Top achievements for Joggers in real and virtual London Marathons

VMLM London Marathon:  Some great achievements by the Joggers in the London Marathon on Sunday 3rd Oct. In the ‘real’ version, Neil Pollard put in a flawless performance to finish in 2:37:42, a PB by 56 seconds according to Power of 10. He maintained an average pace of 6:01/mi (3:44/km) with splits as regular as clockwork from beginning to end, finishing 269th of 35,832 runners overall, and 54th of 3,539 in M40. Jimmy Smith (2:46:30) also had a great race, coming home 720th overall and 175th in M40. This was his quickest marathon since February 2018 in Tokyo, so good encouragement for him. Jamie Rule (3:16:18, 3,862nd overall) had plenty of reason to feel chuffed in his first ever marathon, keeping a text book set of even splits (7:30/mi. 4:39/km), with no wavering at all in the final stages.

Jamie Rule in Horse Guards Parade after his big effort in the London Marathon, his first attempt at the distance. Thanks for Strava photo.

Also in his first marathon, Joe Cormack (5:21:39, 29,024th overall) was targeting around 5:00 hours. He put in a spirited effort from the start and held on well in the closing stages, digging deep. Emma Reader (6:41:03, 13,722nd of 14,404 female finishers), generously supported by husband Jeremy (also 6:41:03), bravely completed her 2nd London Marathon, managing to cut over 3 minutes off her previous time, despite suffering severe leg fatigue. That’s a great achievement by any standards. Emma says “never again” but she’s still so young and has plenty of PBs waiting in the future.

Emma and Jeremy Reader with medals after the London Marathon

Troi Baxter (3:30:08, 987th F of 14,404, 504th of 6,426 in F18-39) put in a huge effort to help set a Guinness World Record for two females running a marathon handcuffed to each other, also beating the mixed handcuff record into the bargain. She ran with friend Kerry Bullen (3:30:08, 988th F, 176th of 2,250 in F45-49), also a highly talented local Newmarket runner, who gained a 6 minute marathon PB. The Guinness Record challenge has so far raised over £6,000 for Tom’s Trust charity, which helps care for children recovering from brain tumour therapy and surgery. Troi clocked 3:13 in the Berlin Marathon just 3 weeks earlier and 1:29 in the London Big Half in August, both huge PBs for her. We warmly welcome her back to Newmarket Joggers.

Kerry and Troi after running handcuffed together in the London Marathon. Thanks for Strava photo.

Virtual London Marathon:  A number of Joggers had a go at the Virtual London Marathon on the same day, on a local route of their choosing. Ellie Bithell (4:43:49) did really well, all on her own, finishing 6,298th of 22,661 virtual runners overall, 2,009th F of 11,684 female finishers and 483rd of 2,405 in F40. Rebecca Fordham (5:32:00, 4,612th F, 610th of 1,805 in F50) generously supported another runner and did so well in her first ever marathon; hopefully more to come. Baz Colley (5:43:26, own time) also put in a great effort in his first marathon, helping to raise money for charity.


Ellie Bithell in her virtual London Marathon, with a smile. Thanks for the Strava photo.

Chippenham Park 10K:  On the same day, a big event for the Joggers was the new Chippenham Park 10K, just up the A11 from Newmarket. 22 Joggers were in action, with several more kindly volunteering to marshal and assist in registration etc., due to a shortage of helpers on the day. With too few marshals, some runners unfortunately took wrong turnings, including Joggers Richard Jones and Jenny Osbourn. Nevertheless it was a fun, off-road course, with mud, deep puddles and woody trails to negotiate. First home for the Joggers was Mark Drury (42:28, 9th of 262 overall, 4th of 27 in M40) followed by Jason Beeton (43:56, 13th overall) and Sarah Boneham [1st F Jogger] (49:53, 41st , 11th of 169F, 3rd of 46 in F45). Next came Clive Purbrook (50:06, 45th, 3rd of 15 in M60), Rob Hawkins (53:30, 71st, 11th of 24 in M50) and Richard Jones (55:17, 83rd), the latter unintentionally going the extra mile and doing well to finish so high up in the order. They were followed by Miles Johnson (55:33, 89th, 7th in M60), Bridget Wallwin [2nd F Jogger] (57:19, 71st, 43rd F, 7th of 46 in F45), Alan Thornhill (57:37, 108th, 1st of 2 M70), Malcolm Osbourn (58:42, 124th, 2nd in M70), Jan Holmes [3rd F jogger](1:00:40, 69th F, 9th of 19 in F55). Then came Lynda McCormack (1:02:18, 86th F, 12th in F55), Angela Barnes (1:03:14, 92nd F), John Bailey (1:04:40, 187th), Lisa Jennings (1:05:13, 114th F), Lisa Garrand (1:10:35, 142nd F), Mary Marsh (1:11:32, 146th F), Jo Bouttell (1:12:27, 150th F), Caroline Mcintosh (1:15:24, 157th F), Suzanne Bailey (1:17:10, 163rd F) and Jenny Osbourn (1:39:52, 169th F), the latter unfortunately taking a wrong turning in the woods and doing very well to complete the course.

Newmarket Joggers at the Chippenham Park 10K. Thanks to Jenny for photo.

Round up of other Races

Marriotts Way 10K, 3rd Oct:  Brian Munns (49:19, 84th of 374 overall, 11th of 38 in M55) and Jim Withers (55:51, 191st, 10th of 18 in M65+) both ran well in the Marriotts Way 10K at Aylsham on Sunday, though they have done slightly quicker times earlier this year.

Brian Munns, finishing the Marriotts Way 10K in Reepham. Official finish photo, thanks to Brian.

Abington 10K, 3rd Oct:  This favourite local race attracted three Joggers and 136 runners in all. Neville Clarke (43:52, 20th overall, 1st of 4 in M60-69) put in a top class performance for his age, earning 79.90% age grade; almost sapphire standard. Then came Andrew Aldridge (44:26, 23rd, 5th of 17 in M40) and Stephen Cousins (48:51, 47th, 2nd in M60), both also in good form.  Chelmsford Half Marathon, 3rd Oct: Rachael Maltpress (2:04:50, 155th F of 417, 54th of 169 in F40) ran a good race, generously supported by husband Adam Maltpress (2:04:51, 608th of 1,019 overall).  Barrow Half Marathon, Sat 2nd Oct: Lisa Jennings (2:28:18) coped well over a tough course, along the hilly Dalham Kiln loop, starting and finishing at the Suffolk Running Centre in Barrow.  Trail Pursuit Marathon, Brecon Beacons, Wales: Helina Salo (5:13:01, own time) put in a tremendous effort over this enormously hilly route, with 4,805 ft of climb, including the highest peak of Pen y Fan in southern Wales, and indeed southern Britain. This was a huge achievement for Helina.

Helina Salo in her Trail Pursuit Marathon and at the top of Pen y Fan (2,907 ft) during the marathon, which had to be climbed all the way. Thanks to Helina for the great photos on Strava.