Joggers keep on running.

The 2nd May saw 5 of the Newmarket Joggers completing The Breckland 10k. This was run by the Thetford Athletic Club and gave the following joggers a chance to run home with some good times. Neville Carter was the 1st +60 runner back out of the 300 overall runners with a time of 42.39. Simon Harris ran a great time of 40.20 gaining him 17th place, followed closely by Clive Purbrook, Helen Wass and Belinda Schofield bringing all the joggers in well under 54 mins.
Without any time to catch their breath 30 of the joggers galloped home in the infamous Heath Race on Thursday 5th May. The beautiful sunshine kept the tricky track dry allowing jogger David Williams to run a time of 19.24 giving him 3rd overall place out of the 198 runners taking part. Alex Cairns won first +40 male and Grianne Brennan 3rd female overall. Once again the beginners class of 2016 strongly supported this race taking on the new course for them and coming home with times all under 38 mins.
A finishing touch for the joggers this very sunny week saw Denys Olefir defeating the heat that caused many other runners to drop out of the Halstead Marathon, running home with a time of 2.53.10 giving him 3rd place with his 10th marathon.