Impending lockdown puts bubble group runs in doubt

It is not yet clear exactly whether the impending lockdown, from Thursday 5th November to December 2nd, will put an end to the current ‘bubble’ group training sessions for Newmarket Joggers, where up to 6 club members can currently run while observing social distancing rules. In essence, the rules for the lockdown state that each person can arrange to meet only one other person outdoors from a different household. It therefore looks like a ‘rule of 2’ rather than a ‘rule of 6’ and that all outdoor gatherings of more than 2 people from different households (socially distanced or not) will be illegal. There is a glimmer of hope that this rule might become modified for group exercise or sports activities, but it seems likely there will be no fudging on the issue. We are again very grateful and fortunate that an unlimited amount of daily exercise will be allowed by the government during the lockdown. This is a lifeline for all our members who will act in a very responsible way as regards safe social distancing measures.

We all want to do what is necessary to help reduce the spread of COVID 19 and keep everyone safe, so this lockdown is seen as a long-term positive step and we will get through it with a smile on our faces, just like we did the first lockdown.

The surreal statues on Lodes Way near the bridge over Reach Lode, thanks to Ellie Bithell.

Jeremy Reader’s Muddy Bubblers’ XC/Trail Championship has sadly had to be abandoned after all the work he put in. However, we still do have the NJ Virtual Winter 5km Handicap to look forward to, with the run to be completed on a local route by Sunday 8th November. Good luck to all who participate.

On Sunday 1st November there was a real multi-lap trail race at Haughley Park, near Stowmarket, called the Inspire Medal Chaser. This is where the January Suffolk Winter XC fixture normally takes place. Each lap was 5.27 km in distance, so that 4 laps completed a half marathon, 8 laps a marathon etc. The idea was to complete as many laps as possible (or as many as wished) within 6 hours. The conditions were extremely tough over a very muddy and uneven course, through woods with hazards such as tree roots and craters. Two Joggers put in top efforts, with Jonathan Ollington clocking 1:58:33 and James Thomson 2:01:12, both managing 4 laps for a half marathon. Recent former Jogger Troi Baxter managed 8 laps for a marathon in a time of 4:26:48, 2nd placed female of 16 over the distance, so well done and we wish her all the best for the future. This might be one of the last real races to take place this year.

Emma Reader, targeting 40 consecutive 5km runs in aid of Pregnancy Sickness Support,  has now completed 26, with the generous company and encouragement of a number of Joggers. Well done Emma!

Emma Reader completing her 26th consecutive 5km run with the generous support of colleagues.