An exhausting week for the joggers but still smiling at the finish line!

Heath race start 2017 new recuit sonia Orris finisher heath race 2017 Winner Denys Olefir Heath race 2017
Newmarket Jogger Robin Clifford took on the Milton Keynes Marathon. Despite feeling unwell Robin came home in 17th overall position with his time of just 2 hours 57.
Closer to home,  the heath in Newmarket was home to the annual Heath race incorporating the Stable and Stud Challenge.  This cold evening saw several of the joggers wining prizes.  Newmarket Joggers were very well represented in the race with a fantastic turnout from the club including the  beginners group of 2017. With the sandy, steep course this was a great achievement for all the runners but particularly for the newest recruits.  Sonia above, finished with a huge smile still on her face.  Very well done.
Denys Olefir stormed home in 1st place with his incredible time of 17.54, a full minute ahead of any other runners. This gave Denys first overall and also 1st team on behalf of Godolphin Moulton Paddocks.  His fellow team mates and Newmarket Joggers, Wayne Hogg and Hannah Pollard finished with 20.38 and 23.18, to assist in claiming this first team prize.  Hannah was also 3rd female home overall.  Fellow Joggers Grainne Neary 21.28 was 1st female home, and Grainne Brennan 22.23 was 2nd female home.
Jamie Rule took to the streets of Cambridge in the “Wings for life” run.  Jamie who competed with 1000’s of other runners to beat David Coultard (who was driving his car), managed to get 16.8 miles in just 2 hours and 14 mins before being caught.  Jamie was raising money for BARTS charity who help fund NHS hospitals.
All in all another exhausting week for the joggers.