Elke Hausler sets a new W60 world record for 2000m steeplechase at the British Masters Athletics Championships

BRITISH MASTERS ATHLETICS: Elke Hausler was in great form at the British Masters Athletics Championships in Derby, over the weekend of 2nd/3rd September. On the Saturday, she recorded 5:42.89 in the 1500m W60-64 event to win the gold medal; not quite a PB (5:40.14) but a top class performance, earning her 92.42% age grade on Power of 10. The very next day, she competed in the W60-64 2000m steeplechase (SC), a discipline she had never trained for until earlier this year. By April she had already set a new W60-64 British and European record of 8:49.40 for the 2000m SC; astonishing after just about a month of training in her new sport. At this event in Derby, she not only won the SC gold medal but also set a new world record in her age group of 8:26.94, earning a phenomenal age grade of 97.64%. In two weeks, she will compete again in the European Masters Athletics Championships in Pescara, Italy, so we very much look forward to following her progress. Elke’s husband Mike won a bronze medal in M60 shotput, representing Cambridge & Coleridge AC, so success for both.


Mike & Elke Hausler in Derby. Many thanks for the photo.

Elke Hausler completing the water jump in the 2000m Steeplechase at Derby. Thanks to Alex Rotas Photography for the great photo.


THE LONDON BIG HALF: Eight Joggers were among 15,595 finishers in the London Big Half on Sunday, 3rd September, where the bright sunshine raised the temperature to around 25°C by midday. It was not exactly PB weather, but Chris Underwood (1:35:49, 1,954th overall, 1,275th of 5,899 in M18-39) set a good pace, followed by Jonathan Ollington (1:43:29, 3,276th, 78th of 466 in M55), Richard Jones (1:45:06, 3,665th, 31st of 244 in M60) and Andy Fryatt (1:49:15, 4,603rd, 114th in M55). Then came new member Francine Dasseville (2:24:08, 3,880th F of 6,131, 208th of 383 in F50), Chris Aylmer (2:33:03, 13,097th, 13th of 22 in M70), Caroline Mcintosh (2:37:11, 4,745th F, 10th of 22 in F70) and Sarah Last (2:41:06, 4,941st F, 281st in F50). Richard Jones takes the prize for the most consistent splits, with his second 10km just 7 secs slower than his first, simply refusing to slow down in the heat.


Above top left: Chris Underwood, Jonathan Ollington & Andy Fryatt; top right: Francine Dasseville & Andy Fryatt; bottom left: Sarah Last, Caroline Mcintosh & Richard Jones; bottom right: Chris Aylmer going over Tower Bridge. Many thanks for the photos.


BEDFORD RUNFEST HALF MARATHON, Sunday: Neil Pollard (1:17:22, 2nd of 718 overall, 2nd of 117 in M40-49) put in a huge effort under the very warm conditions. Hannah Pollard (1:45:04, 10th F of 254, 3rd of 68 in F40-49) was also in great form in her first half marathon for some years.


HARLING 10K, Breckland, Norfolk, Sunday: Helen Wass (56:43, 165th of 317 overall, 44th F of 140, 7th of 27 in F55) put in an excellent run and is thankfully back to her best form after several years of injury problems. Lisa Garrand (59:32, 60th F, 21st of 37 in F Open) also ran well and has been improving steadily all year. Jason Beeton (41:44, 16th overall, 8th of 56 in M Open) represented his other club, Thetford AC, and put in a fine effort.


Above left: Jason Beeton and Lisa Garrand at Harling 10K; above right: Helen Wass flying towards the finish line in the Harling 10K. Many thanks for the photos.


SAWTRY 10M, Cambridgeshire, near Peterborough, Sunday: Mark Hayward (56:41, 4th of 254 overall, 3rd of 23 in M40) recorded his best 10-mile time this year, while it was first time over the distance in 2023 for Robert Dobson (58:28, 7th, 4th in M40). Both showed their class in this race and are in great form this year.


NORTHSTOWE FESTIVAL OF RUNNING, Cambridgeshire: On Saturday, Andrew Taylor (20:40, 5th of 85 overall, 1st of 8 in M50-59) coped well with the heat in the 5K event, while Ruth Eberhardt (2:07:11, 65th of 132 overall, 18th F of 57, 2nd of 4 in F50) successfully took on her first half marathon since recovering from an operation earlier this year.


Ruth Eberhardt at the Northstowe Half Marathon. Many thanks for the photo.


ARKWRIGHT & Co 5K LEAGUE: Final results are out after the last fixture of the season on Thursday, 31st August at Royston Heath. Great news that our men’s team and our combined men’s and women’s team have secured 2nd place of 8 clubs in the League; our best position since the series began about 13 years ago. Our women’s team were narrowly pipped at the post for 2nd place by Histon & Impington, but they still had a great season, to finish in 3rd. The outright winners of all three team competitions were Cambridge & Coleridge AC, who led from start to finish, with maximum points from the six fixtures.


Joggers at final Arkwright 5k fixture at Royston. Thanks to the team for the photo.


22 women and 22 men turned out for the Joggers at Royston. All runners at the event scored at least one point for their team. Our top-scoring 5 women at Royston were: Lilian Corbett 6th F of 111, 21:35; Elke Hausler 24th F, 23:54; Rebecca Oettle 25th F, 23:54; Wendy Ancill 35th F, 26:30; Nicole Smith 42nd F, 27:35. Our top-scoring 5 men: Robert Dobson 6th M of 194, 17:35; Mark Hayward 7th M, 17:55; James Smith 10th M, 18:10; Paul Holley, 18th M, 18:32; Sam Sadler 25th M, 19:02.

Also representing Newmarket Joggers at Royston:

Female: Angela Drury 28:38, Ruth Eberhardt 29:59, Suzanne Bailey 30:06, Sianie Painter 30:14, Emma Burns 30:21, Bridget Wallwin 30:22, Sophie Adams 31:53, Francine Dasseville 32:15, Jan Holmes 32:39, Sarah Kinston 32:43, Sarah Martin 35:39, Jackie Henley 36:00, Caroline Mcintosh 36:15, Joanne Bouttell 36:20, Pearl Fay 37:48, Rebecca Hannah 38:50.

Male: Marc Feary 21:16, Daniel Tee 21:37, Chris Burns 21:37, Chris Underwood 21:53, Marc Drury 21:54, Stephen Edwards 22:45, Andy Fryatt 23:24, Liam Elvidge 24:07, Ian Butcher 24:40, Mark Geddie 24:52, Neville Clarke 25:22, Martin Smith 26:27, Jeremy Reader 27:01, Brian Munns 29:17, Jim Withers 31:12, Malcolm Osbourn 31:47, Chris Aylmer 35:26.

Alan Thornhill was on his way but, unfortunately, his car broke down on the way to Royston.