Newmarket joggers around the world

This week saw the joggers face sunshine, cold and rain from all over the country and around the world!
Marcus Hall travelled to Helsinki for the city marathon in which he achieved a 3.31 finishing time, whilst Chris Gay was busy battling the wind and hills of closer to home in the Kimbolton half. Chris ran a superb time of 1.24.19. Zvetlana Zinchenko ran a personal best of 52.21 on the multi terrain country course at Reepham. Clive Purbrook completed the 10k in just 47.50. Around the corner in the Clacton half Hanna Pollard was busy battling the coastal elements to complete in 1.52.05. Alice Leadbeter was in Wales "racing the train". This 14 mile race takes place in Tywyn, with both the train and the athletes being set off at the same time by the guards whistle. Over 1600 runners attempt this with usually only a very few beating the train. To finish the weekend Isabel Vicente who travelled to Portugal completed the 7k "Praia do Norte race" in 40.37 with the sun blazing down.