Joggers join in the world “Run As One” virtual MA RA TH ON relay race

There were over 100,000 worldwide participants of the virtual “Run As One” MA RA TH ON relay race held on Saturday 6th and  Sunday 7th June. Teams of 4 competed, with each team member running a leg of no less than 10.5km to make up the marathon distance. Individual times for 10.5km legs were calculated according to pace, to account for some runners who ran further than required. The race attracted some of the fastest distance runners in the world, including men’s marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, who came 15th individually and ran his 10.5km leg at a pace of 3:00/km (4:50/mile). The fastest leg was run by 19th world-ranked Geoffrey Kamworor of Kenya at a pace of 2:51/km (4:35/mile). For the women, 5th world-ranked female marathon runner Ashete Bekere of Ethiopia ran the fastest paced 10.5km leg at 3:14/km (5:12/mile), with our own Eilish McColgan of Scotland and GB clocking 3:16/km (5:16/mile) in second place.

Eliud Kipchoge: Current world record holder for Marathon in 2:01:39 (achieved in 2018).

Newmarket Joggers fielded two 4-person teams for the virtual MA RA TH ON race: Team 1: Rebecca Fordham 5:30/km (8:51/mi), Jeremy Reader 5:31/km (8:53/mi), Sarah Kinston 6:53/km (11:05/mi) and Alexia Smithson 6:56/km (11:10/mi). Team 2: Kate Warboys 5:42/km (9:11/mi), Jan Holmes 6:04/km (9:46/mi), Chris Aylmer 6:09/km (9:54/mi) and Mandy Davis 7:11/km (11:34). Unfortunately, the fastest Joggers’ times in both teams (Fordham’s and Warboys’) failed to upload to the virtual race website and the team’s slower average pace had to be used to add the fourth time. This made a total time of 4:32:01 for Team 1 and 4:31:24 for team 2, so very close between them in the end. Lisa Chatterton 5:28/km (8:48/mi) and Joe Cormack 5:39/km (9:06/mi) ran in a mixed team with 2 runners from another club and clocked a very good MA RA TH ON time of 3:41:28.

KEVIN HENRY Virtual 5K Race Newmarket: From Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th of June, Newmarket Joggers, along with the other 7 teams in the League, were able to enter the second of the Kevin Henry Virtual 5K League races, which would normally have been the club’s own fixture on Newmarket Heath behind the Rowley Mile racecourse. Entrants were able to do an individual run at any outdoor location of their choosing, while observing social distancing rules. Results are not yet out but will be released in the coming days.

Paul Holley in classic form and style, running  a 10K leg in the Ekiden Relays at Woodbridge School last year.

NJ Virtual Friday 5 Series: The “real” popular Friday 5 Series normally has 6 x 5 mile fixtures, all but one in Suffolk, which go from late May to early July. However, it was cancelled due to the coronavirus with no official virtual series substituted. Newmarket Joggers has decided to put on its own Virtual Friday 5 Series, which is a series of 4 x 5 mile races to be run anytime at any location from Friday to Sunday each week, starting Friday June 12th and ending Sunday 5th July. The best 3 of 4 results will count towards trophies for the top three performances by age grade %. Results are now out for the first fixture. Paul Holley (29:20, see photo above) set a blistering pace to go well clear in the table at 84.83% age grade. Next came Stuart Sowerby (34:28) on 67.60%, followed by Ruth Eberhardt (40:05) on 65.74%. Other times in order of age grade were: Richard Jones (39:37), Alan Shand (43:28), Sianie Painter (47:45), Chris Aylmer (48:32), Caroline Mcintosh (59:43), Kate Warboys (48:22) and Christine Shand (58:01).

Challenging the Joggers: Aside from these virtual club races, the club secretary Sianie Painter is keeping Joggers amused with her various challenges. The total distance run in June by those in the “Newmarket Joggers in Exile” Strava Club is being totalled up, with Platinum (250+ miles), Diamond (200+), Gold (150+), Silver (100+), Bronze (50+) and Copper (27+) positions on the rostrum to be targeted. Chris Gay is current leader in Gold position from Henry Hamilton-Gould in Silver. Sianie is also operating a “Bingo Call” system where she periodically suggests specific alternative training sessions, including Strength & Conditioning, Effort Sessions, Flexibility and Wellbeing Activities, as well as Running. This is a helpful nudge to bring variety to our training schedules.