Joggers ticking over in virtual reality

During the coronavirus lockdown, life ticks over in virtual reality for Newmarket Joggers, with members continuing to stay in contact with one another, mainly via the club Facebook and Strava pages. Most Joggers are taking exercise in local solo runs (or with one close friend or partner or with family), with all members well aware of the social distancing rules and sticking conscientiously to the government guidelines for the safety of the whole community.

Looking towards the Devil’s Dyke from Dane Bottom in Woodditton. Photo: Chris Aylmer

There are some virtual challenges taking place on the Strava club “Newmarket Joggers in Exile”, for which we can thank the organisers and contributors. This helps to keep Joggers motivated and connected. One such event is the Strava Art Challenge (drawing a picture with the GPS run plot) and a virtual 5K to replace the cancelled 5K Winter Handicap coming up on 7th April. To enter these challenges see:

Newmarket Joggers in Exile Strava Club

The latest results are out for the Newmarket Joggers Grand Prix. Please see on the Grand Prix page:

Grand Prix Results so far

Sianie Painter (last year’s winner) is well ahead in the women’s table on 166 points from Jenny Osbourn (3rd last year) 106 and Christine Windsor 104.  In the men’s table, Neville Clarke (also last year’s winner) is ahead on 199 points from Malcolm Osbourn (last year’s runner up) 181 and Brian Munns 179. It looks unlikely that there will be another Grand Prix event until July at the earliest, when the Kevin Henry 5K at Carver Barracks, Saffron Walden is due to take place. It’s possible that the Kevin Henry 5K series might be abandoned but we will have to wait and see how things pan out.

All best wishes to everyone in the club and looking forward to happier days ahead.

Racehorse grazing in Aislabie Stud, Stetchworth. Photo: Chris Aylmer