Medals for the Joggers.

15th October 2017
Medals for the joggers this week, with 3 great performances from the clubs runners. Thurlow 10 mile multi terrain run gained prizes for some runners this weekend. Neville Clarke who completed the run in 1.13.31 received the “best in age” prize for the Male 60 category. Belinda Schofield won the “best in age” for her 1.33.04 run in the Female 60 category and Lynda McCormack won the “best in age” Female 55 with her finishing time of 1.38.32. Fellow jogger Clive Purbrook crossed the finish line in 1.20.14.

Lakenheath saw a few of the joggers run in the “RSPB race for wildlife” 5 and 10K runs. This cross country route put the runners through their paces. Andrew Taylor (49.24), Caroline McIntosh (1.14.26) and Svetlana Zinchenko (58.53), Chlodie Rolph (1.04.09)all crossed the 10K finish line, with club runner Gillie Green opting for the 5 mile run which she completed in 54.50.

Clare Castle Country park has been a new home for some of the clubs runners in the past couple of weeks. The new park run has attracted an average of 150 runners per week. Last week saw Iain Patrick tackle his first park run, crossing the line in 25.45. Other joggers trying out this course were Helen Wass, who came home with an all time park run PB of 24.27, Brian Munns, and Jim Withers who was top in his age category with his run time of 25.39.

Sandra Jaina Hi Carl, Oppsy! thank you for noticing this…however the runners would have been pleased with my mistake! This weeks report to follow. Kind regards, Sandra. On Thursday, 19 October 2017, 10:07, “Marston, Carl” wrote: Hi Sandra, Thanks for your continued updates from Newmarket Joggers. I will put a little bit in tomorrow’s East Anglian newspaper. I think the RSPB race was actually 10K rather than 10-mile, otherwise 49.24 is rather swift for 10 miles, Thanks again for your e-ma

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