Top running

Several of the clubs runners joined the over 4000 people taking part in the Perkins Great Eastern run in Peterborough this weekend.  The club was represented strongly with 9 joggers finishing the course, Alex Cairns, Andy Scott, Chris Gay, Craig Sargent, denys Olefir, Jon Brooker, Mark Hayward, Nicky Chapman and Simon Harris.  Alex Cairns came through with a personal best of just 1.22.13 for the 13 mile course.
Kingston upon Thames was home to Jeremy Reader and Emma Impey in the Kingston Run Challenge.  Jeremy came home with a personal best of 3.47.39 for completing the 26.2 mile marathon.
In other areas Isabel Vincente completed the Yorkshire Marathon and Wimpole near Cambridge saw Caroline McIntosh, Neville Clarke and Alice Leadbeater also completing a half marathon.