Goodbye 2016 Joggers Style.

The Newmarket Joggers rounded off 2016 in style.  Hannah Pollard completed the Great Barrow Challenge Marathon in just 3.56.12.  Hannah was 2nd female home and 8th out of over 100 runners that completed the marathon section.
Many more of the joggers began new years eve by running the Ely New Years 10k in rural Little Downham.  This event had over 600 runners which made jogger Paul Dockerills 64th position with his personal best of 41.32 impressive.  Other joggers with Personal bests for this race were, Lisa Jennings – 55.16, Sarah Sales – 56.54 and Sally Nicholson – 59.42.  Other joggers all completing the run were – Jeremy Reader, Richard Jones, Mike Sales, Hannah Pollard, Lisa Redman, Helen Wass, Jim Withers, Miles Johnson, Zvetlana Zinchenko, Alice Leadbeter, Lynda McCormack, Lisa Winnington, Mary Marsh, Pearl Fay, Emma Townsend, Carol McIntosh, Gillie Green and Philip Green.
With the 2017 beginners course due to start in January we will see many more amazing runners names added to the lists of great achievers.