Top efforts by Newmarket Joggers in Bonfire Burn 10K

Joggers Sam Sadler and Cerys Bithell were in particularly fine form in the BONFIRE BURN 10K at Histon, Cambridge, on Sunday 5th November, where 14 club members were competing.  On a sunny, breezy morning, Sam Sadler achieved a year best time of 37:28, finishing 15th of 621 overall and 9th of 102 in M18-39. Junior Cerys Bithell (aged 15) recorded a PB time of 45:19, finishing 12th F of 292 and 1st of 9 in the FU18 trophy category. Both runners have been improving steadily over the year and are currently in top form.


Above top: Cerys and Ellie Bithell after Bonfire Burn 10K, with Cerys holding her 1st FU18 trophy; above bottom: Sam Sadler pictured in 2022 on Newmarket Heath. Many thanks for photos.


Next home in order of finishing were Phil Blundell (46:57, 118th, 29th of 97 in M40-49), Eleanor Bithell (47:15, 22nd F, 10th of 95 in F40-49), Jeremy Reader (50:11, 197th, 45th of 97 in M40-49), Helen Wass (55:47, 92nd F, 17th of 69 in F50-59), Alan Thornhill (59:13, 421st, 22nd of 34 in M60+), Suzanne Bailey (59:25, 143rd F, 25th in F50-59), Jan Holmes (1:05:09, 205th F, 6th of 14 in F60+), Chris Aylmer (1:06:55, 530th, 29th in M60+), Sarah Last (1:07:16, 218th F, 51st in F50-59), Caroline Mcintosh (1:07:29, 219th F, 8th in F60+), Pearl Fay (1:10:47, 243rd F, 10th in F60+) and Jo Bouttell (1:14:36, 254th F, 61st in F50-59).


Above top, from left: Helen Hilario (friend of Ellie), Sarah Last, Suzanne Bailey, Ellie Bithell, Phil Blundell and Cerys Bithell; above top right: Jan Holmes, Pearl Fay & Jo Bouttell; above bottom left: Sarah Last; above bottom right Jeremy Reader and Ellie Bithell. Many thanks for the photos on Strava.


Troi Baxter was last year’s Bonfire Burn 1st Female trophy winner for Newmarket Joggers, but unfortunately could not defend her title this year due to doctor’s orders. She was there to give support to her friends and we hope she will recover quickly.


NATIONAL XC RELAYS, Saturday, 4th November in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire: Newmarket Joggers sent a 4-man team to compete in this event, which comprised 4 legs of 5km, over a very tough and muddy route through quite dense woods. The sum of the 4 leg times decided the order of finishing. The 4 legs for Newmarket Joggers were taken by Nathan Brown (Leg 1, 17:13), Jimmy Smith (Leg 2, 19:11), Joey Bendall (Leg 3, 18:25) and Mark Hayward (Leg 4, 19:20) for a total time of 1:14:09. This put the Joggers 78th of 177 senior men’s teams, in a very competitive, high class field. Top team of all were local rivals Cambridge & Coleridge AC, so congratulations to them on their success.


National XC Relays NJ Team: Jimmy Smith, Nathan Brown, Joey Bendall & Mark Hayward. Many thanks for the team photo.