Joggers in action at Snetterton Race Track and Newbury Racecourse

Snetterton Race Track 5k: Five Joggers visited Snetterton Race Track on Wednesday 28th April, for a tilt at the Inspire Races 5k and 10k events on offer. Jimmy Smith was entered for the 5k and arrived shortly before the published time, only to find that the sub-20 minute wave had already started some minutes beforehand. That meant that he had to basically run on his own, without the competition and motivation of other equally fast runners around him, which was a downer. Nevertheless, he still put in a very good time of 17:17 in quite windy conditions, finishing 14th of 192 overall and 4th of 36 in MV40.

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James Walker also ran well in the 5k, clocking 19:48 in 51st place, which now stands as his official 5k PB. He did go a little quicker (19:34) in one of our club 5k Handicap races in 2020. With his current dedication to training, he can surely improve further.

Snetterton Race Track 10k: Mark Hayward, Jason Beeton and Clive Purbrook opted for the 10k event. Hayward did well to clock 35:43, only 5 seconds outside his all time PB, putting him 15th of 350 overall. Then came Beeton in 43:17, 95th overall, a very good performance considering that he does not appear to have run a competitive 10K or any other race since 2017. His official PB stands at 40:44 in 2013, so every chance he can get back to that mark before too long. Purbrook (MV65) put in another impressive time of 50:22 to earn 68.27% age grade. He has been in great form, despite the sparsity of racing opportunities during the pandemic.

Newbury Racecourse HM: On Saturday May 1st, Jimmy Smith headed to Newbury Racecourse for the RunThrough Half Marathon event. The route was 4 laps of the racecourse plus a twisting excursion around the back of the stands between each lap; not the easiest of ground conditions, with some rough track to run on. Smith managed a great time of 1:17:35, putting him 4th of 213 runners overall and 2nd of 19 in MV40. On Power of 10, this appears to be his quickest half marathon since 2017, so a very encouraging performance indeed.

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