Winners all round

Round Norfolk Relay. 17 runners from the joggers completed this 197 mile run around the Norfolk boundaries. This 24 hour race divided into 17 unequal stages started at Kings Lynn. Headed to Cromer, and then onto Great Yarmouth for the through the night stages. By morning they headed to Feltwell and across the fens for the final 33 miles back to Kings Lynn for the finish. There was no break, and the runners carried a baton to be passed between stages. The clubs finish time was only a few minutes from their predicted time. Finishing 22nd from 61 teams with an overall time of 25.50.31. This was an amazing achievement by the club. Runners that took part where, Jon Booker, Alan Shand, Cathy Russell, Lisa Long, Hannah Pollard, Ruth Eberhardt, Pauline Green, Helen Wass, Greg Davis, Paul Dockerill, Mark Hayward, Neil Pollard, Neville Clarke, Stephen Edwards, Adrian Whittle, Jamie Rule and Grianne Brennan.

Berlin was home for the weekend for Jogger Denys Olefir who finished The Berlin Marathon with a personal best of 2.34.21. The day was a wet and slippery one which put Denys just outside his target time of 2.30. However a fantastic run for this club member who never disappoints with his great times.

Other half marathons saw runners put in great steady performances at various locations. Kings forest trail half at West Stow Country Park challenged Nicky Chapman (1.51.41) and Lisa Long (2.04.30) . Nicky was 3rd lady home. Svetlana Zinchenko crossed the line of the Ipswich half marathon in 2.05.

Other joggers opted for the 10 route this weekend, with runners Brian Munns and Jim Withers running the flat off road course at Cottishall in Norfolk. Brian crossed the line in 46.24 and Jim in 53.55. Bourn in Cambridgeshire was a multi terrain, warm and hilly route for runners, Clive Purbrooke (58.57) Andrew Taylor ( 48.57), and Belinda Schofeild (57.45)