Newmarket Jogger Sarah Osborne finishes 1st female in Stowmarket Friday 5, while men take 2nd team prize

There was a big turnout of Newmarket Joggers for the Stowmarket Friday 5 fixture at Haughley Park, on Friday evening, 30th June. Sarah Osborne (32:04, 1st F of 123, 1st of 35 in FS) capped her recent string of podium finishes with an outright win in the women’s race, one minute 40 seconds ahead of the second finisher. Next for the female Joggers came Angela Drury (45:04, 76th F, 18th in F40) and Lisa Garrand (48:44, 97th F, 32nd in FS), who are both having a great 2023 and improving with every race. First three male Joggers to finish were Jimmy Smith (28:02, 9th of 362 overall, 2nd of 33 in M40), Joey Bendall (28:18, 12th, 7th of 53 in M20-39) and Mark Hayward (28:27, 14th, 3rd in M40), who all did well to win the men’s 2nd team-of-3 prize, only 23 seconds behind Felixstowe RR.


Above left: Haughley Park House; above right: Scene at the Stowmarket Friday 5.


Other Joggers putting in big efforts, in order of finishing, were: Marc Drury (33:20, 67th, 9th of 32 in M50), Neville Clarke (35:19, 104th, 2nd of 11 in M65), Neil Williamson M45 (41:24, 233rd), Jim Withers M65 (48:13, 315th), Sophie Adams F40 (49:47, 101st F), Chris Aylmer M70+ (53:37, 350th), Jan Holmes F55 (55:58, 116th F), Jackie Henley F55 (56:07, 118th F), Joanne Bouttell F55 (56:37, 121st F), Pearl Fay F60 (57:51, 122nd F) and Andy Hayward MS (1:02:47, 362nd).



Above left: Sarah Osborne with her two trophies for 1st Female and 1st in FS in the Stowmarket Friday 5 at Haughley Park; above right: Jimmy Smith, 1st Jogger to finish in 28:02, and part of the 2nd placed Joggers’ men’s team, with Joey Bendall and Mark Hayward. Many thanks for the photos.


Ickworth hoohaah 10K, Sunday 2nd July at Horringer, near Bury St Edmunds: It was a lovely, sunny day at Ickworth Park for this scenic, undulating 10K, with a gentle breeze blowing and paths through the woods affording ample shade. Hannah Parsons (47:05, 27th of 239 overall, 3rd F of 121, 1st of 47 in F40-49) put in a particularly fine performance, achieving a ‘hoohaah trail series 2023’ podium 3rd place for the fourth time in a row, following on from Thetford (April), Childerley (May) and Shuttleworth (June); an unusual feat and especially in her actual F45-49 age range. First Jogger to finish overall, was Jason Beeton (43:38, 13th overall, 4th of 21 in M30-39) from Jonathan Ollington (45:18, 19th, 5th of 34 in M50-59) and Jon Brooker (48:36, 35th, 12th in M50-59), all putting in good runs over the hilly route. Then came the fast-improving Lisa Garrand (1:04:31, 56th F, 9th in F30-39), Chris Aylmer (1:07:57, 181st, 3rd in M70+) and Ruth Eberhardt (1:08:48, 78th F, 21st in F50-59), the latter taking it a little easier while recovering from illness. This year, for the first time, there will be 4 more hoohaah trail races in the series, from September to December at Salcey, Wendover, Holdenby and Grafham Water, so plenty more to choose from. Could it be 8 podiums in a row for Hannah?


Above left: The Rotunda at Ickworth Park; above right: Some nice scenery near the start/finish area.


The Fen Gallop 10K at Willingham, Cambridgeshire, Sunday 2nd July: Two Joggers made the trip to this event, with the route over fairly flat, but not the easiest, off-road terrain. Helen Wass (56:17, 120th of 209 overall, 22nd F of 73, 3rd of 19 in F55) was first Jogger home, with Suzanne Bailey (59:26, 47th overall, 37th F, 6th in F55) not far behind. Both Joggers have been doing very well in their F55 age group this year, following a period of injury problems in 2022 and before.


Suzanne Bailey with medal, after the Fen Gallop 10K. Many thanks for the photo.


The Wickham Trail 9.25M, Wickham St Paul, near Halstead, Essex, Sunday, 2nd July: this was a self-navigational trail race with individual starts, with a map and route instructions handed out on the day. Two Joggers took part: Jimmy Smith (1:02:40, 2nd of 96 overall) went out on his own, fairly hard, and obviously relished his favourite trail terrain. Nicole Smith (1:44:24, 20th F of 42) went round with two other friends for, perhaps, a somewhat more relaxing experience. Both enjoyed the route and the scenery.


Nicole Smith (centre) with friends after Wickham Trail 9.25M. Many thanks for the photo.


Gosfield Lake Sprint Triathlon, Gosfield, near Braintree, Essex, Sunday 2nd July: Gillie Green (F60-64) took on the sprint triathlon and came 90th overall and 23rd in the V40 category, though there were no older categories. She found it tough but it was a very courageous effort. Her times were: Swim 20:13 (750m), Bike 1:01:59 (20km) and Run 45:04 (5km), for a total time of 2:11:07.


Above left: Gillie Green with medal after Gosfield Sprint Triathlon; above right: Cycle scenery at the triathlon. Many thanks for the photos.


Grafham Water Swimrun 21km, near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, Sunday, 2nd July: Sarah Osborne entered this Swim/Run event as a pair with her friend Rachel. They both went round the whole course together, which involved multiple, alternate swims and runs, with a total swim distance of ~4.5km and run distance of ~16.5km. They finished 1st female pair of 3 in a time of 2:54:50 and 2nd of 10 pairs overall. Sarah is certainly pushing herself to the limits and achieving great success.


Sarah Osborne in the Grafham Water Swimrun. Many thanks for the photo.