Newmarket Joggers consolidate 2nd place in Arkwright Summer 5k League

Arkwright Summer Series 5k League: The results are now out for the 3rd fixture of the Arkwright Summer 5k League, which took place at Carver Barracks airfield near Saffron Walden on Thursday evening, 13th July, organised by Saffron Striders running club. It is great news that, not only did Newmarket Joggers’ men’s team retain their 2nd place position of 8 clubs in the League, but are now joined in 2nd position by the women’s team, who were previously in 3rd. Our combined men’s and women’s team are also in 2nd place. This is certainly the best season ever for Newmarket Joggers in this 5k League, which was established around 12 years ago. In the lead are the high-class Cambridge & Coleridge AC, who have dominated this League from the start; it’s no disgrace to be second to them. It was a huge team effort at Carver Barracks and many Joggers achieved PBs or their best 5k times of the year. The course was fast and more or less flat and everyone enjoyed the final lap around the brand new running track, opened earlier this year.


Joggers at Carver Barracks 5K, Thanks to Tosh and the team for the photo.


The first 5 female and 5 male runners to finish for each club receive bonus points according to their position within their gender, so they are crucial to the overall performance of their respective teams. Other club runners all count for one point apiece, so a high overall turnout will boost the points total. Newmarket Joggers’ top 5 women were: Sarah Osborne 19:08 PB, 13th F of 151; Cerys Bithell 19:18 PB, 16th F; Lilian Corbett 20:22 26th F; Elke Hausler 20:40 PB, 28th F and Rebecca Oettle 21:24, 32nd F. Top 5 NJ men were: Nathan Brown 15:47, 7th M of 248; Joey Bendall 16:20, 17th M; Mark Hayward 16:23 PB, 20th M; James Smith 16:31 PB, 23rd M and Neil Pollard 16:47, 27th M.

Remarkable to note that two of our fastest 5 female runners (Cerys and Lilian) are still Junior Joggers, who have made tremendous progress since training with seniors and running in club events, while Elke Hausler is now in the 60-64 age group and still achieving PBs at around 90% age grade. Nathan Brown is at full throttle in his twenties and clearly enjoying his running, being the first male Jogger to achieve under 16 minutes for a good few years, while the other men in the top 5 are still gaining PBs at a slightly more advanced age; all very positive for the future of the club. The final 3 fixtures of the League all take place in August, so there is plenty of competition to look forward to in the coming month.


The new running track at Carver Barracks, near Saffron Walden.


Brantham Friday 5, near Ipswich in Suffolk, Friday evening 21st July: Mark Hayward (27:57, 1st of 166 overall, 1st of 64 in M40+) enjoyed a tremendous run in this 5-mile race, which is not currently part of the official JM Finn Friday 5 Series.

Bungay Black Dog Summer 10k, Bungay, Suffolk, Wednesday evening 19th July: Neil Williamson (49:39, 87th of 177 overall, 18th of 30 in M40-49) put in his best 10K time of the year so far.


Neil Williamson in Bungay Summer 10K. Many thanks to Neil and Total Race Timing for the photo.


Standard Chartered Great City 5k Race, City of London, Tuesday evening 18th July: This was a huge corporate event, with over 5,000 participants, which included many teams representing companies and businesses from all over London. Chris Underwood (19:56, 430th of 5,253 overall, 246th of 1,790 in M18-34) and Jan Holmes (31:22, 1,095th F of 1,656, 5th of 10 in F60-64) were among 17 runners representing legal firm Mishcon de Reya, whose best performance of 5 x 4-person teams was probably 30th of 134 legal firms in the mixed team category, with Chris Underwood in that team.


Jan Holmes and some of the Mishcon de Reya team she was representing along with Chris Underwood (not in photo). Thanks to Jan for the photo on Strava.


Great Barrow Zig Zag Marathon Challenge, Suffolk Running Centre, Barrow, near Bury St Edmunds, Saturday 22nd July to Monday 31st July: No takers from Newmarket Joggers for the ‘10 marathons in 10 days’ challenge. However, Caroline Mcintosh (3:34:00, 16.2 miles) did run a ‘heavy half marathon’ on the opening day, which was a 5k added to a half marathon loop. She will also be marshalling mid-week and hoping to run again during the closing weekend. This is all good preparation for her marathon in Helsinki on August 6th.

Ellison’s Ekiden Relays, Ipswich High School, Woolverstone, Sunday July 23rd:  Newmarket Joggers entered 7 teams of 6 runners for this popular, yearly event, which attracts clubs from all over East Anglia. Each team had to complete 6 relay legs of 7.2km > 5km > 10km > 5km > 10km > 5km around a cross-country style course in the school grounds and playing fields, to make 42.2km for the marathon distance. Each lap of the course was 2.5km, apart from a slightly shorter first lap to get the right distance for 7.2km. For accurate timing, each team of runners carried a baton with a chip-timing device inside, to measure individual leg times and total time for the marathon.


Ipswich High School, Woolverstone, rear view.


Newmarket Joggers’ best performing team was their Mixed (M/F) team #1, in a marathon time of 2:45:36 (Daniel Tee 29:56, Sarah Osborne 20:31, Sam Sadler 38:03, Marc Drury 20:06, Mark Hayward 35:18 and Lilian Corbett 21:42), who won 2nd place trophy of 66 mixed teams.

Their other teams in order of marathon time were: Men’s Open: 3:15:40, 17th of 25 teams (Stuart Sowerby 30:44, Jon Brooker 23:23, Chris Underwood 42:59, Jacob Freeborough 18:34, Joe Cormack 54:34, Rob Hawkins 25:27); Men’s Over 50: 3:22:05, 7th of 10 teams (Neville Clarke 32:27, Tom Elton 24:31, Mark Geddie 52:01, Steve Cousins 24:40, Jon Ollington 44:58 and Steve Edwards 23:28); Ladies’ Open: 3:31:34, 5th of 16 teams (Hannah Parsons 33:12, Helina Salo 25:09, Wendy Ancill 54:01, Cerys Bithell 21:00, Ellie Bithell 50:46 and Angela Drury 27:26); Mixed team #2: 3:50:05, 44th of 66 teams (Sophie Adams 44:12, Andy Hayward 34:59, Marc Feary 44:16, Pearl Fay 38:05, Neville Clarke 51:05 and Mark Hayward 17:28); Ladies Over 50: 4:13:02, 6th of 8 teams (Ruth Eberhardt 39:01, Suzanne Bailey 27:53, Helen Wass 58:36, Bridget Wallwin 29:10, Sianie Painter 1:04:43 and Jan Holmes 33:39); Mixed team #3: 4:21:15, 65th of 66 teams (Jim Withers 43:11, Jackie Henley 32:55, Neil Williamson 55:03, Angela Brennan 29:14, Chris Aylmer 1:06:16 and Jo Bouttell 34:37).


The Joggers’ gazebo at Ekiden.


Individually, Sarah Osborne was best performing female Jogger in the 5km leg (20:31), finishing 9th F of 278 female runners, with Hannah Parsons best in 7.2km (33:12, 8th F of 67) and Ellie Bithell top Jogger in the 10km leg (50:46, 49th F of 117). For the men, Mark Hayward was best male Jogger in 5km (17:28, 4th M of 270) and 10km (35:18, 8th M of 249), having generously volunteered to cover a second leg to make up the numbers. Daniel Tee was top Jogger in 7.2km (29:56, 33rd M of 116).

Special thanks to Kate Warboys, Brian Munns and Jenny Osbourn, who weren’t running on the day but were there to support the teams in any way they could.


Wendy Ancill during her 10km run in the Ekiden Relays. Thanks to Wendy.