Cambridge Half Marathon: Live Tracking for Newmarket Joggers

Link for tracking Newmarket Joggers in the Cambridge HM or finding the results afterwards:

10:28 Newsflash: Going through the 10 mile stage, Chris Gay narrowly leads the male Joggers from Jamie Sales, with Mark Hayward and Neil Pollard a little further behind.  For the women, Grainne Brennan is well in the lead from Emma Newman, Olivia Carter and Sarah Boneham, at about 9 miles

10:38 Newsflash: At 12 miles, Chris Gay maintains around 30 sec lead on Jamie Sales and behind them, Mark Hayward is about 20 secs ahead of Neil Pollard.

10:45: Chris Gay finishes first male Jogger home from Jamie Sales, Mark Hayward and Neil Pollard. Grainne Brennan is at the 19K marker, 2K from home. She still leads by around 2K from Emma Newman, Olivia Carter and Sarah Boneham.

10:55: Just ahead of Grainne is Tom McCusker with James Thomson, Henry Hamilton and Stuart Sowerby some way behind her. Sam Sadler and Simon Harris already in, ahead of Tom.

Male Joggers top 4 on chip time: Chris Gay (1:15:16), Jamie Sales (1:16:09), Neil Pollard (1:16:12), Mark Hayward (1:18:49) . Obviously, the chip times don’t necessarily agree with the actual finishing order as seen on the live tracking.

Female Joggers top 4 on chip time: Grainne Brennan (1:29:39), Emma Newman (1:40:07), Olivia Carter (1:43:57), Sarah Boneham (1:46:24).