3rd December 2017

Another week of good running results for the Newmarket Joggers. Grainne Brennan went home to Ireland to run a personal best in the Waterford Half Marathon. Grainne was 141st across the line out of over 2000 runners with her super time of just 1.27.48.
Ruth Eberhardt (1.54.58) and Lisa Jennings (2.48.31) also ran a half marathon distance at the Festive Forest Challenge at West Stow. Chris Aylmer opted for the 20mile distance and came 2nd in his age group (65/69) with his time of 3.46.27. Other joggers took on the 10K run – 1st in his age group (25/29) Arran Dennis finished in 57.41. Andrew Taylor who was 12th runner home from the 139 competing in 48.26, making him 2nd in his age catagory (45/49). Fellow Jogger Caroline McIntosh was 1st in her age group (65/69) and completed the run in 1.15.
Broadhaven was home for joggers Neil and Hannah Pollard this weekend, where they flew the flag for the joggers in style. Taking on the 10K run and coming home with finishers medals, Neil in 2nd overall position (35.07) and Hannah 5th female home with her personal best of 42.39.