Official Results: Woodbridge XC

WOODBRIDGE XC at Sutton Heath, 8.2km/5.1mi, Sunday Dec 3rd: After last week’s preliminary report, we now have the official results through. Out of a total field of 405 runners, 17 men and 8 women were competing for our combined team of Newmarket Joggers & Sudbury Joggers (N&S). The combined 1st team of N&S, (7 men + 4 women) now stands 4th of 20 competing club teams in the Suffolk Winter XC League, on 3,384 pts; not too far behind the top three of Saint Edmund Pacers (3,560), Saxons & Woodbridge (3,444) and Kesgrave Kruisers (3,399). Our men’s 1st team of 7 runners (2,629 pts) is doing even better and stands second only to Saxons & Woodbridge (2,648) in the men’s top league division. Five of N&S men’s 1st team were among the top thirteen finishers, including Robert Dobson 2nd overall; apologies that he was missed in the preliminary report. N&S women’s 1st team is holding its own at 13th of 20 in the top women’s division, but was certainly missing two of its best XC runners, Sarah Osborne and Elke Hausler, who are unfortunately sidelined with injuries; also missing from the lineup was in-form Ellie Bithell, who was recovering from a bad cold but came to support the team, along with Phil Blundell.


Above left: Sally Bowen, 1st F home for N&S; above right: Nicole Smith, 2nd F for N&S, soon to catch Steve Cousins in front, who finished 12th M for N&S. Note the posh, detached pigs’ houses in the field behind :-). Thanks for the photos.


N&S women’s team results 1st team: Sally Bowen SJ (Sudbury Joggers) 41:31, 39th F of 142; Nicole Smith NJ 45:50, 64th F; Belinda Schofield NJ 46:49, 70th F; Ruth Cowlin SJ 48:18 76th F.  2nd team: Angela Brennan NJ 48:57, 85th F; Angela Drury NJ 50:15, 90th F; Sianie Painter NJ 52:15, 107th F; Caroline Freeborough NJ 52:16, 108th F.



Above left: Robert Dobson just in the lead at around halfway, finished 2nd overall; above right: Joey Bendall just ahead of Jimmy Smith, though Jimmy was narrowly in front by the finish. Thanks for the photos.


N&S men’s team results, 1st team: Robert Dobson NJ 28:50, 2nd M of 263; Jimmy Smith NJ 29:56, 7th M; Joey Bendall NJ 30:02, 8th M; Jacob Freeborough NJ 30:06, 10th M; Mark Hayward NJ 30:44, 13th M; Greg Davis NJ 35:28, 56th M; Steve Edwards NJ 36:51, 82nd M.  2nd team: Marc Drury NJ 37:44, 98th M; Andy Fryatt NJ 38:51, 113th M; Rob Hawkins NJ 42:23, 178th M; Neil Williamson NJ 46:28, 215th M; Steve Cousins NJ 47:12, 220th M; Brian Munns NJ 47:46, 222nd M; Tom Elton NJ 47:54, 223rd M.  3rd team (incomplete but still counts for points): Alan Thornhill NJ 51:12, 243rd M; Jim Withers NJ 53:57, 251st M; Chris Aylmer NJ 1:01:16, 260th M.


Above left: Brian Munns; and above right: Caroline Freeborough, both making good headway. Many thanks for photos.


WOODBRIDGE XC JUNIOR RACE: It was great to have four NJ juniors competing in the 3.5km (estimated at ~3.2km) U17/U15/U13 race, which attracted 80 runners in all.

Lilian Corbett (12:39, 8th F of 34 and 2nd of 10 in FU17) put in a great effort, achieving 73.31% age grade over the soft, muddy course. Cerys Bithell (U17) was also going well but, unfortunately, experienced asthma breathing problems and had to pull out. Sophie Blundell (16:32, 32nd F, 11th in FU13) very kindly stopped to assist Cerys, obviously losing ground in her own race. Both runners did well in the NJ 5km Handicap two days later, so thankfully no lasting damage.

Oliver Cleary (12:54, 5th of 17 in MU13) ran very well in his first known appearance for N&S as a junior Newmarket Jogger. His estimated age grade achievement was an impressive 72.25%. Apologies for missing him in the preliminary report. We look forward to seeing him in future club races.


WOODBRIDGE XC AGE GROUP COMPETITIONS: Robert Dobson, James Smith and Mark Hayward stand 1-2-3 in the M40-44 age group out of 22 in all. In the M60-64 competition, Greg Davis is top of 23, and in F65-69 Belinda Schofield is 2nd of 9. Joey Bendall and Jacob Freeborough are 4th and 6th of 81 in M20-39.


Above left: Belinda Schofield, 3rd N&S F and 2nd of 9 in F65-69; above right: Greg Davis, 6th N&S M and 1st of 23 in M60-64. Many thanks for photos.


SANTA RUN, Sunday December 10th: On a lighter note, there was a special Christmas edition of the 5km Run Newmarket on the Heath at Warren Hill, which attracted 54 runners; a lot more than usual. The event was sponsored and supported by The Jockey Club and the Newmarket Charitable Foundation. Runners were encouraged to dress up festively. There were cakes and other treats afterwards for charitable donations.


Above left: Jan Holmes, Jo Bouttell and Pearl Fay at the Santa Run Newmarket; above right, volunteers for the Santa Run: Andrew Morrison, Helen Wass, Nicole Smith and David Merchant. Thanks for the photos.

On the same day in Grantham, Lincolnshire, Jogger Sarah Kinston enjoyed a 5km Santa Run with her two nieces and other family. See below: