Bubble training groups get go-ahead after lockdown.

We’ve almost made it through the second lockdown! During the lockdown, there have been lots of 1:1 socially distanced training runs arranged by club members, which have helped to lighten the atmosphere and keep the club camaraderie alive.

Jeremy Reader and Joe Cormack on a 1:1 training run in lockdown….one of many similar runs by the Joggers.

Excellent news from our club secretary Sianie Painter that Newmarket Joggers will again be able to train in groups of up to 12 socially distanced runners from Wednesday 2nd December when the lockdown ends. There is a limit of 6 runners per group on Newmarket town road routes and 12 in open spaces, such as off-road routes on Newmarket Heath training grounds or out of town settings. In busier open spaces, runners may have to split into two smaller groups of no more than 6 runners.

Track training is also available from next week at Bury Leisure Centre athletics track: Monday evenings 7:00-8:00pm for those taking 27min or more for a 5k, and Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm for those taking less than 27 minutes. These sessions are organised by St Edmund Pacers with training led by coach Mick Graham. Fees for those Newmarket Joggers attending are to be paid for from our club funds. The sessions do need to be booked in advance online, as described in Sianie Painter’s newsletter. Great news that track sessions will soon also be available on a Saturday morning from 11:00am to 12:00 noon. They will be taken by Mark Hayward, who will provide a programme of interval training, including Yasso 800s, pyramids and other formats to bring extra variety, interest and challenge. Again, these sessions will be paid from club funds but will need to be pre-booked in a similar way to the ones above.

The NJ AGM took place as a Zoom session on Thursday evening 19th November. The main business was electing committee members as well as reporting on the progress made by the club and its members over the past year and, in particular, the challenges the club has faced this year with the COVID-19 pandemic. It was observed by chairperson Kate Warboys that certain positive things have come from the pandemic as well as all the obvious negative things. For example, a camaraderie has built up so that more people have been taking part in group bubble training runs than would have come to normal Tuesday and Thursday evening training sessions. It’s perhaps something akin to the wartime spirit, as we all face a common enemy. As a result, some form of the bubble group sessions may perhaps remain as a regular feature of our club training.

Re the AGM elections: Thankfully, we keep our chairperson Kate Warboys, vice chairperson Brian Munns, club secretary Sianie Painter, membership secretary Sarah Sales, juniors coordinator Melanie Tindale, women’s team captain Jan Holmes, men’s team captain Brian Munns and social secretary Jeremy Reader. Mike Sales has stepped down as treasurer after 7 successful years in the job and 11 years as a committee member. A big thank you to him for all his dedication over the years. In his place comes Mark Hayward, very well qualified for the job with a career in banking. The best of luck to him. Caroline Mcintosh stepped down as welfare officer earlier this year and Joe Cormack has kindly offered to take on the job. Richard Jones and Jenny Osbourn have both also stepped down from the committee after several years loyal service. Thanks and good luck to them. Danielle Jones and Joe Cormack have kindly offered to assist the women’s and men’s team captains in their job.

There are a couple of events coming up soon on the December calendar. The December NJ Virtual Winter 5k Handicap needs to be completed from Monday 7th Dec to Sunday 13th Dec. Then on 12th/13th Dec, bubble groups need to arrange to run one of Jeremy Reader’s trail routes in the Muddy Bubblers’ XC/Trail League; the route for each group is to be advised by Jeremy. It’s still likely that the ‘real’ Bury to Clare Festive 18 mile race may go ahead on 20th Dec, in which several Joggers are entered.

On a cheery note, Sarah Kinston and Rebecca Hannah ran in the Arthur Rank Virtual Ely Festive 5k on Sunday 22nd November and wore some fine Christmas outfits. They chose Brandon Country Park as their venue, including part of the parkrun course and some wilder, more uncharted territory in the park, completing the 5k in around 35 minutes.

Sarah and Rebecca in the Arthur Rank Virtual Festive 5K in Brandon Country Park.

Something to celebrate in 2020!

AGM Women’s Captain’s Individual Performance Report

Main highlights: Hannah Parsons is all round quickest performer, with best times over 5k (21:01) and Half Marathon (1:40:22) and a close second (46:54) to Sarah Boneham (46:29) over 10k. Sarah is also third fastest over 5k and Half Marathon, so is having another great year. Elke Hausler is well ahead on age graded performance with 80.62% (sapphire club standard) over 5k road and 89.30% over 3000m track (super sapphire). Claire Acklam is running superbly in the same age group (55-59) at 75.21%, diamond club standard. In the 60+ group Belinda Schofield (68.32%), Lynda McCormack 67.63% and Christine Windsor (67.51%) are all having particularly good seasons.

Women’s Distance 2020 top three PBs. v = virtual race.

5k: Hannah Parsons 21:01v (KH); Elke Hausler 22:11 (parkrun); Sarah Boneham 22:50v (KH)

10k: Sarah Boneham 46:29v (Ekiden); Hannah Parsons 46:54 (Thetford Trail); Lisa Johnson 50:44 (Duxford Dash).

Half Marathon: Hannah Parsons 1:40:22 (Cambridge); Ellie Bithell 1:46:43 (Cambridge); Sarah Boneham 1:53:52 (Thetford Trail).

Marathon: Alison McKenzie 6:14:25 (Beachy Head).

Women’s top age graded performances.

Top 6 for all age groups: Elke Hausler (55-59) 89.30% (3000m Track, Lee Valley) and 80.62% (5k parkrun); Claire Acklam (55-59) 75.21% (5k KH v); Hannah Parsons (45-49) 74.78% (5k KH v); Sarah Boneham (45-49) 72.86% (10k v); Ruth Eberhardt (45-49) 70.17% (5mile v); Pauline Green (55-59) 69.23% (5k KH v).

Top 3 for 60+ on age grade

Belinda Schofield (60-64) 68.32% (5k H’cap v); Lynda McCormack (60-64) 67.63% (5k H’cap); Christine Windsor (65-69) 67.51% (parkrun).


AGM Men’s Captain’s Individual Performance Report

Main highlights: Chris Gay is leading male Jogger and sets new all-time PBs in 10k (35:21), Half Marathon (1:14:05) and Marathon (2:39:44) this year. Mark Hayward does well too, with all-time PBs in 10k (35:38) and Half Marathon (1:15:58), while James Smith (16:36) takes the 5k prize. Paul Holley finishes top on age grade performance at 88.64% (super sapphire), with James Smith (83.13%) and Neil Pollard (82.66%) also achieving sapphire club standard.

Men’s top three PBs

5k: James Smith 16:36v (KH); Neil Pollard 16:49v (KH); Chris Gay 16:53 (Handicap).

10k: Chris Gay 35:21 (Milton Keynes, all-time PB); Mark Hayward 35:38 (Wymondham, all time PB); James Smith 37:25v (Ekiden).

Half Marathon: Chris Gay 1:14:05 (Cambridge, all-time PB); Mark Hayward 1:15:58 (Cambridge, all-time PB); James Smith 1:17:39 (Cambridge)

Marathon: Chris Gay 2:39:44 (Dorney Lake, all-time PB); James Smith 2:49:41v (VLM London); Marc Drury 3:30:26 (Horseheath Lucky Horseshoe Multi-lap).

Men’s Top 6 age graded performances in all age groups:

Paul Holley (50-54) 88.64% (5k KH v); James Smith (40-44) 83.13% (5k KH v); Neil Pollard (40-44) 82.66% (5k KH v); Chris Gay (35-39) 79.21% (Cambridge HM); Mark Hayward (35-39) 78.13% (Cambridge HM); Jon Brooker (55-59) 77.64% (5k Handicap).

Top 3 men 60+ on age grade

Neville Clark (65-69) 75.54% (Freethorpe 10mi); Clive Purbrook (65-69) 72.02% (MK HM); Malcolm Osbourn (70-74) 69.96% (5k KH v).