nearby.

Homewood parkrun in Surrey, southwest of London. thanks to Henry Hamilton.

Newmarket GRL Sunday 23rd June 2019 @11:15

5K: Neville Clarke (22:17, 2nd of 50 overall) put in a great performance for Newmarket Joggers. This was on top of his Friday evening 5 mile race at Bury St Edmunds, where he won his age category trophy, followed by a first finish in his age group in the parkrun at Bury on Saturday morning, so he’s firing on all cylinders. Junior Jogger Cerys Bithell (26:53 PB! 2nd F) had a great PB run and was next home for the club, accompanied by mother Ellie Bithell (26:53, 3rd F). Next came Malcolm Osbourn MV70 (27:45, 18th) putting in his usual top class consistent run. Sianie Painter (32:30, 8th F) had already been on a longish run before the GRL and went even further afterwards with Malcolm and Caroline, so was sensibly going at a gentler pace than normal. Rachel Allen (37:12 PB! 12th F) did very well to post a new PB time.

2.5K: There’s no stopping Junior Jogger Tilly Maxwell (12:24, 1st of 34 overall), so very well done on yet another overall first finish. Isla McCulloch (13:43 PB! 2nd F) came next followed closely by Oscar Sowerby (13:49 PB! 7th), father Stuart Sowerby (13:52 PB! 8th) and Connor Bithell (14:13, 9th).

From Dave: “Another cracking morning on the gallops. There was a total of 6 PBs as well as 10 1st timers. Also we had a lot of unknown runners, so please register online, so that we have your emergency contact details. Thank you to today’s volunteers: Gaye Margarson, Paul Forshaw, Sue Scargill, Debbie Read, Caroline McIntosh, Helen Wass, Alice Morrison Lebbon, Chris Aylmer, Richard Jones & David Merchant”.

On your marks….Get set….Go! Newmarket GRL 2.5K

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results 15th June 2019

Brandon (121 participants): Clive Purbrook (24:20); Malcolm Osbourn (27:47); Belinda Schofield (28:33); Jenny Osbourn (37:53). Bury St Edmunds (306): Danny Peeling (18:33 First ever parkrun!); Ruth Eberhardt (25:15); Chris Aylmer (marshal). Cambridge (480): James Walker (20:13, First ever parkrun!); Jon Brooker (20:29 cPB!); Baz Colley (24:35 PB!); Eadie Brooker (24:50); Rebecca Fordham (25:35 =PB!). Clare Castle (137): James Tweed (21:26 100th parkrun!). Coldham’s Common (265): Brian Munns (23:56); James Thomson with Norah in buggy (25:27); Jim Withers (27:06); Melanie & Harley Tindale (volunteers, thanks). Littleport (223): Adrian Whittle (23:40). Thetford (264): Paul Dockerill (26:14) ran with daughter Chloe (26:11, near a PB!).

Tourist Venues. Clover Point [CAN] (49): Henry Hamilton (19:16 YB!). Exeter Riverside (311): Phil Blundell (22:20).

Best in Age Groups: Jon Brooker 1st of 34; Rebecca Fordham 1st of 25; Danny Peeling 1st of 13; Eadie Brooker 1st of 5; Henry Hamilton 1st of 4; Belinda Schofield 1st of 2 by over 20 minutes; Clive Purbrook 1st of 2 by nearly 10 minutes; Malcolm Osbourn 1st of 2 by over 4 minutes; James Tweed 2nd of 15; Ruth Eberhardt 4th of 21.

Clover Point parkrun at Victoria on Vancouver Island in Canada, the most westerly parkrun in the world! Thanks to Henry Hamilton

Newmarket GRL Sunday 16th June 2019 @11:15am

Newmarket Joggers in the 5K (33 registered participants, 44 in all): Malcolm Osbourn (27:37) 14th overall; Cerys Bithell (28:11 PB!) 16th, 8th F; Ellie Bithell (28:13) 17th, 9th F; Sianie Painter (28:40) 19th, 10th F. Well done Cerys for 5K PB! 2.5K (7 registered, 29 in all): Tilly Maxwell (12:06) 1st overall, 1st F. Well done Tilly for first finisher!

Message from the Team: “Well we missed the rain again today, lucky us, although it was windy, (but we won’t talk about that). Well done to everyone taking part and superb effort by the 11 runners who achieved new PBs” 🎖

Thank you to today’s volunteers Helen Wass, Sue Scargill, Debbie Read, Gaye Margarson, Lauren Bithell, Paul Forshaw, Richard Jones, David Merchant & Chris Aylmer.


Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results for 8th June 2019

Brandon (127 participants): Clive Purbrook (24:30), Malcolm Osbourn (28:43), Carol Mcintosh (33:00 cPB!). Cambridge (413): Stephen Cousins (23:19). Clare Castle (150): James Tweed (21:37). Coldham’s Common (281): Phil Blundell (21:42 PB!), Brian Munns (24:21), Jim Withers (27:27), Chris Aylmer (28:54), Emma Reader (34:54), Jeremy Reader & Jude in buggy (no time). Haverhill (72): Ruth Eberhardt (23:04 YB!). Renton USA (22): Henry Hamilton (20:12). Southampton (964): Adrian Whittle (22:53). Thetford (240): Sophie Adams (31:35). Victoria Docks (150): Giles Macrow (24:20). Wimpole Estate (407): James Thomson & Norah in buggy (34:53).

Best in age groups:  Henry Hamilton 1st overall finisher of 22 and 1st of 5 in age group; Ruth Eberhardt 2nd F finisher of 27 & 1st of 6; Carol Mcintosh 1st of 4; James Tweed 2nd of 16; Adrian Whittle 12th of 52; Stephen Cousins 3rd of 11; Clive Purbrook 2nd of 7; Phil Blundell 8th of 21; Brian Munns 5th of 12.

Three notable runs this week, from Ruth Eberhardt, Carol Mcintosh and Henry Hamilton. Carol achieved a course PB at Brandon and is improving all the time, little by little, bit by bit. Ruth achieved her best parkrun time so far this year at Haverhill, the same course at which she achieved her best parkrun time last year, despite running there only the once; and all because Bury St Edmunds parkrun was cancelled due to the preparations for the Race For Life run in Nowton Park on Sunday. Brian Munns and Jim Withers also achieved year best times at Haverhill a few weeks ago. So Haverhill is an excellent choice for a PB as long as it is avoided in the soggy wet winter weather when the ground can get waterlogged, muddy and boggy. At that time of year, it is excellent practice for the cross country season and metal spikes can still get you a decent time.

Wild West story: Henry Hamilton was the globe-trotting, heavy medal-toting Johnny-come-lately in downtown Seattle over the weekend. He was there for the big-time Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon on Sunday and rumours started to circulate that he’d probably suss out the local parkrun in small-time Renton on Saturday to make a few local joggers dance and show a little respect. It darned near scared the lot of ’em away. Only 21 brave kinsfolk showed up to stand in his way at 9:00am that fateful morning…..

Well, Henry did show up at Renton and deservedly claimed his first finish on US soil but they needn’t have worried. He was armed only with his Garmin and smartphone for taking some nice pictures, as well as his sun shades and a smile. For the sake of the good and peaceful folk of Renton, he was saving most of his energy for the next day.

This is a beautiful course; an almost flat out & back along the Cedar River Trail that stays close to the River Cedar, crossing over it on an attractive metal bridge a couple of times. The trail is actually a 17 mile section of disused railway line which was part of the Milwaukee Road Company’s ambitious Pacific Extension railroad, opened in 1909 and connecting Chicago to the Pacific North West. It was an extraordinary feat of engineering skill, crossing several mountain ranges on the way, including the Rockies and Cascades. Sadly, the railroad was eventually closed in 1980, spending much of its life in and out of bankruptcy. On the part near Renton used by the parkrun, there’s a smooth, level tarmac surface, flanked on either side by woods and forested hills, while further along it becomes gravelly. The traffic is confined to pedestrians, bikers and horse riders making it ideal for a parkrun. The parkrun began in Nov 2017 and generally attracts somewhere around 40 runners per week but this week was particularly low in numbers for some reason….maybe there was a grain of truth in the story above….

Cedar River Trail, Renton, Seattle USA, thanks to Henry Hamilton-Gould

Newmarket GRL Sunday 9th June 2019 @11:15am

Newmarket Joggers in the 5K (37 registered participants): Ellie Bithell (24:16) 3rd overall, 1st F (female) of 17; Danielle Jones (26:10) 10th, 6th F ; Rebecca Fordham (26:44) 11th, 7th F; Malcolm Osbourn (27:29) 15th; Sianie Painter (28:47) 17th, 9th F; Chris Aylmer (29:28) 19th; Giles Macrow (37:14) 32nd.  2.5K (20 registered participants): Tilly Maxwell (11:31 PB!) 1st overall, 1st F of 11; Connor Bithell (13:10) 6th; Cerys Bithell (13:20) 7th, 3rd F; Lauren Bithell (26:02) 18th, 9th F.

A message from Dave and Anna: “What a gorgeous morning it was today. The Gallops were looking as pristine as always, the Sun was out and there was a nice light wind.
We had well over 💯 runners taking part! 😀
14 PBs 🎖 6 New registered participants and loads of new faces, families & friends.
Thank you to Cerys Bithell for handing out some delicious Orange and Chocolate Meringues!”

Cheers to today’s volunteers – Debbie Read, Helen Wass, Gaye Margarson, Paul Forshaw, Sue Scargill, James Plowman, Giles Macrow, Anna Mayhew & David Merchant.

See you next Sunday!
Dave & Anna GRLN 🐕🏃‍♀️🏃‍

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results for 1st June 2019:

Brandon (147 participants): Adrian Whittle (24:08); Clive Purbrook (25:04); Belinda Schofield (28:47). Bury St Edmunds (325): Neville Clarke (21:37); Ruth Eberhardt (24:18); Paul Dockerill (31:35), ran with daughter Abbie Dockerill (31:33 PB!). Cambridge (535): Emma Newman (24:15); Richard Jones (25:00) 25 minute pacer, thanks; Rebecca Fordham (25:38); Sianie Painter 29:19; Caroline Mcintosh (34:06); Jenny Osbourn (36:13); Iain Perry (37:33, carrying 20lb weight). Clare Castle (140): James Tweed (21:17). Coldham’s Common (333): Chris Aylmer (27:52); James Thomson, barcode scanner, thanks. Thetford (285): Elke Hausler (21:44).

Best in Age Groups: Rebecca Fordham 2nd of 28; James Tweed 1st of 10; Elke Hausler 1st of 9; Neville Clarke 1st of 6; Sianie Painter 5th of 27; Ruth Eberhardt 4th of 20; Emma Newman 4th of 20; Jenny Osbourn 1st of 2; Clive Purbrook 3rd of 6.

Newmarket Great Run Local, Sunday 2nd June @ 11:15am:

5K : Neville Clarke (22:04 PB!), 2nd of 45 overall; Elke Hausler (23:02) 1st of 12 F, 4th  overall; Anna Mayhew (25:59 YB!), 2nd F; Giles Macrow (28:24), 16th; Chris Aylmer (29:27), 19th. Neville and Elke both put in a top performances, with Elke an impressive first female finisher once again and new member Anna Mayhew following on in 2nd female spot with her best GRL time this year. For Neville it was a PB in his third top effort in as many days.  On Friday evening he won the MV65 age group trophy in the Kirton Friday 5 mile race near Felixstowe and then topped his age group in the parkrun at Bury St Edmunds yesterday.  2.5K: No Newmarket Joggers involved as far as is known. However, Elke Hausler’s husband Michael (14:44) did well to finish 3rd of 26 overall and first named finisher.

From the GRL team: Good effort today, a bit of a breeze but still hot & humid.
We had 6 first timers & 6 PB’s 💪👏 Thanks to today’s volunteers: Sue Scargill, Debbie Read, Helen Wass, Sianie Painter, Gaye Margarson, James Plowman, Giles Macrow, Angie Underdown, Anna Mayhew & David Merchant.

For previous archived reports from January 2019 please follow link:

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results for 25th May 2019

Brandon (81 participants): Iain Perry (32:24, carrying weights). Bury St Edmunds (322): Neville Clarke (21:29), Rebecca Hannah (32:38), Alice Greenwood (37:35 YB!). Thanks to volunteer helper James Thomson. Cambridge (517): Richard Jones (23:32), Jan Holmes (26:16), Chris Howell (19:40). Haverhill (81): Brian Munns (22:52 YB!), Jim Withers (26:38 YB!), Chris Aylmer (28:27). Littleport (255): Jamie Sales (17:53 YB!), Emma Newman (24:49), Mike Sales (25:28 cPB! YB!), Sarah Sales (25:57 cPB! YB!), Sarah Kinston (30:39). Mountbatten School (178): Stephanie Greenwood (28:26). Sizewell (145): Giles Macrow (25:13).

Best in Age Groups: Jamie Sales 1st of 1, 2nd of 255 overall; Chris Howell 2nd of 30; Emma Newman 1st of 9; Neville Clarke 1st of 8; Jan Holmes 3rd of 24; Richard Jones 6th of 29; Giles Macrow 2nd of 8; Mike Sales 5th of 18; Sarah Sales 2nd of 7; Sarah Kinston 7th of 22; Brian Munns 3rd of 6.

A great return to top form for Jamie Sales this week, who was back into the 17 minute zone at Littleport, while his parents Sarah and Mike achieved course PBs and year best times. Also well done Alice Greenwood, Brian Munns, and Jim Withers who all put in year best times. Stephanie Greenwood tried out Mountbatten School parkrun, a new event north of Southampton, near Romsey in Hampshire, which started in March this year. It is run over 3 laps of playing fields surrounding the school, including some wooded areas and is already attracting around 150 people per week. Policeman Iain Perry was carrying 13lb of weights at Brandon parkrun, as part of his training for the COPS 30 mile load-bearing ‘yomp’ across the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland on 14th Sept, alongside a troop of Royal Marine Commandos. This event is limited to 50 members of the police force and raises valuable funds for the Care Of Police Survivors charity. Iain will have to carry 32lb of weight in a rucksack, not including additional food and water, replicating the Royal Commandos’ stiff ‘coming-out’ test across Dartmoor. See Iain’s fundraising page:

Giles Macrow at Sizewell parkrun

Newmarket Great Run Local, Sunday 26th May @ 11:15am:

5K: James Tweed (22:14 PB!), 2nd of 55 overall; Ellie Bithell (24:41) 1st Female of 19, 6th overall; Jill O’Grady (22:07 PB!) 4th F; Alison McKenzie (27:31), 9th F; Sianie Painter (29:12), 12th F. 2.5K: Tilly Maxwell (12:12) 1st of 37 overall, 1st F of 9; Cerys Bithell (12:24) 3rd overall, 2nd F; Connor Bithell (16:27) 11th overall, Lauren Bithell (25:17) 7th F.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results for 18th May 2019

Brandon (80 participants): Adrian Whittle (23:29), Brian Munns (24:32), Jim Withers (27:44), Belinda Schofield (28:20), Kate Warboys (32:00 YB!). Giles Macrow and Clive Purbrook volunteer helpers, thanks. Bury St Edmunds (302): Ruth Eberhardt (24:15), Stephanie Greenwood (28:19 cPB!), Chris Aylmer (29:30). Cambridge (495): Phil Blundell (22:00 cPB!), Richard Jones (22:26), Eadie Brooker (24:31), Jon Brooker (24:32), Mike Sales (25:35), Rebecca Fordham (25:35 PB!), Sarah Sales (26:20 cPB!), Iain Perry (26:56). Clare Castle (123): James Tweed (21:18), Jan Holmes (27:22 cPB!). Littleport (286): Emma Newman (24:59). Thetford (240): Elke Hausler (21:39), Henry Hamilton (22:02). Best in age groups: Emma Newman 1st of 19, Rebecca Fordham 2nd of 24, Sarah Sales 3rd of 27, Richard Jones 3rd of 23, Ruth Eberhardt 3rd of 19, Elke Hausler 1st of 6 (by 8 minutes!), James Tweed 2nd of 12, Eadie Brooker 2nd of 9, Henry Hamilton 3rd of 12, Adrian Whittle 3rd of 9, Jan Holmes 3rd of 8, Jim Withers 1st of 2.

The finish at Thetford parkrun taken by Henry Hamilton

Newmarket Great Run Local, Sunday 19th May @ 11:15am:

5K: Elke Hausler (22:44) 1st F (female) of 17, 5th of 57 overall, Hannah Short (27:19 PB!) 5th F, Chris Aylmer (28:38) 23rd overall. 2.5K: Tilly Maxwell (11:46 PB!) 1st F of 10 and 1st of 36 overall, Connor Bithell (12:58) 5th overall, Cerys Bithell (13:08) 3rd F,  Lauren Bithell (17:49) 5th F, Ellie Bithell (17:54) 6th F.

Message from Dave: “What a brilliant run it was this morning. It’s great to see so many friends and family getting together, as well as some new faces. We had a total of 12 first timers & 11 PBs There were around 36 unknown runners, so please do register if you can! Thanks to today’s volunteers Sue Scargill, Helen Wass, Gaye Margarson, Chris O’Neill, Giles Macrow, Tracey Bolden, Angie Underdown & David Merchant”. ‍

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results for 11th May 2019

Brandon (128 participants): Adam Maltpress (23:31), Brian Munns (24:16), Clive Purbrook (24:19), Neil Williamson (24:34), Jim Withers (27:53), Kate Warboys (32:30), Alexia Smithson (35:03). Bury St Edmunds (315): Alex Swarbrick (20:13), Ruth Eberhardt (27:24), Stephanie Greenwood (28:58 cPB!), Rebecca Hannah (33:39). Cambridge (408): Rebecca Fordham (26:06), Alison McKenzie (27:02 PB!), Clare Castle (116): James Tweed (21:06), Alan Thornhill (30:22). Coldham’s Common (229): Melanie Tindale volunteer helper, thanks. Kesgrave (368): Paul Dockerill (19:09 PB!). Panshanger (414): Henry Hamilton (19:45 cPB!). Thetford (228): Giles Macrow (28:06), Chris Aylmer (28:41).  Best in age groups: Paul Dockerill 2nd of 35, Rebecca Fordham 1st of 13, James Tweed 1st of 8, Henry Hamilton 3rd of 23, Alison McKenzie 3rd of 20, Alex Swarbrick 1st of 5, Chris Aylmer 1st of 5, Ruth Eberhardt 5th of 22, Clive Purbrook 1st of 3.

Panshanger parkrun taken by Henry Hamilton

Comments: An all-time parkrun PB this week from Paul Dockerill at Kesgrave near Ipswich, the day before his excellent performance in the Dereham 10.  Kesgrave is a good PB course, almost completely flat with an out & back section along a wide trail and a final short detour through woods. Alison McKenzie is also on a roll, chalking up the PBs on a weekly basis. Henry Hamilton revisited Panshanger parkrun, which he has done 9 times, and promptly gained a new course PB. This is a beautiful and scenic course, running a whole lap around Panshanger Park in Hertfordshire, going through woods, crossing over a river and along by a lake. The names of the points along the way sum up this parkrun: Lady Hughes Wood, Evergreen Wood, Garden Wood, Riverside Cottage, The River Mimram and Kings Lake.

Newmarket Great Run Local, Sunday 12th May @ 11:15am:

5K: Three Newmarket Joggers took the limelight and the first three positions for female participants on Sunday.  Elke Hausler (22:12 PB!) was 1st female finisher and 2nd of 55 overall, followed by Hannah Parsons (23:49), 5th overall and Claire Acklam (25:11), 9th overall. In the 2.5K event, the first 4 of 25 finishers were all female. Junior Jogger Cerys Bithell (12:12) was first finisher, closely pursued by team-mate Tilly Maxwell (12:21) in 2nd position. Cerys’s run works out at a pace of 7:52/mile, which is impressive with the huge Warren Hill to contend with.  Her brother Connor Bithell (16:07) is coming along well and gaining experience.

From the GRL team: “A big thank you to our fabulous team of volunteers without whom this could not happen: Sue, Helen, Alice, Giles, James, Paul, Janet, Gaye, David and Anna
See you all next week” ‍

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results for 4th May 2019

Brandon (154 participants): Jamie Sales (18:31 cPB! First finisher!), Neville Clarke (22:51), Adrian Whittle (23:26), Mike Sales (25:33), Jim Withers (28:03), Kate Warboys (32:28 YB!). Cambridge (472): James Thomson & Norah (22:32), Stephen Cousins (22:49), Richard Jones (23:01, 23 min volunteer pacer, thanks), Rebecca Fordham (26:04), Alexia Smithson (32:08). Clare Castle (170): James Tweed (21:52), Alison McKenzie (27:21 PB!), Chris Aylmer (29:49). Coldham’s Common (320): Melanie Tindale (volunteer helper, thanks). Gorleston Cliffs (404):  Alice Greenwood (39:29 YB!). Gt Cornard (202): Henry Hamilton (20:19).  Best in age groups: Rebecca Fordham 2nd of 19, Richard Jones 3rd of 23 (despite pacing!), Stephen Cousins 2nd of 14, James Tweed 3rd of 16, Alison McKenzie 2nd of 7, Henry Hamilton 2nd of 7 and 4th of 202 overall. Special mentions: Jamie Sales 1st of only 1 in his age group but 1st of 154 overall!  Neville Clarke 1st of 2 by over 12 minutes!

Comments: Jamie Sales is really back in business now with his third first finish in a senior parkrun and second 18 minute parkrun this year. His other two first finishes were at Penrose in 2016 (17:29) and Brandon in 2017 (18:35). Four times in 2014 to 2016 he went into the 17 minute zone, so has the potential to improve even further on his current form. Alison McKenzie is improving her times rapidly and set yet another all-time parkrun PB this week, so very well done. James Thomson shows us regularly how to push your daughter in a buggy and get a 22 minute parkrun time, something many of us only dream of on a Friday night!  Richard Jones can volunteer to pace for 23 minutes (about 2 minutes slower than he usually clocks) and still finish 3rd of 23 in his age group. That’s quite a knack and his pacing was spot on as well!  Alice Greenwood tried out Gorleston Cliffs parkrun, near Gt Yarmouth, for the first time. This is a long established event which began in April 2009, at a time when there were only 3 parkruns in the whole of East Anglia. It’s an interesting route along three levels of the cliff front. It starts on the top level and gradually zig-zags its way to the bottom level; then climbs back up again and repeats the descent but does not climb back up a second time, finishing on the lower level. Fabulous views of the sea are guaranteed.

The finish at Gt Cornard parkrun , thanks to Henry Hamilton

Newmarket GRL Results: Sunday May 5th 2019 at 11:15am

5K: Greg Davis (20:13 PB!) 2nd of 43 overall, Ellie Bithell (24:14 PB!) 1st of 9 Females, Claire Acklam (24:36 PB!) 2nd F, Malcolm Osbourn (27:16) 21st, Sianie Painter (28:27) 4th F, Emma Reader (40:42 PB!) 9th F.  2.5K: Cerys Bithell (12:08 PB!) 1st of 22 overall, Lauren Bithell (16:01) 2nd of 4 F. Thank you to this weeks volunteers Alice, Sue, Giles, James, Chris, Anna and Dave.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results for 27th Apr 2019

 Bury St Edmunds: Paul Dockerill (21:55), Alice Greenwood (39:34 YB!).  Cambridge: James Tweed (21:28), Aaron Burns (29:15).  Coldham’s Common: James Thomson & Buggy (25:00), Jim Withers (27:03).  Wimpole Estate:  Malcolm Osbourn (28:43), Chris Aylmer (29:36).  Kingston:  Henry Hamilton (20:10). Best in age groups by proportion: Henry Hamilton 2nd of 13, Malcolm Osbourn 1st of 6, James Tweed 6th of 31, Chris Aylmer 2nd of 9. Brandon parkrun was cancelled due to the wind. Henry Hamilton was at the 479th running of Kingston parkrun, which has been going since 2010, with an attendance of 340 this week. It’s a lovely out & back route along the Thames Cycle Path from Kingston, past Teddington Lock towards Twickenham and back again, after a small loop.

Kingston parkrun thanks to Henry Hamilton

Newmarket GRL Results: Sunday Apr 28th 2019 at 11:15am

Four Joggers were among the 32 participants in the 5K GRL on Sunday. Stuart Sowerby (21:23) and Neville Clarke (22:28 YB!) were 2nd and 4th overall, with Alison McKenzie (27:17 PB!) 16th overall/3rd female finisher, closely followed by Malcolm Osbourn (27:52) in 17th. Alison goes up to Silver club standard as a result of this effort. Well done to all. In the 2.5K, Tilly Maxwell (12:44) ran well to come 4th overall and 2nd female finisher of 16 participants, with Oscar (16:49) and Milly (16:52) Sowerby also putting in good efforts. Thank you to this week’s GRL volunteers Sue, Debbie, Richard, Gaye, Tracey, Andrew & Alice.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results for 20th Apr 2019

Brandon: Clive Purbrook (23:45 PB!), Adrian Whittle (23:57), Adam Maltpress (24:17), Belinda Schofield (28:02 PB!).  Bury St Edmunds: Alex Swarbrick (19:42 cPB! YB!), Neville Clarke (20:44 =YB!), Paul Dockerill (26:07) ran with daughter Chloe (26:05), Ruth Eberhardt (27:15).  Cambridge: Iain Perry (26:14 YB!), Malcolm Osbourn (26:27 YB!), Jill O’Grady (26:32 PB!), Carol Mcintosh (32:41 PB!), Jenny Osbourn (34:21).  Clare Castle: James Tweed (22:03).  Coldham’s Common: James Thomson (19:42 cPB!), Brian Munns (23:53 =YB!), Melanie Tindale (24:01 YB!), Stephanie Greenwood (26:57 PB!), Jim Withers (27:35), Kate Warboys (32:44 YB!), Alexia Smithson (33:18).  Littleport:  Chris Aylmer (27:13).  Thetford: Elke Hausler (21:02 PB!), Giles Macrow (24:58).  Buckingham: Rob Jaina (25:06 YB!).  Colchester Castle: Henry Hamilton (22:45).  Conkers: Jan Holmes (26:31), Sarah Kinston (29:54).  Best in age groups by proportion: Neville Clarke 1st of 12, Jan Holmes 2nd of 23, James Tweed 1st of 11, Elke Hausler 1st of 8, Melanie Tindale 1st of 6, Malcolm Osbourn 1st of 5, Giles Macrow 6th of 29, Jill O’Grady 4th of 16, Adam Maltpress 2nd of 7, Jenny Osbourn 1st of 3, James Thomson 4th of 12.

  Colchester Castle parkrun thanks to Henry Hamilton             Conkers parkrun thanks to Jan Holmes and Sarah Kinston

Newmarket GRL Easter Sunday April 21st 2019 at 11:15am

5K (56 participants overall). Newmarket Joggers: James Thomson (20:25 YB!) 7th, Elke Hausler (22:28 PB!) 10th & 1st female finisher, Richard Jones (24:29) 15th, Anna Mayhew (26:07) 2nd female, Rebecca Fordham (26:26 PB!) 3rd female, Sianie Painter (30:13) 8th female, Alison McKenzie (30:31) 9th female, Giles Macrow (38:24, helper).  It was a sunny, warm morning with temperatures up to around 18°C by the off. Tony Bacon and unnamed friends came from Haverhill RC to set a strong pace, with Tony coming home 2nd overall in 18:20, 7 seconds behind one of his mates. James Thomson was chasing in 7th position and put in a good performance. Elke Hausler and Rebecca both did well to post new PBs, despite the warmest conditions so far this year.

2.5K: (33 participants overall): Junior Jogger Noah Wilkinson (11:54 PB!) 4th 0verall, did well to achieve a new PB running under his father’s name, with Archie Fordham (15:04 PB!) 12th, running well too.  Tilly Maxwell (12:39) and Maddie Maxwell (16:24 PB!) were 1st and 2nd females home and in great form. Not quite sure which of the runners are Junior Joggers, so apologies for mistakes or omissions. It would be great if GRL could list club affiliation like parkrun does.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results for 13th Apr 2019

Brandon: Iain Perry (27:19). Bury St Edmunds: Neville Clarke (21:29), Elke Hausler (23:00), Joe Cormack (23:58, First Timer!), Paul Dockerill (26:28) ran with daughter Chloe (26:26), Malcolm Osbourn (27:04, YB!), Ruth Eberhardt (27:20), Carol McIntosh (33:26, PB!), Jenny Osbourn (33:59, cPB!). Cambridge: Brian Munns (23:53, YB!), Jan Holmes (25:42, PB!), Rebecca Fordham (25:59, PB!), Jim Withers (28:01), Aaron Burns (29:29), Sarah Kinston (29:42). Coldham’s Common: James Thomson & buggy (23:23). Guildford: Richard Jones (21:45, First Timer!). Haverhill: Chris Aylmer (27:11, cPB! YB!). Ipswich: Henry Hamilton (21:48, First Timer!). Littleport: Alexia Smithson (29:27, YB!). Thetford: Giles Macrow (23:50).  Best in age groups by proportion: Jan Holmes 1st of 16,  Neville Clarke 1st of 11, Richard Jones 3rd of 26, Elke Hausler 2nd of 12, Rebecca Fordham 5th of 23, Giles Macrow 5th of 23, Brian Munns 5th of 21, Malcolm Osbourn  1st of 3, Alexia Smithson 4th of 12.

Ipswich parkrun at Christchurch Park: Thanks to Henry Hamilton

Well done Jan Holmes and Rebecca Fordham, who both achieved all-time parkrun PBs at Cambridge, Rebecca for the second week running; whatever they’re on we could all do with some! It’s also good to see Brian Munns coming back into form after injury. Richard Jones went touring to Guildford parkrun in Surrey for the first time. This parkrun started in 2012 and now regularly attracts numbers in the 400s and 500s, with a record 614 in January this year. It takes place in the spacious Stoke Park to the north of the town centre, which is nearby the large Spectrum Leisure Complex, complete with convenient car parking for participants. There are two undulating, anticlockwise laps around the park, over a mixture of grass and tarmac paths. Back up in East Anglia, Henry Hamilton did Ipswich parkrun for the first time and afterwards ran 17 miles along footpaths and trails to Felixstowe for a fish & chips lunch on the beach..that’s living in style!

Newmarket GRL Sunday April 14th 2019 at 11:15am: First Anniversary!

5K (62 Participants): Henry Hamilton (20:37) 1st overall (not named in results), Richard Jones (22:09) 3rd, Elke Hausler (22:54) 5th/1st F, Hannah Parsons (23:28) 7th/2nd F, Stephen Cousins (23:10) 8th, Joe Cormack (25:27) 14th, Rebecca Fordham (26:50 PB!) 3rd F, Malcolm Osbourn (27:03), Jill O’Grady (27:35), Sianie Painter (28:21 PB!), Alison McKenzie (28:46 PB!), Jan Holmes (31:10), Jon Brooker & doggy (32:43), Kate Warboys (33:34), Rebecca Hannah (34:36) and Jenny Osbourn (34:42 PB!). As well as the marvellous regular GRL crew, including Angie Underdown, David Merchant, James Plowman, Debbie Read, Susan Scargill, Janet Jenkins, Anna Mayhew, Paul Foreshaw and others, volunteer helpers from Newmarket Joggers likely included Giles Macrow, Carol McIntosh and Helen Wass but apologies for any unnamed volunteers.

Henry Hamilton, first finisher in the 1st Anniversary GRL. Thanks to the photographer Giles Macrow and Henry for the fantastic action photo!

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results for 6th Apr 2019

Brandon: Jim Withers (28:27).  Bury St Edmunds: James Thomson (20:29), Bobby Jackson (20:43, First Timer!), Neville Clarke (21:29). Thanks to volunteer Ruth Eberhardt.  Cambridge: Rebecca Fordham (26:11, PB!), Sarah Kinston (29:36), Aaron Burns (30:12), Alexia Smithson (30:15, cPB!). Thanks to Richard Jones (23:01), volunteer pacer for 23 min. Castle Park: Iain Perry (25:07 PB!). Coldham’s Common: Thanks to volunteer Melanie Tindale. Crystal Palace: Henry Hamilton (21:38, First Timer!). Ipswich: Adrian Whittle (24:03, First Timer!). Littleport: Dave Price (27:51, YB! First Timer!). Thetford: Thanks to Giles Macrow (29:16), volunteer pacer for 29 min. Wepre: James Tweed (23:48, First Timer!). Wimpole Estate: Chris Aylmer (29:58). Best in age groups by proportion: Neville Clarke 1st of 11, Rebecca Fordham 3rd of 23, James Thomson 2nd of 12, Henry Hamilton 5th of 24, Richard Jones 6th of 22, Bobby Jackson 3rd of 10,  James Tweed 4th of 14, Adrian Whittle 7th of 25, Chris Aylmer 2nd of 6.

Congratulations to star of the week Rebecca Fordham, who achieved an all-time parkrun PB at Cambridge, following her best ever 5K Handicap time (26:35) last Tuesday. Also to Iain Perry for gaining an all-time PB in his first attempt at Castle Park parkrun in Bishop’s Stortford, after 80 parkruns spanning 5 years. Alexia Smithson did well to gain a course PB at Cambridge and Dave Price recorded his best parkrun time this year at Littleport. Neville Clarke continues in invincible form in his age group.

James Tweed was a tourist at Wepre parkrun in Wales, Wepre being Welsh for “hilly” and it certainly lived up to its name with 437ft of climb. Iain Perry was touring Bishop’s Stortford parkrun, confusingly called Castle Park.  This was the complete opposite of James Tweed’s experience; a flat and fast course over hard paths….perhaps a good target venue for Joggers searching for an all-time PB, as Iain can testify.  Henry Hamilton notched up another tourist venue with his first visit to Crystal Palace parkrun. This is about as attractive and interesting a parkrun route as anyone could wish for.  It twists and turns through the park, circles two lakes and a maze and tours the terraces that used to lead up to the grand Crystal Palace building.  Alas, the astonishing Crystal Palace glasshouse built for the Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park has long ceased to exist.  After the exhibition, it was moved, lock, stock and barrel to be reassembled on Sydenham Hill in Penge, itself an enormous undertaking in 1854 (see photo).

The Crystal Palace at Sydenham (1854). Credit to Philip Henry Delamotte (1821–1889) – Smithsonian Libraries.

The immediate residential area soon became known as Crystal Palace and the building became the glittering showpiece of an extravagant Victorian pleasure garden called Crystal Palace Park, which eventually staged the FA Cup Final from 1895 to 1914. Crystal Palace Football Club was founded in 1905 and played on this site. During the depression after World War I, the Palace and gardens went into decline and the owners were declared bankrupt. There were national and charitable attempts to revive and restore the building but its final fate was sealed in 1936, when it sadly caught fire after a small gas explosion in one of the rooms and burned to the ground in hours. However, the name, the area and the park live on and are now thriving in the early 21st century. Crystal Palace even beat Newcastle away this weekend to stay clear from the relegation zone in the Premier League.

Newmarket GRL Sunday 7th Apr 2019 at 11:15am

Just one Jogger in the GRL 5K this week. Giles Macrow, after kindly setting up the course earlier, treated himself to a proper run for a change, coming home in 24:27, 9th of 33 participants; not quite a PB but a very good effort. In the GRL 2.5K, Junior Jogger Cerys Bithell was in good form, coming home 2nd of 6 overall and first female of 3 in 12:27, which works out at slightly under 5 min/km or 8 min/mile, so pretty fast going.

Newmarket Joggers parkrun Results for 30th Mar 2019

Brandon: Thanks to volunteers Adam & Rachael Maltpress. Cambridge: James Tweed (21:02, YB!), Stephen Cousins (22:38, YB!), Jan Holmes (26:08, PB!), Rebecca Fordham (26:25, PB!), Jim Withers (27:12), Chris Aylmer (27:37, YB!), Stephanie Greenwood (27:49, PB!), Sarah Kinston (30:26). Bury St Edmunds: Jason Bevan (21:01), Ruth Eberhardt (23:39, YB!), Alan Thornhill (30:38), Thanks to volunteer Giles Macrow. Coldham’s Common: James Thomson (22:22, buggy PB!), Alexia Smithson (29:41, cPB! YB!), Jenny Osbourn (33:43, YB!), Carol McIntosh (33:43). Littleport: Neville Clarke (20:44, cPB! YB!), Emma Newman (25:02). Watermeadows: Henry Hamilton (20:53). Blickling: Kate Warboys (33:34). Southampton: Adrian Whittle (25:04). Best in age groups: Emma Newman 1st of 13, Neville Clarke 1st of 2 by 16 minutes, James Tweed 2nd of 29, Jan Holmes 2nd of 23, Stephanie Greenwood 3rd of 25, Ruth Eberhardt 3rd of 16, Henry Hamilton 3rd of 11, Rebecca Fordham 4th of 23, Jason Bevan 4th of 11.

Lots of PBs and best of year performances from the Joggers, with parkrun courses in perfect condition this week. Star of the week was Neville Clarke (20:44) at Littleport, who achieved his best parkrun time since April 2017 and moved up from Diamond to Sapphire club standard with 80.15% age grade. Also at Littleport, Emma Newman (25:02) unfortunately exacerbated her leg injury and had to stop and walk at one point, before finding it was less painful to carry on running. Despite this, she still managed to come 1st of 13 in her age group. We hope this annoying injury heals up as soon as possible. Definitely also worth a mention is James Thomson (22:22), who set a new all-time buggy parkrun PB at Coldham’s Common, with daughter Norah aboard. That’s a very good time without buggy or baby to push round!

Three tourists this week. Kate Warboys (33:34), has run at Blickling parkrun in Norfolk quite a few times, no doubt with family connections there. The route is part of the Mausoleum Walk, as it encounters a mausoleum hidden in woods along the way (as does Brandon parkrun). It’s a very scenic 2 lap course over undulating, wooded parkland and commands a lovely view over a lake and towards the Bure Valley at one point. Moving to Northamptonshire, Henry Hamilton (20:53) had his first go at Watermeadows parkrun in Towcester. This is a 3-lap course around a large area of attractive open parkland, surrounded by trees and bordered by the River Tove for half of the perimeter. This new parkrun began in February this year and is currently attracting 100 to 150 participants per week. The other tourist was Adrian Whittle (25:04), who  joined 1,005 others in the huge Southampton parkrun, which he has done a good many times.  The parkrun began in 2012 and rivals Bushy Park for sheer numbers, with 1,295 standing as the record attendance in January this year. The course itself is flat and fast over tarmac paths on Southampton Common, so ideal in most types of weather, summer and winter. No doubt they have plenty of salt to melt any ice in the winter.

parkrun reports Jan to March 2019