Heath Race Special

The 2016 Newmarket Heath Race &Stable/Stud Challenge was blessed with a warm sunny evening and a healthy entry of well over 200.
The event was started superbly by the supported Junior race over an undulating  1500m. The record field was treated to a dynamic warm up by coach Stuart Janes and the race was started by Barbara McGee from East Anglian Air Ambulance, to whom the net proceeds of the evening will be presented.
The 6k event was a healthy mixture of elite athletes and plucky fun runners, and some very competitive teams from the Racing Industry who were contesting the Stable/Stud Challenge Trophy.
Spectators and runners were satisfied afterwards  by a fabulous donation cakes stall and beverages kindly donated for sale by caterers  Food Amour.
The Newmarket Joggers would once more like to thank the Jockey Club for the generous use of Newmarket Heath for this race, and thank the public and the racing industry for their support of East Anglian Air Ambulance.