Hannah Pollard on top form in Framlingham Friday 5

Ricky Peacher Framlingham Friday 5, Framlingham, Suffolk, June 9th: Hannah Pollard (35:00) put in a great performance to finish first home of eight Newmarket Joggers, 9th F (female) of 154 and 2nd of 31 in her F40 age category. She has shown marked improvement this year and is now back to her best form following a prolonged period of injury.


Above left: Hannah Pollard in centre, Brian Munns on left and Jim Withers on right, at the Framlingham Friday 5; above right, Hannah’s medal. Many thanks for the photos.


Next to finish was ace veteran Neville Clarke (36:41, 142nd of 430 runners overall, 4th of 17 in M65). Then came Neil Williamson (41:47, 269th, 44th in M45), Brian Munns (43:59, 299th, 32nd in M55), Jim Withers (47:00, 348th, 12th in M65), Jan Holmes (48:50, 112th F, 14th in F55), Jo Bouttell (56:51, 149th F, 18th in F55) and Pearl Fay (59:41, 153rd F, 10th in F60).

Flaming June Half Marathon, Impington, Cambridge, Sunday 11th June: This event lived up to its name and most runners found it hard going in the heat. However, Sam Sadler (1:25:57, 7th of 151 overall, 4th of 29 in M18-39) appeared to thrive under the conditions, beating his time in the Cambridge Half last March by over 6 minutes.

Seven Joggers opted for the Flaming June 10K. Shane Mcandrew (47:10, 24th of 175 overall, 12th of 39 in M18-39) was first Jogger home in his first 10K outing of the year. Next came Helen Wass (57:09. 23rd F of 79, 4th of 14 in F50-59), also in her first 10K this year and doing well in her age group. Angela Drury (57:41, 25th F, 9th of 27 in F40-49) found the heat stifling, yet was still within 2 minutes of her time in the Holt 10K two weeks previously, and high up in her age group. She was generously paced by husband Marc Drury (57:42, 85th, 10th of 18 in M50-59). Sarah Kinston (1:10:48, 55th F, 18th in F40-49) sensibly ran a little more relaxed under the conditions in her first 10K this year.


Jersey Half Marathon, Jersey, C.I., Sunday 11th June: Paul Holley was back on the island of his childhood and put in a huge effort to clock 1:20:40, finishing 2nd of 379 overall and 1st of 40 in his M55 age category. There was a steep 200ft climb with 3 miles to go, which made for a tough course in the closing stages.


Paul Holley with Jersey Half Marathon prizes. Many thanks for the Strava photo.


Race For Life 5K, Bury St Edmunds, Nowton Park, Sunday 11th June: Sarah Last recorded 33:12 in this cancer charity race under very warm conditions.

Above left: Sarah Last’s medal; above right: the scene at Nowton Park. Many thanks for the Strava photos.


Nene Park Swimrun 10km, 21km & 39km, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, Sunday 11th June: This event had solo or pairs options, e.g. for pairs, one swimmer and one runner in alternating legs. Sarah Osborne went for the 21km solo event, which involved 9 swim legs and 10 run legs in Nene Park, with about 4km swimming and 17km running altogether. That was a huge challenge. She did very well to finish 1st solo 21km female of 22 in a time of 2:32:53; 5th of 36 in solo 21km overall. Daniel Tee opted for the solo 10km race, consisting of 6 swim legs and 7 run legs. He did well to finish 3rd of 28 solo 10km male competitors and 4th of 54 solo 10km overall, with the overall winner a female competitor.


Above left: Sarah Osborne, 1st female solo 21km; above right: Daniel Tee (left), 3rd male solo 10km. Many thanks for the great photos.