Joggers news

Lisa Redman – Long wore the joggers vest with pride as she won a bottle of wine for her time in the Ely Runners 10K handicap during the week, 49.54.
The following Joggers all took part in the Cambridge park run at the weekend.  All finishing with good times, but many narrowly missing their own personal bests.  Richard Jones-19.43, Austin Taylor-24.11, Jim Withers-26.07,William Taylor-27.07, Martyn Taylor-26.12, Malcolm Osbourne- 27.26, Chris Aylmer-27.51 and Jenny Osbourne-36.24.
The Sutton Beast multi terrain 10k saw 7 of the joggers put in fantastic runs,
Chris Gay           38:05 (4th overall)
Clive Purbrook    48:46  (3rd MV55)
Helen Wass        52:12
Zvetlana Zinchenko  54:00
Hannah Pollard   Jackie Henley  and  Keith Page  also completed The Beast.
Alice Leadbetter travelled a little further and ran the Hatfield Hoohah in a very respectable 57mins.