Marathon PB for Nicky in Brighton

Brighton Marathon, Sunday 17th April.
The Brighton Marathon is growing in popularity and is often a target for the Newmarket Joggers. Elite female Nicky Chapman is an experienced marathoner these days and produced a superb personal best by 5 minutes of 3.24.47. Paul Francis was rightly delighted with his time of 3.36.04. Lisa Redman ran well with a time of 3.58. Karen Kent came home in 5.17.
Ickworth 10K
A muddy, 10K at historic Ickworth House was popular on Sunday and the Newmarket Joggers did not duck the challenge. New recruit Neil Whithead is showing plenty of promise in his early races and followed up a promising debut at Cambourne with a credible time of 51.27 in the mud.
Helen Wass loves the off road scene and ran superbly in 54.58. Sue Kent came home in 1.28.00.
Flitwick 10K
Hannah Pollard has been busy with a promising series of races and ran superbly in the Flitwick 10K to finish in 51.20.