Peterborough half 2017

Many of the Newmarket Joggers participated in half marathons at the weekend. The flat Peterborough half was home for 14 of the joggers. Several coming over the finish line with personal bests, including Jamie Rule – 1.36.05 and Ruth Eberhardt – 1.44.45. First Newmarket jogger across the line was Neil Pollard with his great run time of just 1.18.06. All of todays runners from the club crossed the line in under 2 hours, which is a fantastic achievement. Chris Aylmer – 1.59.24, Giles Macrow – 1.45.09, Grianne Brennan- 1.30.22, Greg Davis- 1.25.21,Jeremy Reader-1.51.13, Jon Brooker – 1.35.50, Mark Hayward – 1.19.46, Martyn Taylor- 1.23.44, Nicky Chapman- 1.33.57, Simon Harris- 1.31.03 and Hannah Pollard- 1.37.27.

Oxford Half marathon was running ground for joggers Jo Curtis and David Blackstock who crossed the line in 2.04. A personal best for Iain Patrick at the Tissington trail half marathon with his time of 1.54.34 and another personal best for Paul Dockerill in the Chester full marathon distance with 3.36.

Across the water in the USA Sarah Boneham completed the Chicago Marathon in 3.54.31.

The sunny weather made for tough going but, several joggers took part in local 10k and 10 mile races. Andrew Taylor tackled the Granchester 10k putting in, 47.33 for this cross country run. Also just outside Cambridge the Wimpole 10 Miler saw Clive Purbrook- 1.23.30 and Richard Groom – 1.24.41, putting in strong performances.